The Six Living Generations In America

Israel announced they are moving forward with building their Temple in Jerusalem. This news is being played down, but it is ground breaking news. This Temple plays a key roll in the 1st Coming of the False Demonic Messiah and his 7 year peace treaty that will be signed between Israel and the Arab World. This will be the Temple in which the Anti-Christ, 3.5 years into the peace pact, will declare that he is the god of this world.

Very few Christians know anything about End Time Prophecy. Which means, my dear friend, that you are Biblically Illiterate. However it’s not your fault completely. Although God holds you accountable for reading HIS entire message; written to you within the Old and New Testaments.

The bigger problem is with your pastor. He is MORE Accountable to God for teaching you the entire message within the Old and New Testaments so you would be wise and see that JESUS IS COMING very, very, soon. Within your Generation ! Click this link.
As you find the generation that you belong to see if you agree or disagree with the description.

One thing is Missing within each generation described. There is NO MENTION OF GOD . WHY you askā€¦because Humanity has ONLY BEEN FOCUSED on ITSELF since Adam and Eve.

This SELFY disease has grown throughout the 6 Living Generations. It was within the first but it was mainly dormant. It has continued to gain strength and is now the main Focus of our Generations Y & Z.

GOD made us in the image of HIMSELF. We are not made in our OWN SELFY IMAGE. Nothing in this life is about us. LIFE is ALL ABOUT GOD and what you believe about GOD will determine your future.

GOD HATES HUMAN PRIDE and the current state of human ignorance of HIS Pre-Written History contained in the Bible. So my human friend GOD is bring all humanity to a final CROSS ROAD within your life time. How do I know that because the JEWISH TEMPLE will soon be on the Temple Mount.

The CROSS ROAD before you is a DEAD END, with a RIGHT TURN and a WRONG TURN. Both lead to Eternal Life. One leads to Heaven and the other leads to HELL. No one wants to hear about Hell. But, Praise GOD for your Ears. Because if you make the WRONG TURN all you will hear for Eternity is your own voice, crying out in the Darkness that surrounds you FOREVER.

So while you have ears to hear and eyes that see, pick up HIS BIBLE, read HIS WORD’S Aloud and HE WILL CHANGE YOUR HEART. Start with the 4 Gospels. They are the EYE-WITNESS, recorded History of Jesus on planet earth 2,000 years ago. Get to know HIM NOW, so when you Meet HIM in PERSON HE will open the door to HIS Heaven for you to go into.