Remember Who and Why?

Just how important is your memory?

Without it you no longer would be able to function at your job. On your way home you might have forgotten which daycare you left your child at. You may have forgotten to pick up dinner on the way home. But even if you did pick it up you might not remember where home is.

Not being able to remember will cripple you. Without question, memory is the most precious gift we have from God. Memory is the foundation upon which all your senses rest and have meaning. Memory is the realm in which all your emotions exist and are filtered into actions.

Every society and culture throughout time had ways of reminding themselves nationally of memories that have meaning to all their people. We use holidays to celebrate and remember events that we care about as a nation. These holidays become traditions etched into the very fabric of our culture and who we are as individual people.

Holidays become days of remembrance that are joined to events of significance we want to honor: Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, even down to our Birthdays honoring the day we received life.

God is aware that we also need ways to remember HIM. For without the establishment of holidays that cause us to remember HIM…we will forget God.

The problem we have as humans is that we have created a multitude of holidays to honor us. Then we have created Christmas and Easter and commercialized them to the point that they honor us too.

We forget Christmas and Easter are not holidays….they are HOLY days so we can honor and remember the GOD that made each of us.

“Do Not Forget ME, Oh My Children, says The LORD.”

To be a people of Remembrance

Retro microphone used for radio, talk back, news broadcasts

God calls us …“To be a people of Remembrance”

History speaks but no one is listening.

Today, lesson’s to be learned from the past history of mankind fall on deaf ears. News reports no longer give us both sides of events; instead they feed us biased visual and audio sound bites. We do not think anymore for ourselves because it takes effort and time to think. Rather we echo the opinions of others, because we have no time to develop our own.

The result is manipulation of emotions, which now rule our minds and actions. The power of the media is so great that history can be altered within one generation and consequently the truth of our past can disappear like smoke in the wind…gone forever.

God has provided to all who will listen; the Pre-Written History of mankind’s Past, Present and Future. It is a history written by God who offers His Creatures choices with grave consequences.

It is a history that has left a trail of blood in the desert. The Blood of mankind and the blood of the Nation of Israel and the Blood of Gods Redeemer…His Son…The Messiah and Savior of this world.

This history records a battle of Galactic scale, involving mankind and angelic creatures both fallen and Holy; both seen and unseen.

This history has been written down for you to know and understand by God Himself. It is contained in the Judeo / Christian Bible. Within its pages are the story of the Nation of Israel and your story as well.

You say what have I in common with the Nation of Israel? Both of you are tied to the blood of Christ left in the Judean sand 2,000 years ago. Both of you are the prize being fought over by myriads of unseen angelic beings.

Not only has the past and present of this history which you now currently are living out been written. But, its future ending has been written as well.

You can read about it when you explore the history of the Nation of Israel and its Messiah in the Bible. Israel is Gods Prophetic Time Clock. The hands of time will only continue to tick for just a little while longer.

On a day soon to come, at the last stroke of the mid-night hour; when the stars and moon will no longer give their light…HE WILL COME AGAIN as He promised. His sign will be plain to see by every eye. It will be like lightning that goes from the east to the west. The dark sky will light up for all to witness His coming back.


I thought I would take a moment to write about Hanukah, so that you might pass this along to your Jewish friends and family members.

God has called us throughout history to remember his mighty works among our Jewish people. The Jewish Roots of who we are has been set in our hearts and minds through our obedience of Gods command to remember HIS Mighty Works.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the holiday of Hanukah, a special time of remembrance of the story of the Maccabees, through whom God performed the cleansing of the Temple through the miracle of lights.

However, we tend to forget that centuries before the Maccabees were born, at the exact time of Hanukah, Solomon’s Temple was dedicated to the Holy One of Israel and the light of His Shekinah Glory came to be with our people Israel. This was the first Festival of Lights.

The very presence of God came to the Temple in the form of light within the Holy of Holies. The Shekina Glory rested above the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Rabbi’s tell us according to Old Testament Prophecy that the Messiah will come to the New Temple that will be re- built on the Temple Mount in Israel in the near future, during the end times.

The Prophet Isaiah speaks of the light of the coming Messiah…the One who would come to serve and be a light to All the Nations of the Earth.

God promised a Redeemer and Deliverer from ages past, who would come at the end of time and at the appointed time; to judge and bring peace to this world.

As you light the Shamus candle, remember that the word means “Servant”. It represents the One who will come to serve His people Israel. The One who will finally bring not an end to the Story …but a new beginning…that will last for Eternity.

May the Ancient of Days, the Lord God of Israel shine His countenance upon you and your family and give you LIGHT for the journey ahead and peace within your hearts. May you Seek to Understand and have Discernment from Almighty God and His Word in the Old Testament; so you will be able to recognize the Coming TRUE MESSIAH and not bow to the False Messiah.


Lights of Chanukah