Regarding Noah the Movie

The media again is presenting a Biblical Story, in a non–biblical way. Their only interest is to entertain people and make money, not send the real Biblical Message that God’s Word intends.

The message of the flood and Noah is simple to understand. God allowed a Holocaust of humanity to happen. HE saved only 8 Human Beings out of multiple millions of people filled with SIN gone wild. People do not need Satan in order to be EVIL!

God has promised the Final Holocaust of Humanity in the near future. This will not be of water but of fire that will destroy not only this earth but the universe as well, for everything since the Fall is EVIL because of SIN. Then JESUS will create a New Heaven/ Universe and a New Earth…will you be there ???????????

I am tired of christians that rationalize everything that mixes bits and pieces of biblical truth with myths and fantasy from the minds of people like the movie of Noah. You say to me that God can use anything to bring someone to Christ.

That attitude condones evil and deviates from DOCTRINE and insures believers to remain baby, immature Christians. Which leaves them open to deception…and KNOW that Deception is Coming soon to this planet. Spend some time in the Book of Revelation if you never have before and you will learn to FEAR GOD.

Read Mark 4: 3-20 and see what Jesus thought about poor witnessing and the results that kind of witnessing will have on those you love.

Speak the Truth, but Speak the Truth in LOVE