Wishing you Eternal Life in the New Year

But GOD Said…You May DIE TWICE.

Our culture’s worldview is one of despair. The two markers representing our life during this short journey thru time are the date of our birth and the date of our death.
Between these two markers we walk the road of despair called life. Not knowing the answers to “Who are we, How did we get here, What are we to be doing, and Where are we going after we die?”

If you listen to our educational systems teaching about the subject of Origins you will come to understand that our lives can only be a cosmic accident. These teachings come from Evolution, the “Faith-Based” system built on theories, not facts.

Evolution simply stated says we live lives of no meaning, and no accountability until we reach our destiny which is too die, be annihilated, buried into the dirt, chemically broken down as nutrients that go back into the ground and reunited to the food chain from which we came from. Is that your DESTINY?

This goes against everything we feel deep within us. If evolution is true then why during this life do we cry out to empty heavens, to some force we think is higher than us, for meaningfulness? Our cries go up daily for help, but to whom? All we hear is the echo of our own hollow voices because if you believe in evolution that’s all there is; hollow words from hollow people.

Evolution represents the Ascent of Man to a higher plane. Have you noticed lately that man is not ascending, but descending back to his supposed animal behavior both young and old alike?Your ultimate glory, the apex, the pinnacle of your existence as part of mankind is to go “back to the dust from which you came” into the meaningless, darkness of nothingness. Part of the later statement sounds Biblical doesn’t it, the part about being dust?

How sad, the only joys we have between these two life markers, birth and death, is a new car, a bigger house, a better job, living out our sexual fantasy’s that cause pain to our loved ones, gaining power over others to elevate our own importance.
A wise man named Solomon once said, “Vanity, Vanity…all is Vanity.” Mankind’s beginning and ending is to develop pride to its ultimate end, vanity. Then be no more.

We live for pride, for vanity, because we crave significance. We want respect, and we want dignity. But, if we have no meaning because we are a cosmic accident then where oh where do we find an answer?

That answer can only be found in the Truth. But to recognize the Truth you must first understand the Lie. You will find the Truth in Scripture, the Bible…the Words of the True GOD. And the Bible will equip you to recognize the LIE that is coming, so you will recognize it and not place your faith in it.

So make your New Year’s Resolution to open the only book written where you will find YOU written on its pages. Yes you are part of the Greatest Story Ever Told that speaks of the Beginning and the Ending of TIME and the automatic rebirth of the earth, nature, and the universe for an Eternity with GOD.

Yes you too will be re-born to eternal life with GOD or eternal death without GOD. The Angels that fell from Grace have no choice and will go to live forever in hell condemned to eternal death. Don’t follow them by believing the secret lies of mankind.

You are fortunate because you still have a choice to make. Spend time in the Word of God this year so you can answer the most important question in the Bible that came from the lips of Jesus, the Christ. You will meet HIM personally, face to face in the near future. Your answer will determine where you spend eternity.

Who Do YOU Say That I AM?
Wishing you Eternal Life in the New Year

Their Eternal future is up to them.

Nothing I have ever done entitles me to enter His Heaven. Comparing myself to others or to people in the Bible will not justify me. Isaiah said we are all un-righteous before a HOLY GOD!

The standard is impossible. All the thoughts of my life, my deeds have now fled from my mind. Only 3 words come forth from my mouth. Lord, Forgive Me.

The thief on the Cross and I have much in common. I tried to live my entire life for Christ. He lived only the last few minutes of His life for Christ. Neither of us are worthy, each of us is equally guilty of Sin before God.

It is only His Grace to each of us that allows mercy to flow to us so we can be forgiven and then enter His Perfect Heaven.

It is all a gift from God. Through Faith alone by Grace alone do we hear Him whisper our name and then turn, respond and accept HIM as LORD. Strength comes back into my body as I rise up to a knelling position. I feel His hands around me lifting me up before Him.

He says, “My sheep hear my voice. I knew you before the foundations of the world were made. The Good work I began in you; I have now completed. You are one of mine and I love you with an everlasting love. Come; let me show you your new home.”

My Lord…My God…thank you. He takes me to the place He prepared for me. There is a door before me. I turn back and look to Him. I am overwhelmed with emotion and I burst into tears and great sobs. These were tears of great sorrow, and of pain.

I looked behind HIM…faces were everywhere before my eyes. My children, my grandchildren, my parents, my relatives, my neighbors, my dear friends….all whom I loved in my life. Everyone there before my eyes in one moment of time.

I reached into the air behind Him trying to touch them. Sobbing and choking back the tears I cried with a loud voice to HIM. But what about them? What will happen to them? This ONE who spoke the Universe into existence spoke softly to me.

“Ernie, I stood at the door of your heart for 38 years waiting to be invited in. Then I whispered your name and you heard my voice and you opened the door to your heart and let me in.

The decision to open the door to your heart was yours not mine. The same decision is theirs as well. I will continue to knock on the door of each one of their hearts for as long as they live in time. I will wait patiently as I did for you, to be wanted by them.

They too as you have, in a yet future moment; will stand before me. They will have to answer my question…”Who do you say that I am?” They two will be held accountable to my Standard of Perfection.

Then the same hands that formed me in my mother’s womb, gently wiped the tears away from my eyes. He opened the door before me and said, “Welcome to my home, to your future…for you, the past is gone forever.”

“As for them…they have the Law and the Prophets (Luke 16 verse 30 -31).

Their Eternal future is up to them.”

Everyday is CHRISTmas

This little CHRISTmas tree we have is made from Silver Tinsel. There is a Silver Star at its top. The tree lights are all white and they glow intensely in the dark. The tree is 2 ½ feet tall and it sits on a table in front of the window. This is the very first CHRISTmas tree I have owned that when you look at it…you only see JESUS. The tree is small like Jesus was when He came down from heaven to be born of a virgin at the Incarnation. Can you believe that God miraculously entered the womb of a virgin named Miriam as prophesied back in Genesis? That God became a Holy Embryo so He could be born and grow up to become the God/man, the Messiah of the Old Testament and later the Christ of the Cross. Do you understand that His only purpose in doing that was to save you from yourself? That He came to die in your place so that you would have eternal life and not eternal death.

Jesus was born in a manger and myriads of Holy Angels announced His birth to mankind. God His Father tore open the darkness that enveloped this planet to allow Holy Light to come through from heaven. This light washed over the faces of Shepherds in the field. God still honors Shepherds today who take their responsibility to share the light of Christ with their sheep. Shepherds who lift up Christ and NOT themselves. There were no gifts given at His Birth, except God’s gift of His Son to you personally. The gifts given by the Magi came two years later. This little CHRISTmas tree represents the gift that Christ gives to you…the gift of HIS LIGHT.

It is pitch black now in my living room. I am aware of only two things. Both give my heart Joy as I now anticipate the celebration of CHRISTmas. The first is the sound of laughing water from our fountain. It fills my ears as I am reminded ONLY JESUS is the Living Water that will quench the thirst of my Soul. As I sit now in the darkness of my living room I see the second item of Joy, which is the little CHRISTmas tree of lights on the table by the window. Interesting as I approach the lights how my shadow runs and hides behind me. It reminds me that even though I have the assurance of my salvation I continually need to be bathed in the Light of the Word of the Living God to keep my sins behind me. That is what Christ came to do for you at CHRISTmas. His light while drawing you to HIMSELF at the same time drives out the shadow within you, which is the sin you were born with.

CHRISTmas is simple to understand because it is really not about us but about HIM. The Story of CHRISTtmas existed before our universe was created. It is a story from Eternity past that bridges Time to Eternity future. That bridge in Time is a tree. You see the real CHRISTmas tree was the CROSS that Jesus was nailed to. But as the lyrics from one songwriter say…it was not the nails that held HIM there…it was HIS Love for you that held HIM there.

As I look across the room to the door wall I see two more things. I see my outline in shadow and the bright lights of the little CHRISTmas tree reflected there next to me. The scene in the door wall reminds me that Jesus, the LIGHT of the World has already come. It reminds me that His light, which is the Spiritual Fire ignited within the heart of every true believer; will shine brighter against the darkness of the people of this world…until HE Comes Again as the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings to claim what is rightfully HIS. Today we see through a mirror dimly, but soon the darkness will be swallowed up by Light and you and I who believe in JESUS; will live forever by SON-LIGHT.

silver tree

The Beginning of Forgiveness

You either belong to YOU or you belong to GOD.

GOD all through Scripture (Old & New Testaments) uses topical Dualism to contrast and make clear the choices human beings have during their short earthly physical existence on Planet Earth.
The Truth of Scripture (pre-written history) makes clear the earthly Consequences and Eternal Consequences of living your life according to your will and not GODS WILL.

Your life is full of choices. Most of your choices not only affect you but also have earthly repercussions on your family and others you have relationships with. BUT there is ONLY ONE CHOICE that has Eternal Consequences for you ALONE.

The following list of opposites represent two roads to two different locations. GOD uses the theme of dualism within the lives of the people we read about within HIS BIBLE to teach us life lessons that will help us avoid our pain and the pain our choices cause others.

The Cover of the Bible is the door to your journey to two destinations. Its pages speak TRUTH, while warning of the Consequences of not obeying the messages written by GOD specifically to YOU.

I put the following together so you could begin reading the Bible for 10 minutes a day keeping in mind the list below. These two lists represent your journey to your Forever Place. These Themes are ALL throughout the Scriptures. Treat your body with a cookie when you begin. Then continue to read and let GOD FEED YOUR SOUL.


Food: Earthly (nourish flesh) or Heavenly (nourish soul = eternal life)
Dimensions: Physical or Spiritual
Roads: Wide or Narrow
People: Lost or Found
Types: Many or Few
Cities: Earthly Jerusalem or New Jerusalem
Bodies: Physical or Spiritual
Feeling: Pain or JOY
Actions: Evil or Good
Results: Chaos or Order
Church: Tares or Wheat
CROSS: Unrepentant Thief or Repentant Thief
Wills: My Will or Gods Will
Results: To Sin or NOT to SIN?
Eternal: Death or Life
Forever: Hell or Heaven
Greeting: Darkness or SONshine

Desperation: No Faith + No Mercy + No Grace = NO Hope = Eternity without God


Do you know someone like Mick ?

I have a friend named Mick. Mick is Brit. He has a fabulous accent. I love to hear him call my name…Aayyehh Urrnieeeee. I have known Mick for many years. I kept a small Bible on my desk.
Weeks after I met Mick he noticed the Bible. “Aayyehh, your not one of them are you?

That statement began a unique friendship that has lasted for years. NO, Mick does not know the Lord, but he keeps coming to the well for a cup of cool water.

Mick’s personal life has been tumultuous to say the least. He claims to be a man of reason, of intellect, a person of logic…an Atheist. His standard of reason is measured purely against his own mind. His standard changes continually like waves tossed about by the wind and the sea.

His standards are like clouds on a sunny day, pretty to look at but devoid of rain that brings nourishment to the earth. His opinions are based on a foundation built on shifting sand; for his mind and heart are never nourished with absolute truth.

Yet, Mick is a seeker. He asked me for a copy of the small book I wrote called “Crosses Everywhere”. He saw it on my desk next to my Bible. The cover distinctly shows two Crosses…the Lords and one thief. But Mick held the book sideways and commented that the picture looked like the back end of a pig.

Weeks later he said he was still on the first two pages. I asked him why it was taking him so long to read such a small book. He said the only time he has to read is when he catches stop lights on the way to work. He laughed.

Mick just doesn’t get it, but what he sees in me he wants. However he is not willing to put in the time or energy to dig deep and investigate the answers. I gave Mick a Bible year’s ago but he is not willing to take the time to read the Living Word of God. It is Gods Word that is alive, not the words of my book. He is looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Mick wants superficial answers, sound bites, quick and easy Grace. He wants Grace and Mercy without repentance. He like many others want to walk down an isle, have an emotional experience, sign a card of commitment to the Lord and feel like they have gained Salvation.

During our years of encounters Mick tried to prove how ignorant I was. He took me on a tour of biblical questions about the flood, Noah’s ark, why a good god would allow suffering, how could god have created evil, life on other planets, people wrote the Bible not god, can god create a rock too big for him to pick up, the Bible we have today is not the same as the originals…where are the originals, all the versions say something different and more.

I answered his biblical questions with fact, logic, history, science and statistics but my answers fell on deaf ears. His ears hear only myths, fairy tales, legends and half truths. At the end of each encounter I always challenged him to explain the Cross and the Resurrection and that he is in need of a savior. He said he did not need to be saved from anything to which I explained hell…another concept he does not accept as true.

In all the words exchanged between us, none have penetrated Mick’s mind or heart. His home life and work life are filled with sorrow and pressures. His reactions to everything are extreme. His inner man is anchored in sand giving him no stability, purpose, peace or hope in life or more importantly in death.
In me he sees a faith that is unchanging by Gods grace, for I have told him many times I am a sinner just like him. The difference between us is that my anchor is set deep within the Cross that is set in the solid rock foundation of the Living Word of God. So when the storms come, Christ is with me…I am never alone. Therefore I have peace in life and in death.

I try (I am not perfect), to live out my faith before him so that my talk and walk convey the same message. Because I do Mick keeps coming back for a cup of cool water. God is not finished with Mick yet.
What I’ve learned is that no amount of reason, fact or logic will change the heart of an unbeliever. It truly is a work of God through the Holy Spirit.

Have you made GODS HONOR ROLL?

Through the years I have spoken to many believers in Christ about their God Stories; how they came to know the Lord. More often than not they had accepted the Risen Lord early in life.

They cannot remember a time when they did not know Him. For them the words of Christ…”let the little children come unto me” became reality as they ran to His open arms and were embraced by the Living God as children. They were born again through a simple child like faith into the family of God.

Others came to know Him as teenagers or during their early college years. These were times when the influence of Godly men and women made a difference in their lives. When being part of a group was important and growing in grace and wisdom was enhanced by nurturing mentors.

They were blessed because people took the time to invest their lives into them and disciple them. The soil of a young heart and the thought process of a young person are much more open to the Gospel.

As we grow older we become jaded Adults. Sin has had many years to grow deep roots within our hearts. We have become accustomed to sin. Our hearts are calloused, our conscience has been seared, our reasoning is flawed and we no longer know how to blush.
As adults we do not come to know Him through a simple child like faith. We are not interested in taking the time to seek Him, to learn of Him or to be discipled by those who offer to invest their time into us.

God has a special program to reach adults. It is called the storms of life. They come and swirl around us for a very long time…until they break us. No longer can we look inside for answers. Our eyes look up and we cry out to the heavens for mercy and beg for hope. We innately know someone or something greater than us is out there and so we reach up to the heavens.

God calls out to mankind daily and says…Why have you not returned to me? Believe in ME and I will give you refuge from the storms and hope for your future!

And so the relentless waves of famine, hunger, drought, natural disasters, pestilence, crop disease, physical disease turn into never ending insurmountable waves of sorrow. For those that don’t know Him life at best is bitter / sweet.

Have you ever noticed the design of Gods Cross, how its beams represent two linear lines that intersect each other. The vertical beam is planted deep into the earth that He created. His Cross is rooted into the dirt, the same dirt that He made mankind out of.
Through the roots of His Cross the earth drank deeply of His Blood as it poured forth into the parched ground. In the days of Moses, God had come down to lead His people as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. This pillar was so large that it could be seen by the entire nation of Israel for miles in each direction of its encampment.

But this time, it was more personal. God came down in the form of a man and so the vertical Cross beam rooted in the earth reached upwards to heaven; connecting heaven to earth. For 33 years God lived and walked among us. He came seeking those with a child like faith. He came seeking those who needed mentoring and discipleship.

God came seeking the lost and the broken hearted that live without hope; to personally walk with each of them in the cool of the day and offer each a cup of cool living water.

The top of the beam reaches out to the same heavens that He created by the words coming forth from His mouth. God said to creation “Let there be”, and out of nothing came everything. But when He made us, He said “Let US make man in our image”.

The top of the beam of the Cross reaches up to the US; to His Father and the Holy Spirit. This Comforter gave each person new life by taking up residence within the hearts of those who believe in the Son of God.

And so the vertical beam connected Heaven to Earth, but the horizontal beam was more personal.

The Cross beam reaches around the entire globe. It was not the nails that held HIS arms to the Cross Beam; it was HIS great Love for you! Because HE Came Personally just for YOU! His arms enfold each of us, and comfort each of us that accept the hand of God that reaches down from His Cross to draw us up to Himself.

These two linear lines form a coordinate locked into time. They form an ancient prophetic symbol upon which heaven would meet earth and God would meet man. The story of the God / Man is contained in Gods Autobiography.

I am sure you have taken the time to read the stories of men. Their stories can touch our hearts and emotions. But their stories are fiction, not real…not truth.

Their stories remind us of a truth deep within us. Echo’s of a time before time, when truth was planted deep within our hearts by God. And so we rally behind the stories in the novels when love wins the day and justice is served. Because inside each of us is this need for love fulfilled and the desire for justice.

This truth buried deep within us is like a dream that is so real. Yet when we wake up the images recede back into the mists of our minds. It is like trying to grasp water or watching a wisp of smoke as it disappears into thin air.

Why is the Truth that difficult to grasp and understand?

Have you taken the time this year to begin reading the True Story of a visible King who brought an invisible Kingdom with Him? THE KING who came to save you not from yourself but from Himself. This King whose sacrificial love is greater than anything we can imagine is also Holy and demands that His justice be satisfied as well.

This King has a Book of Life. It is like the honor roll list that you tried to earn a place on during your elementary, high school and college years. This honor roll was based on your achievements. You were honored by your peers and the titles you received built up your pride and your passion in your accomplishments. This honor roll prepared you for this life here on earth.

But the Book of Life is Gods honor roll and you and I do not qualify to get on it. There is nothing we can achieve to make it. For we are not honorable, only God is to be honored.

In truth our accomplishments will all fall short, our dreams will never be realized, our possessions will become the possessions of others.

Why… it’s simple to understand…we will die. We will die either young or old, either today or tomorrow …but we will die.

Every honor given us by men will die with us and the life we lived, our legacy will recede back into the dream we lived on earth. Like an echo from the distant past, barely visible, difficult to hear…then gone forever….remembered by no one—— except God.

This life is but a dream. Your real life will begin when you die. Don’t spend this short time you have seeking the praises of men. They can do nothing for you.

Instead seek to know the Living God who waits for you to let Him into your heart. Then and only then will your name be written into Gods Honor Roll…His Book of Life.

A wise man once made the statement …How sad it is to be alone in the world. There is much truth in that statement because most of us will do everything we can to fill our lives with people, whether family or friends or strangers.
We fear being alone.

We need crowds of people because we truly are not comfortable with ourselves. I can admit that many times in my life I have felt most alone while surrounded by many people…but at least there were people around me.

What is sadder yet is the fact that without God we will be alone forever…without anyone around us. Gods Autobiography is the only book worth spending your time with. Your true story is there, your past is there, your present is there and your future is there.

If you know Jesus as Lord, then realize He is coming back as your King to hear from your lips how you served Him. He wants to know your account of the precious time He gave you and whether you made a difference for Him.

This life is not about you but about your King.

May every breath of life you take into your lungs go forth from your mouth as words of life to those around you. Tell people about your King and His Kingdom. Tell them why they need to be saved and from what.

Tell them about HIS Cross.


PDF of God’s Honor Roll