All are Invited

take His Hand

All are invited to the Cross, to the place where God and humanity meet. But remember the Cross is not the soul rescuing power…the power is in the ONE who bore its shame…your shame.

Christ poured out Himself to death. He would reap the unspeakable reward of seeing limitless numbers of once helpless, hell-bound, sinners die with Him in Faith, then raised to walk in newness of life.

The invitation of God’s Grace and Mercy comes to you only through His Son… from a person who lived and died for you. A person still alive today who will be your advocate and claim you as His own when you stand before the Judgment Seat of God…saving you from eternal hell.

Jesus had to face His Cross alone. His father, who cannot look upon Sin had to turn away, while His Son suffered for the past, present and future Sins of all humankind.

But you will not have to carry your Cross alone. Jesus has promised to carry it for you. The storms of life will rage around you, but Jesus promised to be with you, lead you and give you His peace in this life.

When Jesus says He will keep you safe, He means it. Hell will have to get through Him to get to you! When He says He will get you home…He WILL get you home!

 Your eternal future begins at the foot of His Cross. His story must become your story. His journey must be your journey. Don’t go through this life alone, take His outstretched hand.


HIS CROSS and the Star of David

The oldest symbol of the Nation of Israel is the Star of David.

That star has adorned the flag of the Nation of Israel for centuries. Yet, if you open the eyes of your heart you will see that the Star of David has a much greater meaning than you thought. As you read this I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you a new way to view the star.

This is what the Star of David means to me as a Jewish believer in Jesus the Messiah of Israel the SON of GOD, the Son of David.

Please notice the star is made up of two interlocking triangles that cannot come apart when joined together.

God is Omniscient and He knew before the foundations of the world were made that the two groups of children that would come together through the Cross of His Son were Born Again Jews and Born Again Christians. They would be grafted together in the Cross of Christ to form the Eternal family of the Messiah.

How awesome is it then to look at the Star of David and to see that it is made up of Two Interlocking Triangles. One triangle represents the Born Again Jews and the other triangle represents the Born Again Christians.

Our GOD is in the details of everything contained in the History that HE has written. HIS pre-written history continues to unfold daily before our eyes.

I will never look at the Star of David the same way again, because I now see the two individual triangles that come together to form the One new symbol of Gods True chosen and elected children.

Jesus is the oldest living Jew because HE STILL LIVES.

Jesus is Coming Back Again the 2nd time for the hearts HE Redeemed on the Cross. No one that Believes in the Risen Lord will be left behind.

Easter Thoughts: The Father, The Son & The Cross

In many of my stories I imagine God speaking directly to me.

“My child God said to me. I wanted to tell you personally what the Crucifixion of My Son meant to me.

You have children and grand children and I know you love them. I know that you would do all you could to protect them from harm and that you would gladly take upon yourself their death. I know this because you were created in my image with the ability to Love.

I know that if men took your child and beat him with whips that ripped both flesh and bone from his back…that you could not be restrained.

I know if men forced your child to carry a beam of heavy wood down the street as people swore at him, mocking him, and spitting on him… that you could not be restrained.

I know if men forced your child to lie down on that cross and then drove nails through his feet and hands to hold him there…that you could not be restrained.

Could you Ernie? The Lord asked softly…no Lord I said quietly.

I stood and watched as they did all those things to my Son. I stood there not for His sake but for yours, because He took that punishment not for His sake but for yours….I honored you through His Pain. But Ernie, when Jesus…MY SON cried out …MY GOD…MY GOD…WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?

That was more than I could bear, so I turned away and cried uncontrollably. My Son had wept over Jerusalem; and now I wept over my Son. Yes, I could not look upon the Worlds Sins that MY Son was bearing, but even more than that, if I had looked at HIM at the moment HE said those words…I knew in my heart …

That I could not be restrained!

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