Passover thoughts: Why Search for the Afikoman?

After the meal is finished, all the children begin searching for that special hidden matzah.

Remember that middle matzah called the afikomen that represents the Lord? Its unleavened (sinless), striped, pierced, broken, wrapped in linen and Hidden.

The children searched for it and the one who finds it, brings it out of hiding or “resurrects” it and presents it to the father. The father rewards the child who finds it with a few dollars. To me, this is a vivid illustration of the death of Jesus, his burial, his resurrection and the reward of ETERNAL LIFE that God gives each one of us that finds the hidden Bread Of Life.

Passover thoughts: Afikoman the middle Matzah

Part 2 of 7

The broken middle matzah is called the Afikoman in the Haggadah represents Jesus. The Haggadah is like a bulletin that you might receive on a Sunday morning with the order of the service and some of the prayers and songs listed for you to follow. It contains the Passover order of service.

One half of the Afikoman is put back in the middle compartment. The other half is wrapped in a special linen cloth and then hidden just as the Lord Jesus was wrapped in linen after his death and was hidden in the tomb.  I believe this special 3 in 1 matzah bag represents the Triune God of Scripture.  God the Father, God the Son who is the middle matzah and God the Holy Spirit. The nature of our Triune God is Hidden in the Old Testament and Revealed in the New. Remember, the early church was Jewish. This Matzah bag tradition exists today; but the Rabbis cannot explain how they got it.

The ancient Jewish Haggadah has words in Hebrew, and Aramaic but there is only one word in Greek! That word has remained the same for thousands of years…the word is Afikoman. It literally means “ the one who HAS arrived”. Note the past tense, HAS ARRIVED.  The Afikoman , (the middle matzah) represents both the lambs that were sacrificed for the sins of the people and also is a reference to the coming Messiah, who through the Suffering Servant depicted in Isaiah 53 , take’s away the sins of the world…..The Messiah,  the one who came already…..not the one too come some time in the future!