The Truth Has Become THE LIE

Mankind’s Worship Services are now held within the Darkened Sanctuary’s of Movie Theaters as Hearts filled with Shadows are nurtured within the Womb of Darkness as their minds are prepared for Science Fiction to become REALITY.

Hollywood is preparing YOU for the Worlds Final Award Winning Film that will ever be shown “SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.” When that movie begins it will be TOO LATE. You will be swallowed up by the LIE, because you do not know the TRUTH about what is coming soon to Planet Earth!

Revelation 16:13-14 …’And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.’

Mark 13:5,22 …’TAKE HEED, lest any man deceive you … For false christs and false prophets shall arise and shall show signs and wonders to seduce, if possible, even the elect.’

Where are all the Preacher’s today; who teach the TRUTH of GOD?

The pulpits are filled with Cheap Grace, a Gospel that does not save.
No Discernment, No Doctrine, No preaching on Heaven, No preaching on Hell. No preaching on the 2nd Coming of Jesus who brings NO hope, NO Mercy, NO Grace Only Fire in His Eyes and Judgment in HIS HAND.

The pews are filled with more NON-Believers than True Believers, as the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing continue to preach themselves and not JESUS and the coming wrath of GOD. These FALSE TEACHERS look forward to a GREATER JUDGMENT than the rest of Fallen Mankind. GOD has a special place in Hell for them.

If you have ears to hear you can listen to the Lament of the Apostle Paul about today’s APOSTATE Churches:

Oh, my churches, Dying churches, Are you not the chosen bride?
Oh, my churches, Dying Churches, How could you ABANDON CHRIST?

The Time of FLESH is OVER and the DAWN of ETERNITY IS HERE.

From My Heart to YOURS

On this physical plane of existence most people struggle to reach the top of the mountain. Their personal ambitions and desires shrouded in pride, and self-awareness drive their calloused hearts and self-absorbed minds ever forward.

They are intensely focused on getting to that door at the top of the mountain where they believe they will have arrived and finally fulfill their purpose for themselves and be satisfied.

No one else matters in this personal journey to self-fulfilled glory. People get there by using other people for their own benefits. Cast off on the side of their road to success are spurned people who once trusted them, loved them…broken people left far behind. They make up parents, wives, husbands, friends and children.

There is a procession of haunting memories that occasionally break into their consciousness and touches what is left of their hardened hearts. Their climb to the top becomes increasingly harder, because the weight of those whom they have left behind clings to their dead hearts like anchors.

Finally their journey to the top of the mountain ends when they die. And they begin a new journey that begins with opening a forever door. They have arrived, standing before the door. They are close enough to reach out and touch the handle to open the door at the top of the mountain. Their focus has been so intense, so self-serving that they do not see a small sign just above the door.

But why should they see this small sign? All their lives they only focused on themselves, never had their gaze widened to see the needs of all those around them. Their ears were only tuned to hear what they wanted to hear, never once did they hear the cries, the sobs representing the emotional and physical pain of those around them needing their help. They never cared about the blind, the lame, the deaf and the dumb… a world filled “With the Least of These.”

So they eagerly reach out and grasp the handle to open the door to the fulfillment of their desires. The handle is painful to their touch…it’s so very hot ! But they are consumed with their desire so they bear the pain and open the door.

Standing in the open doorway they see a light off in the distance, yet they seem to be standing in shadows. As they look out into the distance a faint path emerges that leads to the light. But as they look down they cannot see the place to put their foot on the path so they may follow it to the Kingdom of Light.

A random thought comes to their minds, words they somehow recognize but have never heard before “My Word is a lamp unto thy feet”.  So they look up and see the little sign. It says…“If you had seeked me with all your heart, mind and soul you would have found me. You have lived your life in darkness yet you have seen a great light and now it is appointed to man once to die, and then the judgment”.

The message falls on a soul filled with shadows and a mind that never became renewed; for they had lived their lives deaf, dumb and blind to the truth.

Just under the sign is a pull chain attached to a light bulb. Still not understanding the message they reach up and pull the chain that’s attached to the light bulb expecting the light to come on and illumine their path, but instead they turn ON the Darkness. They finally have arrived at the place they personally have chosen to spend eternity. They will be in outer darkness…blind and alone for eternity without hope in a place where …”the dead shall live again.”

“ Yet those who live in Darkness have seen a great light ”.

The Bible gives us in-sight into the physical world we think is real; and into the invisible world that is true reality. The spiritual dimension is more real than our own existence. The physical realm is ending, but the spiritual realm is forever. You can read about your future in the BIBLE. If you just take the time to read it.

Your Eternal Destiny

Dad's Bible

WHY ARE YOU RISKING YOUR ETERNAL DESTINY ON THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS; Rather than taking the time to EXPLORE GOD’S WORD FOR YOURSELF? Your friends could care less about absolute truth or the consequences of ignoring the truth…..BUT YOU CANNOT!

God has made His Word SIMPLE and EASY to understand not complicated and unknowable. He uses an economy of words that explain concepts of great depth so all people can understand what HE means. Rest assured that God always means what He says and says what He means.

With the latter said I am giving you an example below that will take you through the entire Bible message in 1 minute. This will bring the point home that God is God and you are His Child and everything He has written to YOU in HIS BOOK is simple enough for HIS Children to understand. YOU….WE …are all without excuse!

The Bible distilled down to 4 points

Four simple points. These four points contain depths of knowledge beyond our comprehension. For who among those He has created can say they understand Him or even begin to know HIM.

Point One: God had a vision to create an ultimate Holy and Eternal World where God and man would co-exist. This vision became reality when God said, “Let there be Light….” And so there was a place where God and man could walk together in a garden, in the cool of the day.

Point Two: Sin entered into this pristine world, twisting the relationship between God and man. This disease born on the dark wings of a fallen angel named Lucifer spread to every man and woman made in the image of God for all time.

Point Three: Two worlds now existed side by side. Two dimensions occupying the same space but not the same time. God in one and man in the other. But God promised to send His Son to redeem mankind and the world he lived in and re-unite both planes of existence…into ONE. And so the God / Man was born into the world to die for the world and make it ONE again.

Point Four: In the beginning everything was made new. Then for a time everything new became old and life became a cycle of continuing birth and death. But just as God had created the beginning He also created the new beginning of the end. God would bring forth new birth pangs that would ultimately give birth to a new blending of Earth and Heaven, a place where God and Man again would walk together forever.

The Bible is the Greatest Non-Fiction Story Ever Written and your Father…Almighty God wrote it especially for you and to you.

And I heard HIM say to me in my heart… Ernie ….Remind My Children That I love Them.

Why Don’t You Care About Those Your Leaving Behind ?

take His Hand



HOW Can We Take Comfort in the NEW JERUSALEM with JESUS; when we know that those whom WE LOVE are LEFT BEHIND. We have become the FORGIVEN, but those WE LOVE; Our Children, Grandchildren, Mothers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and Dear Friends WILL BECOME the ENEMIES of GOD the FATHER, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. We will never see them again. And when Jesus wipes away the tears from your eyes you will never think of them again. They will become the FORGOTTEN.

They will be DOOMED to EXPERIENCING the FURY / the WRATH of GOD in HELL for ETERNITY. YES, you will FORGET them, BUT they will remember YOU FOREVER, as THEY CRY OUT …….WHY Didn’t YOU SAY SOMETHING. WHY Didn’t YOU CARE?

JESUS asks each person living today WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? At the same time Billions of people that are already Eternally Dead Cry out WHY to those who knew them in life. But the Cry of their Voice only Echoes in the Darkness. They have become the Damned that were Born of the FLESH, but Never RE-BORN in the SPIRIT.

GOD hears the SILENT SCREAMS of ABORTED BABIES and takes them instantly HOME to HEAVEN. But GOD will SHUT HIS EARS to the SILENT SCREAMS of those who lived their lives on earth but NEVER LISTENED to HIM; as HE Whispered their Names everyday they were alive on earth; waiting for them to take the HAND of HIS SON and gain ETERNAL LIFE.


ISAIAH 66:12-14. For ADONAI says, I will spread shalom over her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried in her arm and cuddled in her lap. Like someone comforted by his mother, I will comfort you; in Jerusalem you will be comforted. Your heart will rejoice at the sight, your bodies will flourish like newly sprouted grass. It will be known that the hand of ADONAI is with his servants; BUT With HIS ENEMIES, HIS FURY!

Angels Praise HIM

Angels Praise HIM for His Holiness,for that is all they know.
Believers Praise HIM for His GRACE & MERCY, for that truly is all they know.

YES, His love is great, for He is Love. But His Holiness demands Justice.
And HE Will NOT BE MOCKED. Here is something for you to consider this CHRISTmas Season.

Today you have Time, but Tomorrow you will have Eternity, yet your Time is running out. The same finger of GOD that wrote the 10 Commandments in Stone has drawn a line in the Judean sand. Look down while you live in Time to see which side of the line you are standing on.

You are either For HIM or Against HIM ! Gods CHRISTmas Layaway Plan, “Sin Now, Pay Later” will come due at a Time when you least expect it.

“Open my eyes and open my heart
And grant me the gift of your grieving.

And awaken in me the compassion to weep,
Just One of Your tears for the world.” (Song Lyrics by Michael Card).

When God walked among us in the fullness of time,
He wept tears older than the world.

“Jesus wept them …for YOU”

May you truly SEEK THE ONE TRUE GOD, with all your Heart, Mind and Strength.

If you are One of HIS, then may the Peace and Grace of the Lord Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, be with you this CHRISTmas HOLYday.

Coming Messiah

Do You Know What Time It IS ?

Time invaded Eternity in the Garden of Eden. Time brought with it shadows and darkness. But today if you understand Time, you know it soon will go out of existence as the Dawn of Eternity continues to grow and the World and Universe will again be bathed in SONSHINE.

The Nation of Israel is God’s prophetic time clock in relation to the END of TIME and the 2nd COMING of the MESSIAH Jesus.

Jesus said we would not know the day or the hour, but we would know the signs of the times. It is time to begin looking upward to heaven…….because our redemption……The Lord Yeshua……Jesus the Messiah……Jesus the Christ…….The Lamb Of God……The SON of GOD is coming back very soon; FOR HIS OWN.

Its not the end of the world like we often hear, but a New World and a New Beginning for ALL who Believe in and Love The Coming of the Lord Jesus !

We wait for Him and look forward to the New Jerusalem, the City of God coming down from Heaven where we will enjoy the Feast of Salvation with our Messiah someday soon. Then the 2 Dimensions of Heaven and Earth will Unite in Eternity and 2 will become 1 Forever and Ever AMEN.