We tend to judge ourselves by Looking UP to those who have More.

We rarely look at those who Have Less.

What we Need to do is LOOK UP into Heaven and realize that

…………..We already have it ALL…if we have JESUS.

The Question you need to keep in mind is…

How REAL is JESUS to you?

Is your walk of FAITH so strong that you can…

Feel His hand in yours as you walk through this journey called Life?

Can you Hear HIS footsteps as HE walks alongside you?

Can you Smell the Sweet Fragrance of Christ all around you in the midst of your storm?

Without that kind of FAITH, our walk on this planet called Earth is extremely difficult. Even Jesus cried out to HIS FATHER from the Cross; My God, My God, Why have YOU forsaken ME.

And in return…the Silence of God was Deafening. Yet even the silence was part of the plan, because that is what we do as believers…we live out HIS plan …not ours.

WE are called out from among people to WALK by FAITH and to walk in HIS STRENGTH, not ours.

And as we walk in Faith we are to TELL HIS STORY to Everyone.

I am not a Catholic, or an Episcopalian or a Lutheran. I am not a Methodist, or a Presbyterian or a Baptist. I am not a Charismatic nor am I a Pentecostal.

For that matter I am not Yellow, Brown, Red, Black or White.

What I am, is a Child of I AM and a Follower of His SON Jesus. I stand here before you as one of your family members; because together we are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ.

I want all of you to know that I have never been alone. You see I have a friend, who has walked in front of me…. leading me, He has walked next to me…. supporting me and sometimes even carrying me when I am tired…and HE walks behind me…protecting me.

I can feel the Touch of HIS hand, I can Hear the sound of HIS Voice.

His name is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Eternal Father, and My Lord, My Savior Jesus…. Jesus the Messiah of Israel and the Christ of His True Church.

The evidence is overwhelming regarding Jesus, His life, death and resurrection. If people would take the time to explore Scripture they would find themselves neck deep in proof.

He IS RISEN and He Lives within ME and I within HIM… He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He said HE IS Coming Back Soon!

And that is… WHY I BELIEVE!

Why I Believe

For those that “Seek God with all their hearts and minds”, God has given prophetic signs in the Old Testament.  These signs describe the Redeemer, the Messiah who would come to save us from our sins. The identity of this Messiah is hidden in the Old Testament within Messianic Prophecies. In the New Testament the Messiah is revealed, it becomes clear that Gods Messiah, Redeemer is Jesus.

Jesus said “My Sheep Know MY Voice…Jesus said Faith in Him is the only way home. Believe in me He says and I will give you a personal ticket so you can finally go home to be with Me when you hear that trumpet call.

Believe in Me, He said…………Why should I believe in Him?  He hasn’t come yet. I cannot use any of my senses to touch Him. We are physical beings, right, we have taste, touch, smell, hearing, seeing yet the Bible says we also are Spiritual Beings. That means we are capable of believing in something or someone we cannot see through the eyes of faith.

Faith is trust based on evidence…

We choose to believe

I do not believe in Myths, Fairy Tales, or Legends. My Faith is rooted in History, Science, Archeology and most of all Prophecy.

Which is Pre-Written History recorded in the Auto-Biography of Almighty God. His Inerrant and Literal Word breathed out by Him through His Prophets and Apostles into a Book that is filled with Super Natural Miracles….

Who have you put your faith and your future into?