Biblical Bickering

The worlds events will not change no matter how much we comment to each other.

The unfolding events are Pre-Written HIS-STORY. You’ve read the Bible, you know the Past, Present and Future of Mankind. You know the story and its outcome. Stop continually complaining about the events in our world and the politics of our country. This entire world including our country currently belongs to Satan the god of this world. You will not change the events that are coming. The world is drinking from its Communion Cup that contains its Blood, and Sewage mixed with Evil.

As an individual believer in Christ you can only make a REAL Difference doing one thing. SHARE the TRUE GOSPEL of JESUS with everyone you Love and have relationships with ! ! !

The World and our Universe as we know it is going to implode very soon. As Believers, I am positive that NO ONE wants to leave those they Love behind.

Those you Love WILL REMEMBER YOU FOREVER in HELL and wonder WHY you never told them the Truth OVER and OVER and OVER again about JESUS and HIS CROSS and WHY they need to be SAVED. They will spend Eternity Reviewing their life events, but never again be able to change the decisions they made. They will be Alone, no one will hear their cries in the darkness and flames that surround them.

You are Blessed, because as JESUS wipes away your tears, those left behind will
become the FORGOTTEN. They will have Eternal Death as you gain Eternal Life.

So FOCUS on what your SAVIOR, your LORD and KING has called You Continually to do; while you have breath in your body. Nothing is more important to you or to those you will be leaving behind.

BE A WITNESS FOR CHRISTTo Everyone YOU LOVE and to Those JESUS brings to you as you continue to be HIS VOICE and HIS LIGHT in the DARKNESS that Surrounds You.

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HE Walked on Water

God has called the Nation of Israel to be a people of remembrance, to reflect on
the great miracles shown them throughout history.

The Jews during the holiday of Passover reflect on their deliverance as a nation
out of Egyptian bondage.

They walked thru water, walls of water, thru the Red Sea on dry ground,
as God provided them a route of safety and Salvation.

Later in History came another who could have walked thru the water,
but instead chose to walk on the water, His words “BE STILL”,
would calm the raging sea beneath HIS feet.

The water listened, because the ONE who spoke created the water
and everything else in the Universe.