Dear Pastor, the Signs are ALL AROUND YOU,

WHY do you continue to teach Christian Lite instead of the LIGHT of CHRIST. There is a famine in our land, but not of food, but for the Word of GOD !

To many of you focus only on the Love of Christ– teaching a Gospel without teeth. A Gospel that is devoid of Repentance. A Gospel that will not save.

Before you can love God you must first learn to FEAR GOD. Love and Judgment are the 2 sides of our God. Both must be Proclaimed and Taught. The church today does not preach judgment, yet that is what is next on Gods Prophetic Agenda.

There are 2 sounds that will continue to echo throughout this current Universe until GOD UN-Creates it with global fire purging the entire earth of sin, then re-creating a pure and HOLY New Earth and Universe ONLY for HIS Children to inhabit.

The first is the Voice of JESUS when HE Cried out “IT IS FINISHED”. JESUS put the entire Universe on Alert that the END is COMING. The only Creatures that trembled in fear when they heard His final cry from the Cross were the Fallen Angels and their king, the god of this world. The phrase “It Is Finished” continues to echo in the wind that circles the earth…it is but a whisper that can be heard only by those who SEEK the TRUE GOD with ALL their heart and mind.

The second will be the sound of a Trumpet. This will be the loudest sound NEVER HEARD by most of humanity. The Trumpet will only be heard by those whose dead hearts have been circumcised, born again and now pump Royal Blood, because they are the Living Stones of Christ’s Church, they are the Children of the COMING KING.

The Trumpet will sound and Believers in Jesus around the world will disappear from the earth at the same time. The Trumpet will not be heard by human ears that do not SEEK TRUTH, but only by the HEARTS of those who watch the Heavens and are anxiously crying out daily… “Even So COME LORD JESUS”.

JESUS came first to His Cross; that is the only place you will find HIS LOVE, but HE is coming back the 2nd time showing NO MERCY, bringing NO HOPE for all that are left behind. HIS eyes were filled with tears of compassion the first time. HIS eyes will be filled with Righteous Fire as HE comes back without love…only in JUDGMENT.

There are not many days left to sound the alarm to those that desperately need to hear the Gospel so they can Repent of their Sins. YOU, Pastor are not only called to be a Shepherd to HIS FLOCK, but a Watchmen on the Wall.

Let it not be said of you — that You can discern the weather; but cannot discern the times and seasons written in HIS WORD.

Where are the Teachers?

Place of Truth

The King called for a volunteer. Note the sentence structure…”Who will go for US?” The King stood up before the armies of Heaven. His eyes like flames of fire gazed across the realms of the Earth, the Universe and finally Heaven.

As God stood all the Host of Heaven kneeled before His presence; yet only one man, a self-proclaimed person of unclean lips fell flat on his face in utter fear, unable to speak or move.

Isaiah the prophet recognized that among the host of heaven all were Holy and pure and sinless with the exception of himself.

Isaiah lay prostrate awaiting an unknown fate. The latter is from the Book of Isaiah in the Bible. Through the inspired words of Isaiah you and I get a glimpse into heaven. Isaiah was a prophet called by God to live for one purpose and one purpose only.

That was to serve and speak for God by confronting his generation with the TRUTH of God…. to awaken the living that are DEAD…which was the will of God for his life and God’s Will for your life.

Whether you can relate to this or not makes no difference. However if you are a true believer in Christ then you also live here for but one purpose. That being to serve the living God only according to His will for your life. You too are called to reach out to the living dead all around you with the TRUTH of God.

You are an ordinary person called forth by an extraordinary God to do great things. HE is your strength until your eyes finally see His Kingdom. He grants you HOPE and FAITH for each day because of His great and everlasting
LOVE for you.

When the eyes of the Lord look down on the sons of men to see if any seek HIM; He sees you…His very own child. You who have a heart that seeks after God. Like King David you are a person after Gods own heart.

You have a Restored Soul, reclaimed from the darkness that surrounds you.

There is no greater time in history than the time you now live in. All the signs are converging together quickly; Christ, The LORD is coming soon to begin the Millennium. He comes with a Rod of Iron to judge the hearts of men and women and then to rule the nations for 1,000 years.

The beginning chapter in the book of Revelation is about to begin.

Revelation is the pre-written history of GOD. It is HIS-STORY, the story of the revealing of the King of kings, the King of angels and the King of men. The last chapter of the book of the story of mankind in his physical form, will soon quickly come to a conclusion.

It can be said of Isaiah as it can be said of each of us…everyone was born for such a time as this! Each of us was called from beyond the mist of time in eternity past to come forth from the mind of God to live and to make a difference in the lives of people that surround us. The people within the sound of our voice, within the reach of our touch, within the sight of our eyes; this is our purpose.

This is our only purpose!

Now I ask you is it possible to serve God without knowing and understanding who He is as revealed in His word contained in His Bible? Have you come to the understanding of what it means to be His disciple?

As a Christian you already responded to His call to “Come and Follow Me”. Have you spent time with Him so you can be of value in this war between Light and Darkness that continues all around you? A war of Truth verses lies a war that only the understanding of sound doctrine can prepare you to fight in.

A war where the line between the Truth and the Lie requires biblical discernment taught by true men of God who know how to divide the Word of God rightly.

Listen to the inspired words of the Apostle Paul from Hebrews 5 verses 7 to 11:
“There is much more we would like to say about this. But you don’t seem to listen. So it is hard to make you understand. You have been Christians a long time; and you aught to be teaching others. Instead you need to re-learn the basics.”

Do those words apply to you?

The Apostle Paul is addressing a problem within the newborn church in Christ. The same problem exists today. It translates into the development of weak believers, who have no foundation, who have no discernment, who are tossed by every change in the wind of doctrine. It continues to create weak pulpits, it continues to produce shallow preaching and worst of all it changes the Gospel that saves to another Gospel that is hollow and condemns people to an eternity in Hell.

Christ charged Paul to be the Apostle to the Gentiles. Paul spent his life on earth building the newborn Church. He nursed it, he fed it, and he took its hand as a child and taught it doctrine so the cornerstone and the foundation of the Church would be built on Christ ALONE.

Later near the end of Paul’s life when in jail, tired and alone knowing that death was coming. He questioned if his work for Christ was going to stand, had he labored his whole life for Christ in vain? Paul lamented about the church. The church that was newborn was already dying. The Church had let in heresies; and very quickly was on the road to apostasy.

The early church of 2,000 years ago is a far cry from the church we know today. With the exception of the fact that it still is filled with heresies and apostasy. The churches today in the United States of America, not all but most, are no different than in the days of Paul.

I have been struggling to find music in churches that took me deeper and closer to the heart of God. I yearn for modern day Hymn’s that tell the story of Christ, of Hope, of Faith and the Love of God. Stories crafted with Lyrics from the word of God. I found 3 albums. They are called: Pressing On (songs inspired by the journey of the Apostle Paul); David (songs inspired by the life of David) and Be Still (psalms for the Soul).

There is a song on the Album Pressing On whose lyrics express the pain of Paul. Paul at the end of his life recognized that the bright light of Christ that burned within him; the light that he personally planted in the heart of the early church; now had turned into a candle in the darkness.

The very soul of the newborn church had become a soul filled with shadows.

Here is the link to “Dying Churches” sung by Travis Cottrell . Travis has captured the anguish, the torment, the pain and the roar of agony in the last heart cry from the Apostle Paul’s fear that his beloved churches are dying…listen quietly and it will bring tears to your heart.

When you read Paul’s lament in Scripture, listen closely to his words and you will hear him say between the lines that are written…if you have ears to hear… Oh, my churches, Dying churches, Are you not the chosen bride?

Oh, my churches, Dying Churches, How could you ABANDON CHRIST?

Listening to this song…at first I heard it as a whisper, then as a quiet plea, but then it grew louder until it became a roar out of the mouth of Paul at the end as he wrote to Christians who claimed to believe in the Risen Lord… ”Why have you abandoned The LORD.”

The title of this message is “Where are the Teachers?” So I ask again…
”Where are all the teachers today; who teach the TRUTH of God?”

False Teachers make False Disciples

Christians and the Churches today, in growing numbers, no longer have a Biblical Theistic World View. The Godless culture all around us is winning the battle for the minds and hearts of people and their children.

People still want a close relationship with God; they want to make a difference in the world. Their interest is not in question. But the question is “How are they forming their view of God? And what brand of religion are they adopting?”

People will say to you;
“God is still important to me; I just believe some different things from you.”

What are these differences?
They don’t believe Jesus is the Son of the one true God;
They believe all faiths teach equally valid truths;
They don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead;
The don’t believe Satan is a real entity;
They don’t believe the Holy Spirit is a real entity.

In other words they have departed from the Faith that Saves and believe in another Gospel ! What they believe about Christianity, Truth, Reality, and the Church come from a distorted view they have gleaned from the world around them. Their version of Christianity is not built on the True Foundation of Biblical Christianity revealed to us by God in His Holy Scriptures.

This problem is growing because most Seminary’s no longer teach sound Doctrine and they are graduating Shepherds lacking Biblical Discernment. Many have a greater need to please people than JESUS. In so doing there messages are only sound bites from Scripture surrounded by their own opinions. Jesus had a name for these false shepherds 2,000 years ago. They are “White Washed Tombs filled with Dead Mens Bones” leading themselves and the walking dead down to the pit. Yes I know, strong words!

You need to start reading the Bible on your own so you can hear what GOD says and not what men say about God. Then check to make sure that JESUS attends your church with you on SUNDAY. You might be surprised to find out HE IS NOT THERE.