Before planning or doing anything you must pray. Ask God to bring people into your life along with opportunities for you to witness to them. Remember it is your responsibility to plant the seeds. It’s the Holy Spirit who brings Salvation, not you!

Try and evaluate the spiritual understanding of the person you have chosen to witness too. What belief system do they have, in whom do they place their faith for eternal life? Paul always met people where they were and then creatively witnessed to them at their point of understanding.

Be cautious of “casting your pearls before swine” or in non-biblical terms wasting your time. God has said to us, if we seek HIM we shall find HIM. If your conversations are continually argumentative and you see no progress then back off and look for the next person. We need to witness to all people but we hope to find those that are seriously seeking to know God.

The best place to begin is with people you love and have relationships with. They can be a relative, neighbor or co-worker. I believe this works best for those of us that are uncomfortable talking to strangers, especially in a crowd.

Sensitivity is the keyword in witnessing. Follow these 4 rules and you will open the door to someone’s heart or feed them spiritually or be blessed along with the Angel’s by placing the last seed that allows you to see the light come on in their souls before your very eyes.

1. All people are not uniquely difficult to reach, but you have to reach them uniquely.
2. Love them to life, do something nice…let your life actions speak to them.
3. People do not care how much you know until you show them how much you care.
4. Make it easier, not harder for the next Christian to witness to that person.

Your evangelism will have no effect unless your life shows your Faith in Jesus. The term we all know is “Walk the Talk”. For many, the only witness they receive will be the life you live out before them. Do your best in everything to make people want to know why you’re different.

Also remember that the word GOD is too generic a term to use. It will lead you down many roads other than the road to the Cross. Our Faith is in JESUS. And like the Apostle Paul did….preach HIS CROSS. Salvation begins at the foot of HIS CROSS.

For YOU from My Seed Bag:

Have you ever thought about the fact that God, who is Love, choose to come down to visit with us for a while and clothed Himself in flesh with a body like ours? Why would God do that?

The God of creation and the Universe, the only TRUE and Holy God became a man so we could touch Him for a while. Yes He came down to communicate to us through His words. But, I believe even more important than that He came down so He could touch us and we could touch Him.

Two thousand years ago, there was a special generation alive on the earth that walked in the cool of the day with their God, as Adam did in the Garden. This special generation lived by sight, smell, hearing and taste and had the ability to TOUCH God.

God became “Immanuel” which means God With Us. This special generation experienced God with All their senses; but they recognized HIM NOT, because they knew NOT the time of HIS COMING.

Today we live by faith alone. Faith is a special sense that God gives only to those who believe in His Son Yeshua / Jesus who came down to us with Salvation in His Hands. Those of us who believe in Him shall on one future day walk by sight, forever with Him in heaven.

Growing a New Heart

Good Seed

Did You know GOD left a seed of life in your heart that need’s watering? It is a kernel of Truth that will only grow if you nurture it within yourself by reading HIS Word. You can hear the voice of God today, but only through the written words He has spoken to you recorded in His Book. He only speaks there, within the context of His Words. His truth about each of us is buried deep within us. It is like a dream that is so real, yet recedes back into the mists of your inner mind when you awake.

Until you understand that truth and act upon it by personally calling on His name; your life will have been lived out as lie and your heart will remain cold as stone forever.

This Visible God came to Earth 2,000 years ago to save you from Himself (His Holy Wrath towards sinners). This Visible God came to proclaim His Invisible Kingdom. A growing Kingdom that resides within the hearts of His called out ones. His Ecclesia…His Born Again True Church of Believers in the Son of God.

You can be one of those called out ones, the seed is already in you. It just needs to grow. Admit it, life is hard and its challenges a severe burden. He is there all around you waiting for you to ask HIM to share your burden and make it light.

Every person bears His image and all of nature sings His praises while waiting for His coming.

He is the God who made you. He is the God who was broken for you. He is the God who cries tears over you. He is the God who patiently waits to be wanted by you. He whispers your name and says “Why have you not returned to me?”

Yes, true peace is resting within the protection of someone greater than you. Go find your quiet place, call on HIS name, He will hear you. Then wait quietly…it will be worth it. He will answer you…and when you receive your answer… Be STILL…and know that HE is YOUR GOD.