It’s happening again, but for the last time !

In life whether we are a believer’s or not, we each make choices, that bring consequences to others at an unbearable cost to us. But as believers the Lord is with us in our storms. HE Alone is our HOPE.

The clouds of war blocked the sun over Europe. Evil given permission by God was now going to have its day. This day of shadows was to last 4 years. The master planner of this horror, satan, was going to get his fill of souls for a short time. For satan, like an unruly dog is on a leash, held by the Hand of Almighty GOD !

During this time satan would destroy millions upon millions of people branded by Hitler unfit to live; including 6 million Jews. Many Jews in the thousands escaped by leaving Europe in the years before the doors were shut. But not my parents.

They could not believe nor envision the evil that human beings with black hearts were capable of doing to their own kind. And so they stayed, and were ensnared. They not only lost things they cherished, but the precious lives of loved ones.

When you hear the word Holocaust you immediately think about Nazi Germany and the atrocities committed to multiple millions of people let alone 6 million Jews.

But the Old Testament speaks of other Holocausts. What about the entire population of the world prior to the Flood of Noah? Scientists speculate upwards of a Billion people died in that flood. Scriptures tell us that every imagination within the heart of mankind was evil and so GOD destroyed civilization with the exception of Noah and his family; a total of only 8 human beings. I would say that holocaust was the greatest ever in human history, would?t you agree?

But there is coming two more Holocausts’, within our lifetime. One for the Nation of Israel (you can read about it in the Book of Zechariah) and the other for ALL MANKIND on Planet Earth (you can read about it in the Book of Revelation.

JESUS will bring this Final Holocaust of humanity at HIS SECOND COMING. HE comes with Fire in HIS EYES and JUDGMENT for every human being on this planet that has not accepted HIM as their SAVIOR and LORD.