The 6 Question’s of Passover

The holiday of Passover is coming soon. Rabbinical Tradition has 4 questions to be asked by the youngest male child.

I am 66 years old and a Messianic Jew. I have 6 questions to ask of the rabbis. But want them to answer from the Word of God in the Old Testament and not from traditions using the words of men.

Of the 4 questions asked during the Passover meal only 1 question is worth answering.

Number 1. Why is this night different from every other night? On all other nights, we eat either leavened bread or unleavened bread. Why, on this night, do we only eat unleavened bread?

YES, Why is this night different from every other night? To me this is the only question worth answering during the Passover Meal because when answered correctly with BIBLICAL TRUTH, it will bring eternal life to the one who SEEKS the answer.

Every year during Passover the Jewish people answer this 1st question, which is the first of the 4 questions of Passover. Those 4 questions were chosen by the rabbis but there were many other questions that could have easily been chosen.

• Why does the Matzot Bag have 3 compartments for 3 Matzot?
• Why do we break the Middle Matzot in half?
• Why do we wrap half the Middle Matzot in a cloth and hide it?
• Why is the word Afikoman the only word in the entire Jewish Haggadah a Greek word that means …He HAS Come?
• Why do the children at the end of the Passover Meal search for the broken piece of Matzot that was wrapped in the cloth
and then Hidden?
• Why does the father of the house redeem the lost Matzot with money?

The Rabbis have no answers for these questions, but God does. To answer those questions would be to admit that God ordained the Passover Meal to remind Jews of their coming Messiah, for Jesus IS hidden in the service; just like He is in the Old Testament Messianic Prophecies.

To see YESHUA clearly in the Old Testament and in the Passover Services you must be born again by the Holy Spirit. God must circumcise your heart. Then your heart will no longer be made of stone, but flesh; and you will see GOD’S TRUTH through the eyes of your heart.

So this Passover, don’t just sit there and go through the motions of the traditions of men. Ask MY 6 QUESTIONS, but only accept answers from Gods Word written clearly in the Old Testament. Pay no attention to the traditions and words of men.

Click below for the answers to the 6 questions and see the Messiah in the Passover.

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