YOM KIPPUR ENDED 2,000 years ago.

Sign lost found

To be LOST, then FOUND

Dear ABBA….Daddy,

Sometimes I feel so alone. No longer do I have the excitement and wonder of youth. The seasons of life have all but gone by so quickly. All my life I have had a front row seat before my television watching the horror story of man’s inhumanity to man unfold on the world’s stage.

I have heard too much and have seen too much of the world around me. Ancient Messianic Prophecies, in ISAIAH, JOEL, ZECHARIAH and more written by Elohim / אלוהים, who stands outside of time; continue to come to life daily before my eyes.

The END of TIME and the BEGINNING Of ETERNIY has begun. You can read them in HIS BIBLE, One Book made up of the Old Testament and the JEWISH NEW TESTAMENT. The Bible is the only True communication to mankind from outside this world.

Why are we so focused on ourselves that we have grown calloused to the pain all around us? How is it that our tears have stopped flowing?

We see, yet we are blind. We hear, yet we are deaf…our hearts have grown cold towards everyone, except ourselves. The words of Isaiah are just as true for Fallen Mankind as they are for the Nation of Israel.

Isaiah 6: 9-10 “and he said, “Go, and say to this people. Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive. Make the heart of this people dull, and their ears heavy, and blind their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.”

Gods revealed Truth remains The Truth whether we believe it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not. JESUS is the SON of GOD and HE said every knee shall bow and every mouth will confess HIM as LORD on Earth, and in Heaven. And YES there will be NO NON-BELIEVERS in Hell.

HE IS THE LORD of the living and the Lord of the dead. The Lord of the Lost and the Lord of the Found.

The smoke and mirrors of this world’s value system no longer comforts me. The mask that I viewed the world through for 68 years has been ripped off my face many years ago when I came to faith in the SON of GOD, before His Cross planted in the Judean Dirt outside the City of Jerusalem. There you will find me face down in the dirt every day at His Feet; praying for those I love to WAKE-UP before it is too late for them.

No longer can I hide my emotions. The reality of the pain and despair that surrounds me has wrapped my heart in grief for all those I see and meet who do not know HIM.

So like the prophets of old I cry out into the darkness with tears. I preach HIS LOVE shown at HIS CROSS, and I preach HIS SOON COMING JUDGEMENT with Tears and Compassion for the Lost.

Because My Grief for the LOST is my Daily PASSION and my Prayer is that THEY Would BE FOUND.

Fire Sky

Its morning and I am on my way to work. It’s a grey morning with clouds filling the sky to the North, South and West. To my left is the Eastern sky. You can see clearly the beginning of daybreak.

The sky in the east is filled with an intense reddish orange color and it is raining.
Along the side of the road are innumerable telephone poles, which as most of you know speaks to me of Cross Everywhere.

I am reminded by looking at the Eastern sky that most of us would look at it and say how beautiful this color is that seems to be growing and approaching us. It actually looks like it is pushing back the darkness and the clouds of deep grey.

Most of you would say the scene of color developing and moving toward you reminds you of Christ coming in love for His world.

But for me, I look at the Eastern sky and I see fire. And I do not think of the lamb that died on the Cross; I think of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The one who is Holy, Holy, HOLY who IS coming but not in love anymore but in judgment.

And the rain for me is the tears of God, knowing so well that so very many will perish when He comes and yet it is His wish that none should perish, but all would turn to HIM and gain eternal life rather than eternal death.

The Crosses all around me on my ride into work are still there every morning and evening when I come home. They are a constant reminder to me of the loving arms of Jesus that were nailed open in love.

If people would just look up and see HIM, they would be reminded that only through HIM can they escape the coming Judgment. As long as they have breath in their lungs they have time to make this life changing eternal decision.

Christ said when HE comes the 2nd time, in Luke Ch. 18 vs 8… “when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

The answer is not very many, only a Remnant, a few.

Will you be one of those with faith in HIM?


Is your head in the sand ?

Occasionally people have messaged me saying that what I am writing is too harsh, and that I should focus on the LOVE of JESUS. That by focusing on the JUDGMENT OF JESUS, I am making it harder to share the Gospel.

You have it backwards.To know GOD is to FEAR GOD. That is step one for understanding you are a SINNER in need of Salvation. There is NO TRUE SALVATION if you did not REPENT. You cannot REPENT unless you FEAR JESUS first.

Two years ago I was on an operating table in the hospital. The doctors finished my heart cath and then told me I had 2- 80% blockages and that they were going to either split me open or attempt to insert stents. I had no idea how sick I was when I entered the hospital. God in His Mercy and Grace gave me more time to be here to serve HIM by planting seeds and encouraging the faith of believers and confronting non believers in LOVE with the TRUE GOSPEL that they are going to HELL. Then do all I can to help them to understand the LOVE of JESUS for them individually through HIS DEATH on the CROSS. And that JESUS is NOT Coming Back the 2nd Time in Love. HE is coming back Soon Only in JUDGMENT.

So when I write I try to present the Gospel creatively. Writing about my faith but always speaking about Jesus LOVE and His JUDGMENT, because the time is short. You cannot present a One Sided Portrait of JESUS to unsaved people!

The Apostle Paul warns us to examine our Faith to make sure WE ARE IN THE FAITH. He warned of pastors and others in the END TIMES that would preach ANOTHER GOSPEL leading their flocks to HELL instead of HEAVEN. Plus the world including the Nation of Israel will soon accept the 1st Coming of the FALSE MESSIAH. Why , because they lack discernment of the Word of GOD and cannot discern the Truth from the Coming LIE.

Matthew 7: 23 was written to Professing Believers that were self deceived . They will begin telling Jesus all the things they did for HIM, and HE will say “then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

So let me remind you that Scripture teaches that their are 3 kinds of Christians: TRUE , CARNAL and PROFESSING CHRISTIANS. The Apostle Paul, not me, calls you to know which you are.

JESUS will judge each according to their life here and their words spoken before HIM, one split second after they leave this earth.

I care about you. I want you to understand SCRIPTURE. I want you to take your responsibilities and the life you are living out here daily before the eyes of GOD seriously. I want you to begin witnessing to your loved ones and warning them of the events coming and showing them the reality of GODS prophetic words in the Bible.

If you truly believe in Christ and you want to not only be part in your NEW FOREVER FAMILY in HEAVEN, but you want desperately to have the rest of your family here on earth with you in Heaven Forever ; THEN START Opening Your Mouth about what is happening all around you, and TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND.

Please know that my prayer for you, is to begin focusing on your RESPONSIBILITIES to JESUS FIRST and not the WORLD, and its CULTURE and ITS HOLIDAYS that surround you.


The Final Holocaust by GOD HIMSELF of ALL Humanity is Coming, do everything you can to witness to those you LOVE ! You have TODAY not Tomorrow !

head in the sand

The Wheat and Tares

God for now is leaving the wheat and the tares together.

Matthew 7:23
22 Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles? 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’

When the Lord spoke about the wheat and the tares being left to grow together for this current age; and then to be separated by the angels during the final harvest of souls yet too come. HE did not mean that the wheat represented the members of the church and the tares represented the people of the world outside the church.

He meant professing Christians are the tares among the wheat of True Christians within the Church. If this were not what HE meant then the statement above from Matthew 7:23 would never have been made. The Church is growing…not in Faith but in Apostasy.

The final judgment will take place in heaven. It will be the separation of believers from non-believers; the sheep from the goats described in Revelation. The sheep will be believers. The goats will be all non- believers including the professing false Christian believers in Christ.

For now we worship together, both wheat and tare claiming to be one church with one God.

How sad; the lack of discernment, the lack of biblical knowledge, the complete ignorance of Doctrine and the misplaced hope… will surprise many and take them down.

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