To Hear With Your Heart

Hush…be still…and listen. Did you hear it? Listen carefully again; there it is…just a few notes …trumpet sounds carried by the wind. Yes, it’s the Angel Gabriel practicing the notes of the trumpet call that will precede our going home to be with the Lord.

It’s unsettling to think that this trumpet blast will be the loudest ever known to mankind yet heard by so very few people all over the world.
There is a reason for that.

Before you can hear the sound you first have to see with the eyes of faith and hear with a heart that has been prepared to hear the notes. It will be your heart that hears not your ears.

The Bible says the people of God are sojourners here. That word simply means aliens. We long to go to that city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God. This world is not our home; we truly are the Aliens here.

Jesus said “My Sheep Know MY Voice”. You can tell if you are His Sheep because you are holding His hand and your feet follow in His footsteps in Obedience to His call…”Come Follow Me”.

Jesus said Faith in Him is the only way home. Believe in me He says and I will give you a personal ticket so you can finally go home to be with Me when you hear that trumpet call.

Believe in Him and receive His Peace that passes all understanding, and Joy as you realize each day is a day of Adventure, a new day filled with His Mercies.

As you then live for HIM…not for you… you finally will have assurance of the ONLY Truth that matters in this life…

That Jesus IS the SON of God who was and is and IS to Come.

Listen carefully, pay attention and every once in a while you will hear a trumpet note carried on the wind.

Gabriel is practicing for his Solo …(Soul-o).