Many people peer back through the darkened pages of history and see a rather obscure picture of Jesus. They have heard of His 2,000 year old claim that He was God, but they don’t quite believe it.

They find it hard to accept the idea that a small – town Jewish carpenter could have been the creator of the world. They prefer to believe other, less sensational theories about Him. Here are some of those beliefs.

Jesus is a man who achieved great things….this view is held by the Mormon Church. They teach that Jesus was a preexistent spirit—but they believe that about everyone.

Jesus is a created being who was given the status of second-in-command….this view is held by Jehovah’s Witnesses. They teach that Jesus is a created individual who is the second greatest personage of the universe. He is a god, but not the Almighty God.

Jesus is a man no better than we are….this view is held by the Unification Church . They teach that Jesus’ value is no greater than that of any other man.

Jesus’ existence began at His conception….this view is held by the Way International. They teach that God created Jesus’ soul life in Mary at His birth.

Jesus is a prophet and messenger of God….this view is held by Islam. They teach that Jesus was only a messenger of Allah.

Jesus is less than most people think He is….this view is held by the Atheist. Most Atheists’ place Buddha or Socrates on a higher plane than Jesus.

Jesus is a great moral teacher….this view is held by the Unitarian Church. They teach that Christ was sent to earth as a great moral teacher rather than as a mediator.

Jesus is a mystic medium….this view is held by New Agers. They teach Jesus is a Channeler. One of many ancients who give New Age adherents a glimpse at the past.

Jesus is a projection of our needs….this is the view of today’s psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s. Jesus is a culture hero who regardless of His historical existence, embodies the myth of the divine man.

One thing is for sure. Somebody is wrong! These people can’t all be right about Jesus. He cannot be exactly who all these people say He is. Many who think they know, don’t know. If He is only a prophet or a medium, then those who insist He is God are wrong.

If on the other hand He is God, then those who insist that He is only an exceptional man are wrong. Some might wish to have it both ways. In science and investigative journalism, we pursue truth passionately. Why should it be any different in this important realm?

Written By Anonymous

HIS Story is Pre-Written History

Today Chosen Born Again Jews and the Elected Born Again Gentiles form the Ecclesia, the Church, the called out ones. They are the Remnant of redeemed believers that have mutual fellowship and union with God through the Jewish Messiah Yeshua / JESUS.

We, Believing Jews and Gentiles are all, together, Gods children. There is only “Adonai Echad”, One Lord for all people.

For 30 years now I have been speaking to Churches trying to make it clear that the Old Testament is as much your book as a Christian as it is mine as a Jew.

The Christian Church is awakening to its Old Testament Jewish roots.
When all you study is CHRIST going forward from the CROSS; YOU miss the rich Prophetic heritage of the Messiah before the Manger. And the Messianic Prophecies that form the foundation upon which Jesus stands.

The Apostle Peter said in 2 Peter 1:19 “We have a more sure word of Prophecy.”

God painted the portrait of His Messiah and Son into Prophecy. The credentials of the Messiah were to be found in HIS Unique: Birth, Life, Death, Burial and Resurrection and Ascension. All these signposts are hidden in the Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament.

The Bible Jesus read was the Old Testament, the New Testament was yet future.

In the Upper Room Jesus said of Himself:
“These are MY words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written of Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled. Then He opened their minds to understand the Scripture.”

More Jews have come to faith in Jesus in the last 20 years than over the last 20 centuries.

The European Jewish Generation of the Holocaust was the last generation that knew their Old Testament. A living faith is not based on religious traditions, but on a living God. Without a living God you have no religion and your faith is in nothing. The words of rabbis are more important to Jews than the Word of God. Today, The God of Israel is waiting to be wanted again.

I have found over the last 30 years of witnessing to people that you must touch their itching ears.
Today they are not willing to hear the Truth defended by History, Archeology and Science.
But they are more than willing to hear about Aliens, the Paranormal or Prophecies about the coming end of the world.

None of the religious books of Islam, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hindus, or Buddhist’s use prophecy to substantiate its history; let alone the future.

Our Judeo-Christian Bible is the only religious book that uses Prophecy to prove that it speaks Truth and gives answers to these itching ear topics.

In Genesis 5 hidden in the definition of 10 Hebrew names is Gods Prophetic Plan of Redemption for Mankind. Only the person who has received a Circumcised Heart from the Holy Spirit can see and hear HIS TRUTH placed before their eyes & ears.

Adam……………………………man (is)
kenan……………………………sorrow (but)
Mahalalel……………………….The Blessed God
Jared…………………………….shall come down
Methusaleh……………………..His Death Shall Bring
Lamech…………………………. the despairing
Noah……………………………..comfort and rest.

The sentence it forms is this:

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the Blessed God shall come down teaching that His Death shall bring the despairing comfort and rest.

You can touch peoples itching ears with fulfilled prophecy:

• People are interested in knowing the future.
• You can take them on a journey through Scripture all the way to the foot of the Cross.
• You can explain human history from its beginning to its end.
• You can show people their need for salvation from the coming judgment.
• Most of all you can assure them that it is not the end of the world that’s coming but a new world and a NEW BEGINNING in a new body made to last forever.

The Nation of Israel is Gods Prophetic Time Clock for World Events leading up The DAY of the LORD. God is still molding Israel on an anvil with hammer blows and using His refiner’s fire to bring forth HIS TRUE REMNANT.

Israel is a nation that has been destroyed, re-gathered, and has re-emerged in time as the focus of world attention. Its capitol Jerusalem is indeed a cup of trembling for the world.

No other nation exists as a declaration to the world that in the records of her history, we find our roots and in the predictions of her prophets we find our future.

My desire is to motivate the Church to be bold in its witness to both non believing Jews and Gentiles alike. To proclaim the God who has acted on their behalf. To shine my light in the darkness around me like a PILLAR of FIRE.

God literally reached down from Heaven to take hold of our hand and walk with us in our storms during this journey called life and then lead us home. He gave up everything to come to earth to SAVE Us from Ourselves. He calls us to war, to fight alongside HIM in the fields not ready for harvest.

When Abraham made the trip to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice his son Isaac on the altar to God, Isaac asked the question “Where is the Lamb?” Jewish fathers for 3,500 years asked the same question as they searched for the perfect lamb to be slain as a sacrifice for the sins of their family.

The question stopped with the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D.

Today, the Sanhedrin is re-established, the cornerstone of the temple is ready, the instruments of sacrifice are ready, the red heifer is ready, the Ark of the Covenant is ready, the temple structure is ready to go up on the Temple Mount…everything awaits Gods perfect timing.

The cry in Israel is Messiah…Come Now. Soon again fathers of Jewish families will begin asking the question…Where is the Lamb …and this time, finally…the Lamb will come to be with His people. But as the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH; with FIRE in HIS EYES.

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