The Heart of Messiah

Born Again

Birth of Christianity

Deuteronomy 7:7
What do these images mean to you? For years Elyse and I always went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. There were always many choices if you wanted to buy a Cross to wear around your neck. Then a new image began appearing. It was a large Star of David with a small Cross within its center. Some of my Messianic Jewish Friends bought the image. I chose not to because the image did not represent to me what Scripture Teaches.

In Deuteronomy 7:7
“The LORD did not set his heart on you (Nation of Israel) and choose you because you were more numerous than other nations, for you were the SMALLEST of all nations!

The Blessing Promised to Abraham in Genesis 22:18 “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed” was not referring to the Jewish Nation. It was a reference to the Birth of the Coming Messiah of Israel. Who in turn would be the Blessing through the CROSS to all the nation’s.

So out of the smallest nation on Earth GOD brought forth the GREATEST BLESSING to mankind. That blessing was to become BORN AGAIN JEWS and BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS. Both together were grafted into the TREE that was planted DEEP into JUDEAN SOIL. The Earthly Tree of LIFE, the CROSS of the SON of GOD, the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH, the JEWISH MESSIAH and the CHRIST of HIS ONE TRUE CHURCH.

Tiny Israel became the WOMB of MESSIAH YESHUA, the Bread of Life born in the city of Bethlehem, the House of Bread. So I have these two images on the wall of Grandpa Ernie’s GOD ROOM. They represent what happened. The CROSS is Large and the Star of David is Small. Eternal Life and Blessing is in HIS CROSS. As for what I wear around my neck it’s only the CROSS.

Because when I stand before HIM, it will Only be the FAITH in HIS CROSS that will open the door to Heaven. Notice the Artist placed into the center of the Metal Star of David and the center of the Metal Cross, the Jewish letter that means LIFE….Chai.

It’s appropriate to place the Chai in the center, for within the Heart of JUDAISM you will find the Heart of Your Messiah…..JESUS.

2 Symbols ONE Gift

2 Symbols that Became ONE Gift, so we could have SALVATION.

Star and Cross

Through the years I have been given a few precious gifts from people.

The Cross was given to me by a co-worker at a printing company back in the 80’s. I showed him a picture of a Cross I saw in a magazine that I wanted to buy but could not afford. He liked it too. He was retiring in 3 months from his job. The day came, and the company took 10 minutes to gather everyone to honor him. When it was over before he left he said he had something for me. We went out to his car and he presented me with the gift of the Cross. No he did not buy it. He made it for me. We cried tears of Joy together. He is my brother in Christ.

The Star of David was given to me by a person at a Church I spoke at. My message that Sunday was entitled “The Star of David and The Cross of Christ”. Two Ancient Symbols that came together in one moment of time to CHANGE the WORLD and YOU for Eternity. The man said he had been making the Stars of David for many years and giving them to Jewish people when he witnessed to them. He said he had just finished 12 more and could not think of someone better equipped to hand them out. He gave me a unique and different perspective as to the Christian meaning to him of the Star of David.

If you have the time go to the Audio Category and listen to “Star of David and Cross of Christ”. I gave the message 3 years ago that tie the two Symbols together. I promise you that there is a significant meaning to the Star of David for Christians that I as a Jew never could have seen until he explained what the Star of David meant to him. It will warm your heart and fill you with JOY to hear this message.

It’s ALL ABOUT JESUS…..not me.



YOM KIPPUR = The Cross of Messiah

The Atonement of the MESSIAH for ALL His People.
The LION of the Tribe of Judah, The MESSIAH And HIS CROSS

Open Your MIND and Your HEART to THE TRUTH

Lion of Tribe of Judah

2000 years ago the SON of GOD, MESSIAH JESUS before HE died on the Cross Roared “IT IS FINISHED”. That shout still echoes throughout HIS UNIVERSE. The Sun darkened, Earthquakes came and Graves were opened and the dead walked out.

When JESUS Roared “IT IS FINISHED” HIS FATHER took HIS Finger, the same finger that wrote the 10 Commandments in Stone; and Tore Open the Veil to the HOLY of HOLIES in the Temple.

GOD now opened the way to HIMSELF for All people to come to HIM by accepting the DEATH of JESUS, HIS SON on the CROSS, for their Sins.

A few years later, God allowed the Romans to destroy the temple in 70 AD, ending Forever the former Sacrificial System for Sin.

Luke 24:44 Jesus Said: “These are My words which I spoke to you
while I was still with you, that all things which are written
of ME in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the
Psalms must be fulfilled. Then He opened their minds to
understand the Scripture.”

There are four points to think about in identifying the time of the
Messiahs coming in History:

▪ The Messiah’s appearance was locked into a fixed time.
▪ That fixed time was while the Second Temple was standing before the Romans burned it
down in 70 A.D. (Daniel 9:26).
▪ The Messiah had to come from a specific lineage (the line of King David). This lineage
was only verifiable through the Temple records which were destroyed in 70 A.D.
▪ The Messiah had to die a violent death. (Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 and Daniel 9:26).

The Old Testament is clear in its statement by GOD who wrote Scripture, that the Messiah has already been here!

Is there anyone in History who has fulfilled the Messianic Prophetic passages, which represent the fingerprint identification of the coming Messiah of Israel?

Is there any proof from the Old Testament that this Messiah that died before 70 A.D. would be back again a SECOND time?

What Must Messiah Have?:

✓ A unique birth Isaiah 7:14.,

✓ A unique life Psalm 40:7-10 – Isaiah 50:5,

✓ A unique death Isaiah 53:1-3,6-7,

✓ A unique burial Isaiah 53:9

✓ A unique resurrection Psalm 16:10 and Isaiah 53:10-11.


The Old Testament described every detail of the coming Messiah. The information served as a fingerprint that would fit the hand of only one man in history.

Who He was to be: Psalm 2: 7-12, Proverbs 30 vs. 4
Where He was to be born: Micah 5:2
What He would do at His 1st coming: Isaiah 53
When He was to come: Gen 49:10, Dan 9 vs. 24 -26
How He was to come: Isaiah 7: 14, Zech 9:9
How He would die: Psalm 22:16
When He would die: Daniel 9:26

Isaiah 64:6
“For all of us have become like one who is unclean, And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment; And all of us wither like a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, take us away.”

Why 3 Crosses ?

You’ve seen them haven’t you the grouping of 3 crosses? I have seen them in fields along the highway,on the sides of Churches, worn around people’s necks, tattooed on arms and on letterheads and business cards of multiple Christian organizations.

When I was searching for God in the beginning of my journey, I would ask Christians what these 3 crosses represented. More often than not I would be told they represented the Cross of Christ who came to die for my sins.

Occasionally a well-meaning but ill informed Christian would tell me they represented the Father – the Son – and Holy Spirit…the Trinity. I asked, why was the one cross higher than the other two? This seemed to always be the case when I saw the symbol. “That’s the Cross of Christ that is elevated above the rest”, I was told…its because Jesus is the Son of God.

We tend as humans to associate words with images and then over time the ones we deem important actually become a symbol. The symbol through the years is supposed to bring the imagery and the words to the front of our minds so we can remember the story.

When I was searching for the TRUTH, no one when I asked why 3 crosses, gave me the story, except for the statement that Christ died for my sins. That statement at first had no relevance for me because I had no understanding of sin or my need for a savior. I did not understand the HOLINESS of GOD or the abject wretchedness of mankind. And I had no concept of the Trinity.

My point is that when witnessing to others who have no understanding of the story; the words we choose have more meaning to us than to them. We often feel good about what we say whether it gets the point across or not. As long as we use key Christian phrases we rationalize that the Holy Spirit can use them to save a person and we have completed our mission.

But understand that you have a responsibility to give out quality seed that can take root. Do you remember the parable of the 4 seeds in Matthew 13: 18-23? The first seed had no quality within it.

As a SEED Sower you are part of the battle with the evil one. People must have an understanding of what we are talking about, they need the word of God planted into them with understanding so the Holy Spirit has something to work with. When speaking on behalf of Jesus you have a responsibility to prepare well so your seeds do not fall beside the road and perish.

So you must plant the very best seeds you can so they will take root and grow. It has taken almost 29 years for the Crucifixion to impact my mind, my heart and my soul. Every time I approach the Cross and read the story more light comes into my soul. So again I ask you “Why 3 Crosses”, since when we think about Jesus we only see and recognize the one cross…

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