Who’s History Book do you Believe?

There are two history books in existence that tell the story of mankind’s great adventure on the face of the planet Earth.

One history book recounts the recorded story of mankind’s past to his present. This story is tied to what most people call religion.

Religion is man’s explanation of what he fears and does not know. It is man’s attempt to explain what he sees through a veil; the unexplainable shrouded in mystery and explained by mysticism.

It is an explanation whose foundation is built on half-truths. It is an attempt to explain the past through today. However mans religion cannot explain tomorrow let alone the distant future.

The object of mans religion is man…not God.

The other history book is the Inspired Word of God given to mankind through the prophets in the Old Testament, and the apostles in the New Testament, which contains the recorded words of Jesus who claims to be the Son of God.

This book we know as the Judeo / Christian Bible. It is not like the account of the religion of man that speaks of mankind’s past to his present. The Bible is the REVELATION (an unveiling, an uncovering) of the story of man and the universe he lives in from Gods own lips. The Bible is the history of mankind that ends with God offering man Redemption that only can be found through a personal relationship with Jesus the Son of God.

The Bible speaks not only of the beginning of man but the beginning of the universe. It speaks about the past-recorded history of mankind through today. But it does not stop there. The Bible also speaks about mankind’s yet unwritten, yet not lived, future history. The Bible is Gods prewritten history of the Creation of mankind, his beginning and his ultimate end and then mankind’s new beginning.

Set before you are two versions of History, only one can be true!
Whose account of history do you believe?