As it was in the days of Noah, so too will it be at the time of the
End of Time, when Christ comes back to Judge those left on the earth who never answered His call to “Come Follow Me”.

Look up at the gathering storm all around you. It no longer makes a difference where you live on the planet. The signs are all here. The signs are slowly gathering strength and frequency and yes within your lifetime; the Earth, like you… will be Born-Again.

The sky is foreboding as you see the lightning and then hear the thunder. Your senses are heightened like never before.
For thousands of years the Voice of JESUS could be heard in the gentle breeze swirling around every human being whispering;
“Follow Me and I will save you from yourself and from what is coming upon the Earth”.

His Voice was carried by the winds that surround the Earth. His Voice could be heard as the Holy Spirit moved the leaves of the trees as even nature itself lifted up Holy hands as their voices prayed for the Salvation of all Mankind.

Yet, the people all around you that can be known by the Biblical term “The Many” continue to choose to be blind, deaf and dumb. Seeing but never perceiving, hearing but never listening and ignorant because they lack discernment of the TRUTH.

“The Many” are made up of your Father, Mother, Sister’s, and Brother’s; your Grand Parents, Grandchildren…your neighbors, and friends who only know about Jesus but do not KNOW JESUS.

You are here today listening to me because you are not part of the Many but you are part of the FEW who heard His Voice and Repented of your Sins and now Jesus carries your Cross for you all the way home to heaven.

If you as a Believer listen carefully to the sound of His Voice today, you have noted that it no longer is a small whisper. In fact, what you now hear is the sound of many waters. It is the Final Battle Cry of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

It is a call for you to decide what kind of Christian you really are.
Are you a True Christian whose Faith is evident by the fruit born from the seeds you have planted as you continue to work on behalf of the Lord in the Harvest?

A Christian who will hear “Well done My Good and Faithful Servant.”
OR are you a Carnal Christian that lives like the world, yet somehow God through His Mercy and Grace has accepted you as one of His children.

Yet today you do not live a life that honors the One who died for you on the Cross. You are a Christian who will lose rewards because of your lack of commitment to His command to witness to those you love within the touch of your hands and the sound of your voice.

Or are you a Professing Christian who thinks’ they are a Christian. But when you stand before the Risen Lord He will say to you I never knew you. You will meet the Lord in person only once as you find that your entrance to Heaven becomes your portal to Hell.
You can read your sad story in Matthew 7: 20 – 22.

Look at yourself in the mirror and then look deep into your eyes, which are the windows of your soul. Can you see the fire of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you? When you quiet your heart and listen, can you hear the beat of two hearts within you…beating as one?
Has your heart of stone become a Heart of Flesh with Royal Blood now pumping through it?

Your answer will tell you which Christian you are.

To Truly Know HIM is to FOLLOW HIM

Follow Me

In a moment of time, as Jesus lay dead in His Tomb a Beam of light from HIS FATHERS eyes beamed down through Space and Time, through the earth’s atmosphere, through solid rock into the tomb where Jesus lay.

Words were spoken that filled the Tomb and Jesus drew breath again.

The Veil in the Temple that kept mankind in the darkness not being able to know God personally; had been torn open by the finger of HIS FATHER; literally opening access to Himself through the death of His Son.

Earlier at the Birth of Jesus the Shepherds saw the light of Heaven rip open the darkness of the world that cold night so long ago. Today the darkness on the Earth has rays of light reflecting off those who believe in Jesus as they look up and see the Glorious light of His Presence in Heaven where He now waits upon His Fathers appointed time for His RETURN to earth.

When I listen to His Whisper to the ears of my heart, I can hear Jesus say to me…take this message from me to all you know. There is enough documented evidence in the past about MY Birth, MY Life, MY Death and MY RESSURECTION that no one can deny that I AM who I say I AM!

I say to them all…. you have the Prophets, the Psalms and the Apostles. You have MY SPOKEN Words, written down and kept just for you to hear and believe contained in the Old and New Testaments. MY Word is Sufficient for them all.

The things yet future are recorded there for all to read. The times and the seasons have been made clear within the Bible regarding when I will RETURN. Tell them I am coming sooner than they think!