Messianic Passover Thoughts, 2019

Today we know the true meaning of Passover from the perspective of History.

A group of thirteen men gathered together in a small upper room in Jerusalem. They were celebrating together the Jewish feast of Passover. The dinner conversation was centered on the story of God’s people.

Passover was being redefined. No longer was it simply about redemption from slavery, but redemption from sin.

The Teacher, Yeshua / Jesus, was now the Passover lamb to be Slain.

This group of men made their way from dinner to a garden outside the city, a beautiful garden on a hill overlooking the Temple. Then in the distance the torches could be seen descending from the city and coming towards them. Life as they knew it would never be the same!

God wants us to remember the Celebration of Passover as the night that history was split in two and the events that led to the redemption of God’s people Born Again Jews and Born Again Gentiles (Christians) were put into motion at the Fullness of Time according to the plan of God.

The purpose of the meal was planned in eternity past within the Trinity {One God in 3 separate and distinct persons, of the same kind and essence…The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit }; so that a true SEEKER of God would be able to understand that the Coming Jewish Messiah, the Christ is Hidden in the elements of the Passover Meal.

Just as Jesus is Hidden in the Old Testament and then Revealed in the New Testament as the Jewish Messiah. The Messiah of All Nations, the Son of God, the King of Eternity.

The HOLY DAY of EASTER is almost here.

The Greatest Story Ever Told is about an EMPTY TOMB.
And Believers in Jesus are on the road home to Heaven.
Because we know the Truth… that HISTORY is really HIS-STORY…the Story of JESUS… the SON OF GOD.

And you and I are written on every page of the Old & New Testaments…because we were created for HIM.
You and I…We Were Born in the Mind of God before He Created the Heavens and the Earth.

I knew you even before you were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5
I chose you when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12
Our Journey of Life on planet earth began when we came out of our mother’s womb. Very soon as we get older we find that life is bitter / sweet.

We quickly learn that life is a journey of choices and consequences that have a direct impact on us and those we love. Yet there is another impact on something else we cherish, it’s called Time.

We evaluate TIME by looking into a mirror. Our minds record what we look like as a teenager, young adult, middle age, old age and then the Ancient of Day’s.

Time can be felt in two ways. Through our bodies and through our minds. What happens to most of us is that we lose track of time. Our lives during our journey of life become overloaded. Then we need to begin multitasking to keep up with life at a rate that we in essence cannot keep up with. We do not think of nor recognize the fact that this physical existence called life has a time limit.

So when we are faced with our Time Running Out, whether young or old, we continue to focus only on the Time we have left. Never once considering the fact that each of us is an Eternal Being created by GOD.

We think in terms of the grave that awaits us as our bodies turn back into dust. We don’t realize that when this House of Clay turns back to dust; the real me, the real you contained within, is released into eternity.

The real big Question for each of US is what happens next? But there is a greater question we need to understand before we die…. Who Can I Place MY HOPE IN for My ETERNAL LIFE? I believe you would agree that this is the most important question to answer while we still live on this earth.
Before you can answer that question you must first have answers to the following questions. Who Am I, How Did I Get Here, What Am I to Do Here On Earth, Where Am I Going When I Die?

We do not want to hear answers that are based on Legends, Myths, Fairy Tales and Lies. We desperately need to know the Truth that will tie our Birth, Life, Death and Eternity together. Because without the TRUTH we will find that we have nothing to stand on before a HOLY GOD.

There is another QUESTION that Echoes throughout the heavens from Eternity Past, The Present and Eternity Future. It’s THE QUESTION that JESUS WILL ASK each of us when we stand before HIM alone. …Who Do You Say That I AM?

The Short Answer to that question is :

Romans 8 says…For those God FOREKNEW, He also PREDESTINED to be CONFORMED to the image of His Son, so that Jesus would be the firstborn among many brothers. And those He PREDESTINED, He also CALLED; those He CALLED, He also JUSTIFIED; those He JUSTIFIED, He also GLORIFIED !

The Reason You Have Breath is to Walk In Faith and Share HIS GOSPEL.

Easter + Passover = 1

When both Jews and Christians become One Family in Yeshua/Jesus, they will finally understand that Easter and Passover say the same thing.

The Historical Christian Holiday of Easter has its Roots in the Historical Jewish Passover. The difference between them is that Easter Celebrates the Historical Events of the Death, Resurrection, Ascension while Passover contains the same events hidden within the Passover Meal. Much like Jesus is Hidden in the Old Testament and Revealed in the New Testament. The Rabbis chose 4 questions to build the Passover Meal around. The only question that has any merit is the first. Why is this Night Different from every other night? I have a message that I gave to Churches called “MESSIAH in the PASSOVER”.

I chose and explain 6 different questions that the Rabbi’s should be asking, but they cannot because they are BLIND, DEAF and DUMB to the Truth.

The following is an excerpt from the message:
YES, Why is this night different from every other night? To me this is the only question worth answering during the Passover Meal because when answered correctly with the TRUTH, it will bring eternal life to the one who SEEKS the answer.

The 4 questions were chosen by the rabbis but there were many other questions that could have easily been chosen. Why does the Matzot Bag have 3 compartments for 3 Matzot? Why do we break the Middle Matzot in half? Why do we wrap half the Middle Matzot in a cloth and hide it? Why is the word Afikoman the only word in the entire Jewish Haggadah a Greek word that means …He HAS Come? Why do the children at the end of the Passover Meal search for the broken piece of Matzot that was wrapped in the cloth and then Hidden? Why does the father of the house redeem the lost Matzot with money?

The Rabbis have no answers for these questions…but God does. To answer these questions would be to admit that God ordained the Passover Meal to remind Jews of their coming Messiah…for Jesus IS hidden within the service; just like He is in the Old Testament.

To see Him clearly in the Old Testament and in the Passover Services you must be born again by the Holy Spirit. Then you will see with the eyes of your heart that has been turned from stone to living flesh. So follow me closely with your spiritual eyes as we answer not the questions of the Rabbi’s but the questions of remembrance of this Born Again Jew.

If you would like a copy of the MESSIAH in the PASSOVER pdf, please message me your email address and I will send it to you.

Easter Thought: the Birth of Adam

“Then God said, “Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness….So God created man in HIS own image; in the image of God HE created him; male and female HE created them….Then God blessed them.”…………Genesis 1:26 – 27

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”………..Genesis 2:7

Lets go back in time for a moment to when God made Adam. God reached down into the earth and gathered a handful of dust from which He would create the first man. God is omniscient meaning He knows the future. He knew that there would be days coming when He would have to sacrifice His only begotten Son on a Cross-to bring salvation to the race of mankind.

So when God gathered the dust to form the first man, it was His tears that wet the dust to turn it into clay as God molded Adam into His Image. These were the first of the many tears of God because He knew what the cost was going to be to His beloved Son on the Cross.

He knew that He would have to turn away from the cries of His Son on the Cross-when Jesus roared “My God, My God…Why have you forsaken me?” Yet God made Adam anyway from the dust mixed with His Tears. Then as Adam awoke a new creation…the first man…Adam stood and stretched his arms out as all of us do when we awake.

And the light that reflected from God upon the first man created a shadow of the Cross-behind the man.  God’s eyes looked upon the dust that Adam was made of and tears filled the eyes of God again.

The Shadow of Mans Cross would be there every morning in this land filled with both light and shadows till the end of mankind’s days.

Easter Thought: the river of blood

Did you know that there is a River of Blood that flows from the Earth to Heaven?

This river of blood represents the deaths of the multitudes in the last 2,000 years that died in the arms of Christ believing in His death on the Cross-for their sins. This river of blood when viewed from Heaven looks like a Scarlet Ribbon.

If you look closely you will see that it is anchored in the base of the Cross of Christ, planted deep into the Judean soil within the boundaries of the City of God called Jerusalem.

The other end of the Scarlet Ribbon is tied the Throne of God. It connects to both Jesus and the Great Cloud of Witness behind Gods throne. Then scarlet strands reach out across the entire world from heaven connecting to the Remnant, the Redeemed called from before the world was formed that live today on planet earth.

These scarlet strands are attached to each of us personally who believe in Jesus and are living today in time.

If only every person made in the image of God could come to know Christ during their journey in life so the weight and burden of the beam could be lifted and carried by their Savior for them!