You either belong to YOU or you belong to GOD.

GOD all through Scripture (Old & New Testaments) uses topical Dualism to contrast and make clear the choices human beings have during their short earthly physical existence on Planet Earth.
The Truth of Scripture (pre-written history) makes clear the earthly Consequences and Eternal Consequences of living your life according to your will and not GODS WILL.

Your life is full of choices. Most of your choices not only affect you but also have earthly repercussions on your family and others you have relationships with. BUT there is ONLY ONE CHOICE that has Eternal Consequences for you ALONE.

The following list of opposites represent two roads to two different locations. GOD uses the theme of dualism within the lives of the people we read about within HIS BIBLE to teach us life lessons that will help us avoid our pain and the pain our choices cause others.

The Cover of the Bible is the door to your journey to two destinations. Its pages speak TRUTH, while warning of the Consequences of not obeying the messages written by GOD specifically to YOU.

I put the following together so you could begin reading the Bible for 10 minutes a day keeping in mind the list below. These two lists represent your journey to your Forever Place. These Themes are ALL throughout the Scriptures. Treat your body with a cookie when you begin. Then continue to read and let GOD FEED YOUR SOUL.


Food: Earthly (nourish flesh) or Heavenly (nourish soul = eternal life)
Dimensions: Physical or Spiritual
Roads: Wide or Narrow
People: Lost or Found
Types: Many or Few
Cities: Earthly Jerusalem or New Jerusalem
Bodies: Physical or Spiritual
Feeling: Pain or JOY
Actions: Evil or Good
Results: Chaos or Order
Church: Tares or Wheat
CROSS: Unrepentant Thief or Repentant Thief
Wills: My Will or Gods Will
Results: To Sin or NOT to SIN?
Eternal: Death or Life
Forever: Hell or Heaven
Greeting: Darkness or SONshine

Desperation: No Faith + No Mercy + No Grace = NO Hope = Eternity
without God



In Whom Do You HOPE ?

HOPE: who or what do you place your hope in? There is only one place that hope belongs
and that is in the TRUE God. Without the TRUE God you can define your life as hopeless.
For only through Gods plan for your life will you find hope for your life here
and hope beyond the grave.

H   God is Holy. He is the Creator and I am the creature. He is set apart.
He is a self existent Being and He is to be feared. I cannot gain righteousness by comparing
myself to others around me. God is HOLY and HIS Standard of perfection must be met to gain
entrance into Heaven. I cannot be Holy. I therefore have a problem.

O   God is Omniscient and Omnipresent. He knows all and is everywhere
at the same time. Everything I do and say is before His face. Everything I say, do and think is
recorded in Heaven within the personal biography of my life. My life will be judged first by
His Scriptures and secondly from my biography.

P   God is Personal. He wants you to know Him One to One. He wants you to
know Him personally. He desires a relationship of friendship with me. Imagine, the God of the
Universe wanting me to know HIM heart to heart.

E   God is Eternal. He has no beginning and no end. You have a beginning because
He created you, but you too are Immortal with no end, and you will live forever somewhere.