This is where all things begin. But before I can move forward I have to decide whose God I believe in? The cry of humanity is that there is One God. However, when I study the religions of men and the multiple gods that are portrayed, they are ALL Different. The characteristics of the gods of men are not alike. So, it begs the question, which god is real, which is false.

Because there can only be ONE TRUE TRIUNE GOD.
Here are some thoughts to ponder. Everyone believes in something by faith? Yet proving that faith in something by experience and emotions is impossible. The atheists cannot prove there is no God.

The Pantheists cannot prove that everything is God. Nor can the agnostics prove that it is impossible to know one way or the other.

Denying the existence of God does not dispel the mysteries of life. We as human beings are unwillingly drawn to something greater than ourselves.

Today many scientists who believe in evolution also believe that the universe in all of its immensity and complexity did not just happen. Many are compelled to acknowledge the likelihood of an intelligent designer.

Open the Book of Genesis and meet the designer of the EARTH, the UNIVERSE, and YOURSELF. The TRIUNE GOD is also the author of human history with a chosen interest in the Jewish people.

From the exodus of God’s people Israel to the coming of the Jewish Messiah JESUS; the God of the Bible rests HIS case on events witnessed in real time and locations you can visit today. From the beginning of Old Testament history, Israel’s past, present and future was pre-written.

Together with other Prophets, Moses predicted not only Israel’s possession of the land but also, her unparalleled suffering and dispersion throughout the whole earth, her eventual repentance, and then finally her last days of restoration where only 1/3 will recognize their Messiah Jesus and will be saved and 2/3 will turn away from the True Messiah, putting their faith in the false messiah and be lost for eternity. Israel is the Worlds PROPHETIC TIME CLOCK.

Please read:
( Deuteronomy 28-34, Isaiah 2:1-5, Ezekiel 37-38 and Zechariah 12: 9-11, Zechariah 13: 7-9)



 What is a Pastor…. a TEACHER of the whole council of God to His flock so they can go forth into the Battle for the Mind and the Hearts of those they know and have a relationship with to tell them about the Cross of Christ.

What is the Church…. it’s not a building; it’s the people, the living stones that worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. People that realize that they signed a blood Oath (written in His Blood) to obey the Great Commission.

Does your church have a HIGH View of God? Does your Church exist to unfold God’s glory? Does your Church exalt Christ? Is He at the center of everything your church does? Does your Church Love Scripture? Does your church proclaim Gods word in a way that increases your appetite to learn more?

Or Has your church designed their ministry around the felt needs of their target audience? (A marketing term you won’t find in the Bible). Does your church downplay or neglect the person and work of Christ making Him a postscript? Do you sit under shallow teaching and preaching making you a spiritual anorexic without the ability to recognize the truth from a lie?

To All those who want to build Mega Churches …. relax…just wait a while longer. You can read about the Mega Churches that will unite as One World Church in the Book of Revelation. A Church focused on a One World Leader, the ultimate Charismatic Leader of the Largest Church ever to be established this side of the Judgment Seat of Christ.

This leader of the world will not use Christ’s methodology to gain followers either. Yet he will build a world religion that will satisfy people’s needs and wants. Everybody will be extremely happy and entertained within his churches around the world…. For he is the god of this world, the god of the unbelievers, the god who will stand for “have it your way”.

This will happen simply because people will not hear that they are sinners, and that they need to repent. Instead they will be told they are saved. This is easy believism when repentance is ignored it is not salvation. Mental assent to certain facts about Christ is not true saving faith. Nor will it produce salvation for a person merely to be sorry for his sins and change his behavior if he did not really trust from his heart in the person and work of Christ.

One cannot truly repent (that is change his mind about Christ and His work, as well as his own life) without genuinely believing personally that Christ died for his sins and rose again to provide his salvation. Neither can one have genuine faith in Christ as Son of God and his own personal Savior without having his whole life and attitude changed.

The real “formula” for salvation is “repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ”. (Acts 20:21). Christ Himself preached “Repent and believe the gospel”.

I believe the entire Bible Is ALL the Un-changing Word of God…or not Gods Word at all.

I believe Gods Word means what it says and says what it means….

Do YOU ?  

Luke 18: 8 JESUS Said: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”