Gnarly Bob is a Special Friend of Mine

When you think of the 2nd Coming of Christ, you probably envision the remnant of humans raising up their voices in unison offering their worship and adoration of the Coming King of Eternity.

But how much greater the sound will be, when the entire Creation that has suffered the same pains of childbirth together with us, will cry out in unison praising THEIR Coming King. (Romans 8:21-22)
You see unlike us the CREATION has always known JESUS.

There are few on the face of this planet made of flesh that will be here to lift up their eyes and their holy hands to greet the coming KING.

But God in His wisdom not only created flesh, but also the natural world. I would like to introduce Gnarly Bob to you. He is a close friend of mine who lives at the back corner of my condo complex. Like Simeon he waits for His Messiah. Like Simeon he lives in a time when all the signs say that his promised Redeemer will come soon. He also waits for the RETURN of the KING of KINGS.

Gnarly Bob is very old, actually ancient by human standards. I was talking to him the other day about the bloodline of the human family. How mine being a Jew could be traced back to Abraham and even further back to Adam as a human being. How God had created us to populate the earth and have dominion over it as a caretaker.

Gnarly Bob looked seriously at me with his one eye then reached down with one of his crooked limbs and gently lifted me 20 feet in the air so we could talk one to one. He lifted me so gently through the air with such strength. After all, his trunk was almost 7 feet around and his roots went deep into the earth for support.

Gnarly Bob said he was hundreds of years old and had seen first limb the years of Mankind and his caretaking abilities. He said in the Garden of Eden God had given mankind dominion, but the stewardship in the Garden was still provided by God. Then when Adam and Eve left the Garden because of the Curse of Sin…we’ll it’s been nothing but down hill from there, for the Earth and its Creatures.

Gnarly Bob agreed that God made man in His Image and that of course was a great honor. But God made many other things as well, all after their own kind. Gnarly began recounting special times when God had chosen to use his relatives made of wood.

Gnarly spoke of the wood that Noah used to build the Ark that contained the remnants of human flesh and the animals. Many of his ancestors had given freely of themselves to be reshaped into a refuge that would carry Gods precious cargo to safety. And oh the honor to have the hand of God touch the mighty door of wood and then close it shut from the outside.

Then thousands of years later Moses was told by God to use Bob’s relatives to make another Ark, the Ark of the Covenant. This was a precious Ark with precious cargo as well. The Ark contained things that God had called His people to remember Him by. It contained the budding staff of Aaron that Moses used to separate the waters for the Nation to cross over. It contained the Manna that the nation of Israel ate as God fed them for 40 years in the wilderness. And it contained the 10 Commandments, carved out of rock, with the very writing from the finger of God upon it.
The Ark also had the Mercy Seat on it where the very presence of God sat when He visited the people in the Tent.

What an honor, Bob said to be able to serve the Living God in such a way. But then tears began to flow from Bob’s one eye. He was visibly shaken, for his limbs were creaking as deep shudders of emotion came over him. Sorry Ernie, but I cannot help but feel humbled when I think of our shining hour as a specie to whom God gave such an exalted honor too.

The Cross…the Cross Ernie…Bob choked up. My ancestors were able to support the Lord as He hung between Heaven and Earth. When they drove those nails into HIM …they drove them into one of us. Bob and I were silent for a while.

You see Ernie; my ancestors have been serving the LORD longer than yours. In fact one of mine IS the “Tree of Life”. He was in the Garden of Eden. Like the rest of us he now waits in heaven for the new earth the Lord has promised us all.

My Kind have supported humans and given sacrificially to them since the very beginning.

In fact Bob said his Redwood relatives, have been on the earth since the time of Christ. They stand as a monument to the people living today of the Truth of Yesterday. You see their roots go down so deep they are actually rooted into the fossil layer of all those billions of people who died in the flood.

God has given your kind so many, many signs about who HE IS. Its hard for us to understand how dark and deep the blindness of the human race is. But we just like those of you that believe look forward to His Soon Coming to make all things new again. We had been speaking for quite a while Bob and I. So he gently set me down and I went home to bed.

Every morning as I drive to work I wave to Gnarly Bob. I represent flesh and he represents nature. Both of us are watching the sky.

The Trees look forward to the time when their leaves will clap for Joy at the sight of the return of Jesus to the earth…for then they will groan no more.The trees have always tried to talk to us, but cannot. Even if they could we would not listen for we do not have ears that hear. Next time you find yourself standing next to a tree in the sunshine on a cloudless day and you feel the gentle breeze caressing your body…look up.

Open the eyes of your heart. See the limbs gently waving back and forth. Open the ears of your soul and listen to the sound of the rustling of the leaves in the wind.

Then be silent and stand in awe as you look up towards Heaven.
The trees are doing what God has called all of creation to do since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

For what you are seeing with the eyes of your heart and hearing with the ears of your soul are the trees lifting up their Holy Hands in Worship to their Creator… and praying for your Salvation and for the 2nd Coming of Jesus the Son of God, who brings healing in His hands for all of His Creation.

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This ZOO called EARTH

This ZOO Called EARTH

The last exhibit was in the House of Penguins. I had seen them many years ago. This was going to be a highlight for me. And indeed it turned out to be just that as the first little fellow ran towards us in greeting with his little HAPPY FEET.

The sign said there were 17 distinct Penguin specie represented in their KIND. I stopped to think how many ethnic groups God had made out of Adam and Eve.

The terrain in the Penguin House was rough considering they had no legs …only feet and bodies like bowling pins with tiny appendages for wings. Yet they scaled their man made mountain with craggy peaks by jumping.
Elyse and I watched as some lost their balance and fell. It was hard work for them to get anywhere within their landscaped habitat.

As we rounded the other side of the exhibit, to our surprise there were about 50 Penguins surrounding a man with food in his hands. I watched as some came right up to him; as others seemed indifferent and disinterested in the food. Then there were others who were out further to which the man tossed fish to reach them because they could not draw close to him.

Two things came to mind as I watched the trainer feed the Penguins. The first was that He was not standing up towering among them. He was sitting down among them almost at eye level. He reached into the bucket to get one fish at time. Then he fed one Penguin at a time as they gently came to him unafraid.

Then I was reminded of the story of Jesus as He fed the 5,000 while preaching the words of eternal life to them. Feeding not only their stomachs but their souls.

This was Almighty God who came down from Heaven to become a Holy Human Embryo that became a child, who became a Man to walk about HIS Creation among Creatures that He created; to be among them…at eye level.

He came with an individual word of life for each one of us…to feed us personally. If we but reach out and take His Gift of Life that He extends toward us with His own hand we will never again be hungry or thirsty… forever.

This Zoo was not the way God intended His animals to live. The animals were sad, and Elyse and I were sad too. As the rain continued to fall, it seemed like the tears of God were flowing everywhere over the Zoo as God was saddened by what mankind had done to HIS Creation because of their Sin.

Some of us are like the disinterested Penguins that stand off to the sides not caring about HIM or the food He will provide us. Others further out hunger for the food and so He throws out the SEED of HIS GOSPEL along the Narrow Road to HEAVEN so that the FEW will be drawn all the way in to the foot of HIS Cross and accept HIS personal gift to you; your citizenship papers that will let you into HIS Kingdom of Light to live in Heaven forever with HIM.

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