Moroni, Fallen Angel

Years ago the Mormon Church built one of their Temples in West Bloomfield Michigan. One of my friends invited me to tour this new temple. It was going to be his opportunity to convert me to Mormonism. This Temple was one of their Holy Places. The walls were filled with paintings from the Old and New Testament. He began telling me the Bible Stories they represented. Then I took over and began telling him the stories. He was amazed that I had any bible knowledge. Then I told him I was a Messianic Jew who believed in Jesus. That I had a Ministry to Churches as a guest speaker and teacher.

He was overjoyed and said since he was a Christian too would I come to speak at his church? I told him that I cannot do that because Mormons are NOT CHRISTIANS. We had some conversations that went back and forth over a few days. He then asked me to come over to his house and help him build his back porch which I did. However, the 3 other friends of his (Mormons Too), tried all afternoon to convince me that they were Christians. I chose to Stand Alone for Christ and continue to refute everything they said with Scripture.

The paragraph below is the beginning of a letter I wrote to my friend. If you are a Born Again Believer in Jesus the Son of God and you have Mormon friends, then please follow the links below. One is to the rest of this letter and the other is to a simple topical chart showing the differences between Christianity and Mormonism.

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Dear Mike,
I am writing this to explain to you the reasons why I cannot give credibility to the doctrines of the Mormon religion. I have enclosed a listing of differences from my study of the contrasts between Christianity and Mormonism back in 1982 when I began searching for the truth.
At the beginning of my search I chose to disregard what I had been taught as an Orthodox Jew. I literally wiped the slate clean. I wanted no ones opinion or comments, just to read and study anew the following religions ( Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Mormonism ) . To determine for myself based on science , history and archeology, just as Pontius Pilate said to Christ…” What Is Truth?”.
Mike, every conscientious religious person has a responsibility to be certain that what he or she claims to be from God, really is from Him…………………………………