Would you pray with me…

Father, thank you that you sent your Son, Yeshua,
Jesus the Messiah. Help each of us to hunger to know not only Him but our Jewish Heritage as well. Father you have concealed Jesus in the Old Testament and Revealed Him for us in the New Testament.

Don’t let us forget that the foundation upon which Jesus stands are the Messianic Prophecies contained in the Old Testament. Jesus said to the men on the Emmaus road that the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms all speak of Him.

Thank you that our names are written in the Lambs Book of Life. Help us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the Nation of Israel from whom our Heritage comes.

Let us never forget that:

No other nation on earth has been destroyed and scattered to the four corners of the globe and then re-gathered as the focus of world attention.

No other nation declares by its re-emergence in time that there is a God who deserves to be feared, loved and obeyed.

No other nation exists as a declaration to the world that in the records of her history, we find our roots and in the predictions of her history, we find our roots and in the predictions of her prophets we find our future.

May the Almighty, the Ancient of Days, the Lord God of Israel and His True Church; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, grant each of us and our loved ones a hedge of Holy Angels; that are strong and awesome and mighty in the power of the Holy Spirit, in protecting us and our families from all evil, till Christ comes again.

May the One who spoke Light into existence and the One who came to be the Light of the World bless and keep you and provide you His Shalom and Refuge as you remain under the shadow of His Wings for All Your Days of Life here on the earth.


Because JESUS Lives
Because JESUS Cares
Because JESUS Call’s


Dear Lord Jesus


I promise to continue to FOLLOW YOU, walking in the Shadow of Your CROSS this New Year.

I will continue to have the Heart of an Old Testament Prophet, as I both Share and Preach Your Coming Judgment; with TEARS and COMPASSION.

For my GRIEF for The LOST who live in the Darkness that Surrounds Me Is Great, and My DAILY PASSION.

I will live before them, humbly walking in the Strength and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT as I cast forth ONLY GOOD SEED.

I am forever thankful that YOU came to Save Me from Myself. Since that Moment in Time my past is no longer my future. I have walked by FAITH for 33 years and look forward to walking by SIGHT for ETERNITY with YOU.

I will be listening for the Sound of the Trumpet with the Ears of my Heart every day. IN YOU i found me. May YOU Come in this NEW YEAR.


The Importance of Prayer

God holds eternity in His hands. This life is not about us…but about HIM! In God alone reside Love, Mercy and Grace…and True Pity and Compassion for us because He knows we are but dust.

Gods pity and compassion for us was embodied in His Son. In Eden Adam lived for himself and lost life with God for all of his descendants. From that day forward the sins of mankind would begin filling a cup. A cup that the second Adam, Jesus, would drink in full, taking the worlds sins upon Himself on the Cross satisfying the wrath of His Father towards us; opening by faith a way for us to regain paradise lost and have life with God.

Remember this remarkable Fact, not even Jesus, the Lord of the universe, could skirt the necessity of prayer to ready Himself for the grueling responsibility of the Cross. The Cross that Jesus chose voluntarily because He loved you and I before the foundations of the world were made.

God always waits to hear from His children. His hand is always extended towards you, for you to reach up and hold as He walks with you through the storms of life.

There is no me, only Him. I have no will except to do His will only. I trust not in myself but in His Love and care for me…I receive all things from His hand and am glad and rejoice in His Mercy.

I am precious in His sight as are all His children who respond to the call of His Son Jesus to “come, follow me”.

What Is Prayer ?

kibas0412Prayer?  Is simply talking to God

He speaks to us…we listen. We speak to Him…He listens A two-way process……..Speaking and Listening.

Our faith is not based on legends, fairytales or myths.

Nor is our faith in Christ a religion; it is a RELATIONSHIP, based on the privileges of adoption into a family of faith. Unlike all religions, only Christianity (Old and New Testament) can be defended logically thru History, Archeology and Science as a testimony to your mind.

And no other holy book from any of the world’s religions uses Prophecy, as a testimony to your heart that the Bible is the Inerrant Word of the True and Living God.

God asks you to press Him hard with fervent persistent prayer when you bring your desires before Him.

BUT, we need to remember that Gods answer to our prayers can be yes or no and that His silence can mean either.  He will answer you at the right time and in His way.

He alone is Sovereign and He will answer you according to HIS WILL, not yours. 

I suggest to you that you begin searching the Scriptures to understand what His will is for you. You will find to your surprise that His Will for you fits perfectly into the reason He lets you take another breath and live another day.

Worry Ends When Faith Begins

To My Never Ending Anxiety God says Shalom / Peace.

Do you have a quiet spot where you can withdraw from the world around you? A place where the only sound you hear is your heart beating and the rush of wind coming out of your lungs.

A place where the sound of silence is deafening; a place not where you go to meet with God; but a place where God is always waiting patiently to greet you with open arms.

Jesus described this personal place as a prayer closet. A small place where we can be alone with God…a place of prayer. It is a chosen place where the image bearer of God goes to meet with the one whose image we are called to reflect to the world around us.

I have learned the best way to wait on Him is to Worship and Praise HIM for who He is. This lifts the clouds of anxiety and the SON shines again into my soul. Our prayer life when tied to our worship feeds our faith. Then when the answer comes the invisible God becomes real to me in a greater way.

He is the God who made you. He is the God who was broken for you. He is the God who cries tears over you. He is the God who patiently waits to be wanted by you. He whispers your name and says, “Why have you not returned to me?”

Yes true peace is resting within the protection of someone greater than you. Go find your quiet place, call on HIS name, He will hear you. Then wait quietly…it will be worth it. He will answer you and when you receive your answer be still and know that HE is GOD.