Two became ONE in CHRIST

The Jewish people are not the only Chosen ones. The Hebrew word for chosen, Bachar reflects the more familiar New Testament term Elect.The Church of Jesus Christ is the Elect of God (2 Timothy 2:10). If you have received Jesus as your Messiah and Savior, that means that God chose you!

God keeps His promises to both of His Born Again “Chosen Peoples”, Messianic Jews and Christians …for His names sake. Both of us also experience the same resentment the world feels toward God’s people Israel. When you tell someone that Jesus Christ is the only way to have a relationship with God. People will resent you for being narrow-minded, just as they resent Jewish people for being exclusive.

Israel and the Church both represent the blessing of God’s Choosing. Both demonstrate the truth of God’s love and faithfulness, His mercy and His grace. We together are the Living Stones that make up the One True Born Again Church of JESUS the Messiah, the Christ, the SON of GOD.

Both Israel and the Church may experience deep and abiding failure. Both may be resented, hated even persecuted by the world. Yet both are people of great destiny with a HOPE filled future.

That future is secure ONLY for those who name the name of JESUS not because of the strength or the goodness of those who were chosen, but because of the faithful, loving and all-powerful GOD who chooses, so that HE HIMSELF receive’s the glory. GOD chooses those who WILL believe in HIM!

Because HE Lives
Because HE Cares
Because HE Call’s


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