To the Ancient of Days Among us

A SPECIAL WORD To the Ancient of Days Among Us.

We all began to fall apart within the first 60 seconds of our birth.
God made us Clay Pots. The Clay Pots of ancient days not only contained water but also candles. When we are young the light from our clay pot only goes upwards like a candle in the dark, and we tend to keep it to ourselves.

Then God lets life happen to each of us, both sweet and bitter things
filled with sorrow, but also joy. As we mature the pots begin to crack.
Slowly but surely the light inside begins to shine out around us.

Unlike the young who shine a candle in the darkness, we who are ancient of days live in vessels that have great cracks. Our light that shines is like the Pillar of Fire that God used to lead the Children of Israel in the desert.

The greater the cracks in our clay pots the more we shine forth HIS
light to others…which is what we each signed up for in this war for
the hearts of everyone we love.

You are part of the special group of people like myself that are closer
to going home because of the limited number of years God gives us here.
How great to think that the best years are not behind us but in front
of us…to be with the Lord for Eternity. And to know that when the Clay Pot that housed us finally crumbles we will be set FREE.

I am old yet young at 67.5 and I am more excited about the future than I am about the past. I look forward to His wiping away all my tears, and then serving HIM for Eternity as I explore the UNIVERSE He created just for me and for you.

Someday SOON, the Last Child of God will believe in the SON of GOD and we will all be home together with each other, but especially with HIM.

Until that day comes I am ready to pick up my cross daily and do all that I can to STAND ALONE for JESUS.

Dedicated to the Old Warrior’s who form the living stones of His Temple. To the Ancients that Worship the Living God in Spirit and in TRUTH within Churches where sound Doctrine lives and Discernment still shines and the True Life Giving Gospel is still preached.

Churches where Jesus still shows up on Sundays.