His Will, His Plan = Your Life

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word UNTIL as a point in Time of the Event that was mentioned.

God has said He has a plan for each one of HIS Children. Yet it is more than just a simple plan that He has designed for each of us. I believe when I finally go home to be with Him in Heaven I will be able to look back on my life and see and know how very intricate the road I walked really was.

The Word of God was given to us to learn from the examples of people who walked these roads before us. Their stories represent life lessons for us to review and benefit and grow from. They have conquered life’s adversities. You could say that they made it out of life alive. They have already died so they can live.

Our Bible is the only true book of Hope given by a Father to His children so they might always remember Him. We need to remember that He has been with us since before we were born and will be with us after this physical life is over.

For like Him we too are Eternal and will have never ending life. So in a real sense you my friend are invincible. You will not die until the last second of the plan God has created for you is finished.

That plan has to do with the WILL of God for your life. No, it’s not for a new car, or new job or new home. It’s not for clothes or all the things this world seduces believers with.

His WILL is simple. It has never changed. His WILL is for you to share the Gospel. That is the supreme mission in this life. We live solely to plant the True Gospel into the hearts of all those within the reach of our hands and the sound of our voice.

But before you can do that effectively you need a working knowledge of Jesus. You need to know the details of HIS life from a Jewish perspective.

This dimension of our Lord as a Jew seems to have been forgotten by the Christian community. To know Him as the Christ of the Cross, is the Christian perspective.

But the picture of Yeshua / Jesus is not complete until you understand the prophecies of His coming in the Old Testament. He came first as the Jewish Messiah and His Cross was planted deep into the Judean soil.

So here is some information that will help you to know Him better not just as Jesus the Christ but as Yeshua the Messiah of Israel.
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I Have Been With You Always

HIS Call: The voices, can you hear them? There were three distinct and separate voices talking to each other about a plan.I was there just like a fly on the wall listening. It was the strangest thing. I was there among three but somehow within only the ONE. I had no feeling of physicality or of being.

Did you hear, they used the term Birth Pangs…what did they mean?
Somehow I knew it meant something specific yet it was more than that because I had the feeling that they were referring to me.

OH MY GOD, HE knows I am listening to their conversation. His eyes turn inward towards me. His look is soft and loving as He gazes upon me. I am confused, I don’t understand where I am, but He knows. He calls my name…and then begins to explain the plan to me.

Ernie, you live for now in my mind, you are part of my being. I have given you the gift of conscience. You live for now within me. The day will come in the future when I will live within you.

You can hear me but not see me with your eyes. Soon you will be born into a body of flesh. You will have many gifts within you as you live out the days of your life in the flesh. You will have five senses that will feed information to you regarding your surroundings and the world I have created for you.

You will have eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to touch, taste buds to taste and a nose to smell with. These five senses will come together to help you on your quest to find the uniqueness that is you.

Yet there is another sense that you have within you. This sense will be greater than all the rest. But it will be buried deep within you and will not be quickened immediately. It will remain within you dormant for a while.

This sense will bring you back to me when it comes alive within your heart of hearts. Then and only then will you understand who you truly are, your purpose for living and you will begin to worship Me…The ONE True God who created you and all that there is.

As you walk the Earth that I have created, your five senses will help you see Me in the Creation around you. Many others that have already had their new sense ignited will come to you on my behalf. They will help you to understand My plan and the part you are to play in it.

The words were now fading rapidly into the shadowy mist in my mind as I began to move out from my mothers womb into the light filled with shadows. My fists were clenched in rage as my lungs filled with air and I began to cry. I would forget all that I had heard from HIS lips. I would forget the voice of quiet thunder and those soft eyes that looked upon me with such love.

But hidden deep within the very heart of my being this new sense within me would gently echo the words HE planted deep within me. “I have already prepared you for your re-birth in MY Spirit.”

HIS Promise: I could write volumes about this but would rather make it concise and to the point, paraphrasing what God has said to each of us. The entire Bible represents thousands of God Moments to me.

“The day will come in the future when I will live within YOU.”
If you belong to HIM, then this will become the GREATEST GOD MOMENT of your life.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you because you belong to me. You are being prepared as a love gift for my Son, who loves you as much as I do.”

This is comforting reassurance of my Salvation, my Inheritance, my Eternal Family to come, my Citizenship in Heaven and HIS never ending, forever love of me.

Revelation 22:20
He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

You can feel the growing darkness of the last days all around you.
But don’t loose heart, watch the Eastern Sky and you will see the Dawn of Eternity coming soon!