Back to your future

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past present future

You truly do have a choice as to where you will live. Don’t choose to go back into the historical past that we know of written by man; for it is a dead end. Don’t go forward into a future unknown by man based on myths, legends, and fairy tales.

Rather determine today to spend time with God, and get to know HIM intimately from the Autobiography He wrote that contains your future.

Begin reading the only book known to man that will show you how and what you MUST DO in order to spend eternity with God. The only book with documented miracles and prophecies that prove it was written by a Super Natural God.

Go ahead try it; read the Holy Bible that will take you… ”BACK to the FUTURE”; into the very mind of God. The last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation promises a blessing to all those who take the time to read it.

In the Book of Revelation you will see the Majesty and the Glory of King Jesus revealed. It is pre-recorded history yet to unfold on the world’s stage. If you ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and accept Him as your Savior and Lord then God will not only reveal His mind to you, but He will let you into HIS Heart as well.

Back to your future

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Be aware, today’s current events are plainly written in His Book. These events are placed within a period of time referred to as the “End Times” in Bible Prophecy. This is a period of time without a specific date. However, we know that at the end of this time period Jesus is coming back a second time.

Yes, He comes for His own, but He also comes in Judgment for those who do not know HIM. He entered time as a baby and died as a lamb slain on the Cross for you. But His last words from the Cross were “It is Finished”. The words “Roared” out of His mouth with His last breath. It is interesting that the pre-incarnate Christ breathed out life into Adam and now in death He breaths out eternal life to all those who hear and understand that “IT IS FINISHED”. He has conquered death once and for all for everyone. He laid His life down for you and He picks it up again for you.

At the Cross Jesus sent a message to the entire Universe that cannot be denied…”Behold I have completed my mission to offer Salvation to all.”

He is the one who was, who is and who is to come. He represents the past, the present and the future. He is coming back for what is HIS.

He is coming back as the LION of the tribe of Judah; King of Kings, and Lord of Lords with a rod of iron to rule the nations on earth for 1,000 years. You can read about His Theocratic Millennium reign in the book of Revelation.

I am sure, like everyone else you are mesmerized and intrigued with knowing the future. There is a record of the history, written by the one who rules history itself. It’s a grand sweeping saga of mankind’s past, present and future. Its words are historically accurate and continue to come alive daily before your very eyes in the newspapers and on television.

It was written by the ONE who lives outside of time as an eyewitness account of events in the past, present and future. It was written by GOD and given to mankind to understand.

Back to Your Future

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past present future
When I originally read Gods declaration that said it was He that knit me together in my mother’s womb and that He knew me before the foundations of the world were ever made….well what can I say….I wanted to go “BACK to the FUTURE”.

The imagination of our entertainment industry is producing movies based on what we know of the past and today. Then they draw from limited knowledge and postulate about what the future holds.

Amazingly if you look closely you will find Biblical themes and words from the Bible in their movies…especially science fiction. The most recent Superman parallels Christ in that mankind needs a Savior. The Transformers represent hidden guardians of mankind like the Angels watching over us, protecting us.

The same goes for the horror films that explore occult themes; many of which delve into the themes of Judgment written in the Book of Revelation.

Every scene of these movies and every word is nothing more than fiction portrayed as reality. The writers mix truth, error, fiction, legends and fairy tales together to weave stories that excite our imaginations.

Well I have found in studying the Bible a greater fascination with the Truth of Gods Word than the musings of men.

In a very real sense Truth is stranger than Fiction. God has already recorded the past, the present and the future. The fascinating thing is that you literally can read the end of the story if you have the courage to do so.

Have you read the entire story through to the end? I have, several times through the years. I have gone back in time through recorded history, back in time to the beginnings of creation and the universe; and back in time to the creation of an Angelic Race. And I have traveled into the future to read tomorrow’s headlines and the end of the story. It is both Awesome and Fascinating!

But you can go even further, you can go “Back to the Future”, into Gods Mind and find yourself there. There you will find out that He has a plan for your life. Not a plan that requires you to be a robot, but a plan that you can choose of your own free will to follow; a plan for your life that has meaning beyond your life.

If you follow His plan you can have a future with Him. If you choose not to follow His plan …then you have a future without Him.

Back to your future

past present futurePart 1 of 4

Have you met people who told you they would like to go back in time to another era? People have said to me they would like to go back to the 60’s or the 30’s. Some would like to go back further to the Wild West or Colonial Days or even back to the Middle Ages.

Others say they want to go forward into the future. They say they cannot wait to see what mankind through technology will do for us. They dream of traveling not to far off lands but distant stars and solar systems.

It seems that today’s world is too complicated for most of us. We want a simpler life in the past or a life made easy in the future. A time when the world has become so small we will come to the realization that we are one family.

I have to admit I felt the same earlier in my life. Any time would be better than the time I lived in. Going back in time would give me the advantage of knowledge. Going forward in time gave me hope that things would get better because of the advances in science and technology.

We look into the past through the lens of History. History being documented fact. So those of us who want to go into the past do so because of what we know of the recorded past.

The same holds true of the future except the lens we look through is clouded. We draw conclusions about the future based on the ever changing technologies of today; making our conclusions nothing more than a guess.

Since I became a believer in Jesus as my Savior and Lord, I have developed a different point of view on this topic. The worldview of non believers is shaped by the accomplishments of mankind and mans ability to provide for himself a future.

My worldview is shaped by God and the details of His accomplishments written by Him in His Autobiography…the Holy Bible. He has the answers to everything. God is the only expert witness because He was there at the very beginning.

In His book you find the facts of mankind’s history…past, present and future. You find the facts about the origin of the earth, the universe and the facts about an Angelic Civilization created before us, still very much alive today living in a dimension around us, but not seen by us.

Who’s History Book do you Believe?

There are two history books in existence that tell the story of mankind’s great adventure on the face of the planet Earth.

One history book recounts the recorded story of mankind’s past to his present. This story is tied to what most people call religion.

Religion is man’s explanation of what he fears and does not know. It is man’s attempt to explain what he sees through a veil; the unexplainable shrouded in mystery and explained by mysticism.

It is an explanation whose foundation is built on half-truths. It is an attempt to explain the past through today. However mans religion cannot explain tomorrow let alone the distant future.

The object of mans religion is man…not God.

The other history book is the Inspired Word of God given to mankind through the prophets in the Old Testament, and the apostles in the New Testament, which contains the recorded words of Jesus who claims to be the Son of God.

This book we know as the Judeo / Christian Bible. It is not like the account of the religion of man that speaks of mankind’s past to his present. The Bible is the REVELATION (an unveiling, an uncovering) of the story of man and the universe he lives in from Gods own lips. The Bible is the history of mankind that ends with God offering man Redemption that only can be found through a personal relationship with Jesus the Son of God.

The Bible speaks not only of the beginning of man but the beginning of the universe. It speaks about the past-recorded history of mankind through today. But it does not stop there. The Bible also speaks about mankind’s yet unwritten, yet not lived, future history. The Bible is Gods prewritten history of the Creation of mankind, his beginning and his ultimate end and then mankind’s new beginning.

Set before you are two versions of History, only one can be true!
Whose account of history do you believe?