Jewish Evangelism

Jewish Evangelism

Biblical illiteracy is eating the Church Alive. If you have no discernment of the Truth which can only be found in the Scriptures. You will believe the coming lie and you will not go to heaven.

The following is the first of four excerpts from an encounter I had with a Jewish Rabbi claiming faith in the GOD of the Old Testament. I have broken it down into 4 parts and will post them individually.

RABBI: My respect for and love of my Christian/Jewish-with-Jesus brothers and sisters is healthy, strong and unshaken. Hashem does recognize people of other faiths and even the existence of other gods or god-like forces that are somewhat separate from him or not under His total control.

ERNIE: Let me apologize on your behalf to Hashem, because of your biblical ignorance. What is the first of the TEN COMMANDMENTS given to Moses at Mt. Sinai?

Let me help you remember:
You shall have no other gods before me!
There is but ONE GOD. The Old Testament proclaims the god of this world and all its man made religions is Satan.

RABBI: He doesn’t damn those people or gods simply because they were not chosen by Him for a certain role.

ERNIE: When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai the Nation of Israel was worshiping a golden calf instead of the ONE TRUE GOD.

The same GOD that brought the nation of Israel out of Egypt to save them…. pronounced a curse on them because they forgot the first commandment. That curse killed every person from 20 years old and up; as the Nation of Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years.

That is the true meaning of Passover that no one celebrates or talks about.

RABBI: Those people of other faiths and gods can be righteous without accepting Him

ERNIE: Even the Jews are not righteous before a HOLY GOD: You are a sinner: Gen 8:21 “the intent of man’s heart is evil from his youth. You cannot save yourself: Isa 64:6 “ALL our righteous deeds are like filthy garments (women’s menstrual cloth’s). You will be judged after death: Dan 12:2 There is a Hell: Isa 66:23-34
God has personally blinded the Jewish people: Isa 6:9… (this is especially for you…look it up and read it slowly.)
But there is Hope for you and the Nation of Israel: Proverbs 8:17 “I love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me. “There is a new covenant: Jeremiah 31:31

RABBI: Nevertheless, they can share in the fruits of redemption upon the arrival of Moshiach.

ERNIE: The only fruits THEY (people of other faiths) will share are those that come out of the False Messiah that most of the world will accept. He is called the Anti-Christ.

Even Israel will accept the False Messiah in the beginning. But then when JESUS the TRUE MESSIAH comes in Zachariah 14 ONLY 1/3 of the Jews will gain Salvation and recognize HIM as the TRUE MESSIAH and weep and cry out to “HIM whom they have PIERCED”.
The remaining 2/3 of the Jews will be killed and go down to Hell.

Rabbi: The Jews being “chosen” by Hashem is not at the expense of everyone else being left for naught. It is simply for a certain role, and, indeed, various non-Jews have their roles too, which are not necessarily lesser or greater or the subject of His judgment.
This is all expressly clear in the Tanakh, and does not require the opinions or comments of Rabbis or mortal whoever’s (though they are consistent).

Ernie: admit it…. you do not know your Tanakh…. you have no biblical understanding, because you do not understand the words God has written so clearly to you. Because you are still living under Isaiah 6:9…a curse.

Rabbi: So, to me, that all means that we can coexist without me accepting Jesus and without you dropping Jesus, and yet be equally righteous in Hashem’s eyes.

Ernie: Yes this will soon be the way that the entire world unites under one Global Leader who will create One World Religion that worships the dark side of humanity. Be aware the FALSE MESSIAH IS COMING.

RABBI: We cannot do nothing; we cannot do it alone; and, we cannot make precise common faith the litmus test of working together on common interests. We and our families and brothers and sisters, in the exercise of our free will, should all have the wisdom, strength and camaraderie to make it to the End of Days in the best condition possible.

ERNIE: Draw comfort from others like yourself while you can, but know you are accountable for the Life that Hashem has given to you. And you will stand alone before HIM. Then because you still have your Sin DNA, and because you are NOT Righteous… HE will say to you “I NEVER KNEW YOU” and you will not go to heaven.

The ecumenical movement bringing “World religions” together is happening quickly now. If you think that reading Gods truth is all you need in order to understand then think again.

Everything I have said, every Scripture used in this encounter has fallen on this person’s deaf ears. Multitudes have hearts that are hardened and shut down. Hearts that will never beat with the Lords because HE has left them to the choice they already made.

Yet we are called to witness when given the opportunity to do so, because we do not know who the Elect are. We do it in love, but we do it in HIS Strength and we cover these encounters in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to water our seeds.

When the door closes, you will know that you have done what you are called to do. Then shake the dust off your sandals, walk away and look forward to the next person the Lord puts in your path and start again. We wait for the SECOND COMING OF YESHUA / JESUS. THE SON OF GOD, THE KING OF ETERNITY.

THE ONE TRUE GOD. Read the SCRIPTURES to understand the TIMES YOU LIVE IN; because soon Time will be NO MORE.

Look to the Eastern Sky and you will see the DAWN OF ETERNITY, Beginning NOW !

We counted the Cost, Jesus carries our Cross daily, as we walk in the darkness that surrounds us, Lifting our SWORD of LIGHT to the Sky; Doing HIS WILL , Not Our Will. This is the life of HIS True Dulas….HIS SPIRITUAL WARRIOR…as we walk the Narrow Road. We are the TRUE ALIENS on Planet Earth and we wait daily, with JOY in our Hearts; for the FLIGHT HOME !