Name Above All Names

IS there a person I can put my confidence in that is unaffected by the physical natural laws that affect my bodies continual journey back to the dust that the insurance companies tell me is the Truth?

Galatians 4:4-7

But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption…

YES, there is only one person who comes to mind that has touched the world and me personally.

Let me give you some of His accomplishments to consider.


…He spoke the universe into existence from nothing

…He created you and I

…He created Angels

…He parted the waters of the Red Sea

…He became a baby born of a virgin

…He became the God/Man

…He commanded a storm to be still and walked on water

… He healed the sick and the lame

…He healed the deaf, the dumb and the blind

…He created limbs where none existed

…He fed thousands from a child’s sack lunch

…He commanded fallen angels / demons to
come out of people

…He raised the dead and gave them life

…He is a real person

…He lived a real life and walked this Earth

…He died a real death on the Cross

…He came back from the dead

I do not know what the future holds …But I do know who holds the future in His Hands !  And He is coming back again soon! There is no one like Him. Mountains bow down before HIM. Every ocean roars to the Lord of Hosts, Eternity’s only KING.  Who is like HIM, The Lion and the Lamb seated on the Throne?  YESHUA /  JESUS

Nations will bow down to HIM and the Angels bow down to the one who Was and Is and Is to Come. Only JESUS commands my interest !


God has given us His SON:
As long as Jesus is one of many options, He is not an option. As long as you can carry your burdens alone, You don’t need a burden bearer. As long as your situation brings you no grief, You will receive no comfort. As long as you can take Him or leave Him, You may as well leave Him, because He won’t be taken half-heartedly.

But, when you mourn, when you get to the point of sorrow for your sins, when you admit that you have no other option but to cast all your cares on Him, and when there is truly no other name that you can call on, then cast all your cares on Him…for He is waiting in the midst of your storm.

He is preparing a place for you. He is the architect of your heavenly home…its builder and interior decorator too. He knows your hearts desires, your favorite colors, flowers, your favorite views. He chose you before the foundations of the world were made. He knows how to surprise you. He knows what you’ve always longed for. And in His infinite care for you, He is preparing the perfect place for you.

Too many of us are afraid to witness to people. Too many of us are intimidated by non-believers Too many of us have weak faith and live in anxiety. We forget who we are in Christ. We forget that the Battle is His. We forget that the Ending has been written and WE are on the Winning Side.


Too many of us when witnessing to Non-Believers about GOD use the word god. The word god means a multitude of things to a multitude of people.

There is NO POWER in using the word god it is too vague.

We as believers tend to use titles to reference HIS NAME; such as King of Kings, Savior, Lord of Lords, Christ, Messiah, Son of God and many more. All are correct and biblical, BUT without Power and have little meaning to the people we witness to that have almost zero Biblical knowledge.

JESUS said HIS Sheep know HIM and hear HIS Voice. Therefore,when you speak His name among people a line appears in the sand between you and them. That line represents what JESUS came here to do. He came to divide the Wheat from the Tears, the Few from the Many, the Believers from Non Believers as He separates the Found from the Lost.

When you claim Him as your own it will cost you dearly as people you love: your Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Children, and Grand Children, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins…your entire family may ultimately turn against you because of your belief in JESUS.

Like you they were created in the image of God, with a Sin Gene contained within their DNA. God cannot look upon Sin. And like you they need to repent of their sins and place their Faith in the Life, Death and Resurrection of JESUS.

Believing in JESUS Alone is the ONLY way for them to be in heaven with you. When this life you live is over, the reality of your real life with JESUS will begin for Eternity. Their real life will begin as well, But without JESUS.

You then will have a new Eternal Family, because you and every person who has placed their faith in JESUS the SON of GOD has become a Child of GOD’s forever family.

When you witness to those you love and want to be with you in Heaven, don’t refer to the word god. Instead use the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, JESUS.

JESUS came to make all things new again. Its not the end of the world that everyone hears when we speak about what is coming. It is a NEW BEGINNING, back to the future, a NEW GENESIS.

At the name of JESUS the demons tremble and at the NAME of JESUS every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that HE Is LORD. So stop using the word god when witnessing to people. Instead Say HIS Name,JESUS.

Draw the line in the sand between you and them. Let them know whom YOU belong to and that you have not placed your faith in legends, myths or fairy tales. Your faith stands on History, Archeology, Science and most of all Prophecy, which is pre-written History by God in His very own Scriptures, HIS Autobiography called the HOLY Bible.

Learn to defend your FAITH in JESUS.

Tell those you love that they need to call on the NAME of JESUS because there is SALVATION in no other name on earth but HIS.

Stand there before them on behalf of the LORD and extend your hand, and help them to CROSS the line in the sand to Eternal Life; so they can live with you in Heaven, FOREVER.

There is Power ONLY in the NAME of JESUS.