Today as in the days of Noah, the echoes of the worlds original heart cry are faint. The memory of a place somewhere and a need for forgiveness to go back home placed by God in every heart, is now gasping for air on its death bed, barely still alive.

The patience of God and time are now running out. Souls that were born with light are now souls full of shadows waiting the coming night. Our Brave New World is in serious trouble. God, not me, has made it clear that judgment is coming again because God will not be mocked, nor does He have any more tears. He will not spare the un-godly.

When the SON of GOD comes in Judgment, will you be standing outside the Garden of Eden as Adam and Eve with their children did; staring at an Angel of Light with a flaming sword of fire baring your entrance into heaven?

When He comes will you be swimming outside the door of the NOAH’S ARK as you watch the invisible Hand of God close the door baring your entrance into heaven as the population of the Lost World did?

There is an end to Gods Mercy and Grace…and He is coming to judge all those whose souls are full of shadows.

Mark 8:36 (in context Mark 8:35-37) Amplified Bible. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world (and its goods) yet forfeit his soul (his life in the eternal Kingdom of God).

This is His Promise to all His children who call Him Abba / Daddy…to all those precious in His sight. The Promise of the Living God is that He is still on the Throne and He is involved in every detail of your life. He IS coming back, not as a baby in a manger but as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah with Fire in His Eyes and Judgment in His hand.

Reach up and take hold of His nail pierced hand while He still reaches out to you in Love. Go ahead……PLEASE, I beg you……… take His Hand and He will guarantee you a place in His Forever Kingdom. The Ancient of Days, The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings, The Lord God of Israel and His Church, JESUS says to you through His Prophet in Isaiah 45:22…

“Look to Me ALL You Ends of the earth! For I AM God and there is no other”

Being Humble and Thankful

HE IS….ALMIGHTY GOD.foot washing

There is an example for us in the Bible of a man who understood himself. He knew why he was born, how he was to live, what his purpose for living was, and who to rely on for all his needs.

This man according to Scripture was one of a handful of men that God Himself loved in a more personal way. What I have just stated makes most of us think of David of whom God said, “ he was a man after Gods own heart.”

David lived a life of extreme sin before his God and before his family and children. David was in a state of continuous need for forgiveness because of the horrible things he did. David relentlessly sought the heart of God and was granted Mercy because of his repentant heart for he knew every Sin he committed was before the eyes of God.

Or, maybe you thought of Noah, a man who lived his life in faith constantly preaching the coming Judgment of God to a world gone mad. Noah loved God and was not ashamed of HIS Name. He stood alone for God before an evil world. His pulpit for 120 years was the Ark of Salvation that God had asked him to build before a people who came not to listen but to Mock God.

Noah was an example to his family as he preached in faith of a coming storm that would bring the world something they had never experienced up to that time. A deluge was coming, a flood that would cover the entire planet. We know it as rain, but it was really the tears of God.

For God was sorry that He had created mankind.

Because Noah had faith in the unseen God and proclaimed HIM to a dying world, God gave HIM the lives of those he loved the most. His wife and children went into the Ark with Noah as the rest of humanity drowned in the tears of God.

It is not Noah, nor David that comes to my mind. Each was special as was Abraham, Moses, Job, Elijah, etc. But it is Enoch that God loved in a more personal way. For it is said of Enoch that, “he walked with God and then was no more”.

Enoch is the second person known in Scripture to have had the honor of a special personal relationship with the Living God. The first was Adam of whom Scripture says, “God walked with Adam in the cool of the day”.

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to walk with the visible God; next to me, walking step for step with me. Adam’s walk began in perfection but ended all too soon because of sin. His walk was supposed to last for eternity, but instead lasted but for a short time.

Enoch loved God with all his heart, mind and soul. Enoch walked in faith, in humility, in compassion for the lost around him, in righteousness and in humbleness. He did this in a time and among people who lived only for fulfilling their own passions and desires.

The name Enoch means, “Teacher”. Enoch understood himself. He knew why he was born, how he was to live. He knew what his purpose for living was and who he could rely on for all his needs.

Enoch knew God intimately. Enoch walked with God, not in a perfect garden but in a fallen world that the Scripture said, was continually evil. A world so evil, that the heart and mind of every human being was focused on depravity all the time.

Enoch walked in a world without light, in utter darkness. Yet, the light of God lighted every step of the path that Enoch took as Enoch took the Hand of God and boldly walked into the darkness.

Enoch stood alone for God everywhere he went. You see Enoch was filled with the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of God and so his name defined him as a teacher. He was a teacher anointed by God to go forth and proclaim HIM to a fallen world.

So Enoch stood in the Gap for God at the office, at the client, in the restaurant, in the bar, in his neighbor’s home, at the family gatherings but most of all, before everyone he loved.

Everything Enoch stood for had its foundation in the Truth about God. And so it should also be with each of us. We can be a little like: David….a man after Gods own heart. Or Noah…a man of great faith, called to preach the word of God.

Or like Enoch, a gentle teacher called to impart the Truth of Gods Word to all those who would listen. Enoch still a sinner, received Mercy and Grace from His maker. He lived his entire life openly before all people sharing his faith in the God with whom he chose to walk all the way to heaven.

I am thankful that I try but fail to be a man after Gods own heart. I am thankful that I try to tell people, even though it generally falls on deaf ears about the Truth of God and their need to prepare for the coming judgment.

I am thankful that I try to live every day for God. More often than not I fail to do so. You see I am not a David, or a Noah and certainly not an Enoch. But like them, I am a Sinner, saved by God’s Grace, through Faith Alone, through Christ Alone.

What I am thankful for is God’s Mercy to me and that He sent His Son to die on that Cross for me. He left me a helper who lives inside of me so when I am weak He is Strong.

And finally I am thankful that the passion that burns within me is to share the Messiah of Israel, the Christ of Christmas with all of you and anyone else that God brings me an opportunity to speak with.

I am truly humbled by Gods ability to use cracked pots of clay for His Glory. We do our best to derail HIS purposes. But still His Will gets done in our lives as He arranges meetings in time between His seed planters and the hearts of those whom He has pre-destined to receive the seeds.

May you all Praise God from whom all Blessings flow. May you all give HIM GLORY and HONOR and PRAISE because He is in control of it all…and for that I am very thankful.


The Silent Cries of those Beneath Our Feet.

When you stop to think about it everyone currently on this planet came from one of the lines of Noah’s sons. Our ethnic lines can be traced back to just 3 people Ham, Shem or Japheth; but not any further back than that. There truly is a brotherhood of man; we all come from one family.

Every fossil we find, every piece of bone, every tooth coming from the compressed layer of sediment is made up of the Lost World. Every ancient myth, every legend that we have today began from the time of Noah. The secular world claims Herodotus was the Father of History. Yet Herodotus lived during the time of the prophet Isaiah.

The well-known books of the Odyssey and the Iliad are made up of a mixture of legends, myths and history written by Homer. Yet Homer was alive during the time of the prophet Samuel.

Every spade put into the dirt of the Middle East has come out verifying Gods Word as accurate history. So while mankind’s history goes back to Herodotus, Gods History continues to go back into time 1,200 more years to Noah.

If you are a student of ancient history you can find bits and pieces of the truth recorded by ancient nations of the world.

• 240 of the nations of the earth record a worldwide flood
• The Chinese pictograph for flood is a shape of a boat with 8 sticks in it
• 90% of those 240 nations mention 8 people in the boat
• 85% of those 240 nations say the boat contained all animals

Coincidence……..I don’t think so.

Science has confirmed there is no fossil left on earth that is carbon dated older than 4,000 to 6,000 years old. They also agree that the fossils and the sediment layer were formed at one time by one cataclysmic event…not over millions or billions of years.

Yet the God who waits to be wanted, who continually whispers our names to turn to HIM has left us markers of this Lost World of people, who mocked HIM, to speak to us today. These grave markers are REDWOOD TREES, the so called eternal trees that have been dated back 3,000 years.

That’s 1,000 years before the first coming of Christ.

These trees are rooted deep within the Sediment Layer of the Lost World. They stand as silent grave markers to the people of the Lost World. They are a constant reminder of Gods continued Mercy to those who would look up to Him for safety and protection. They also stand before us as a testament of a past world that forgot the God who made them. These trees, if they could talk, would stand before us as Noah did before the people of the Lost World, and preach about another world wide cataclysm yet too come.

The trees everywhere must be very sad. You see they have heard throughout their generations about the great flood. God says in His word that the creation groans while waiting for its coming Redeemer Jesus. Jesus, the Son of God who brings healing in His hands for all of His Creation.

The trees look forward to the time when their leaves will clap for Joy at the sight of the return of Jesus to the earth…for then they will groan no more. The trees have always tried to talk to us, but cannot. Even if they could we would not listen for we do not have ears that hear.

Next time you find yourself standing next to a tree in the sunshine on a cloudless day and you feel the gentle breeze caressing your body…look up. Open the eyes of your heart. See the limbs gently waving back and forth. Open the ears of your soul and listen to the sound of the rustling of the leaves in the wind.

Then be silent and stand in awe as you look up towards Heaven. The trees are doing what God has called all of creation to do since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

For what you are seeing with the eyes of your heart and hearing with the ears of your soul are the trees lifting up their Holy Hands in Worship to their Creator… and praying for your Salvation.

noahs ark