What is Truth?

I have heard it said that God made man because God loves stories. There is no greater story than the “Greatest Story Ever Told” written within the Old and New Testaments. The Story is not fiction. It is Pre-Written History containing the Past, the Present and the Future. It is the Autobiography of God. History is HIS-Story.

Recently I spent time reviewing the materials I collected during the 3 years I searched for the Truth about God, after the death of my father.

During that period of time I investigated the World Religions of Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Atheism. All claimed to have the truth about God, yet the claims of all their Gods were different…so which is true? I found that the Gods of mankind’s religions demand that we reach up their gods.

But the True God extends His Hand from Heaven down to each of us asking for a Relationship with us. The conclusion I came too is that the True God is a plural entity. 3 Persons made up of the same kind and essence. The True God is a Trinity.

In this world of sound bites, flashing images and continual bad news, we and our children have lost the ability to think deeply about anything. We want the answers but not the research the answers were developed from. We have become shallow thinkers blown about by every new fad or opinion. I was raised to think…I was raised to evaluate…I was raised to stand alone for my convictions… I was taught to drink deeply from the well of knowledge that God had provided in HIS Word.

What higher pursuit can we have if not to understand the Word of God given to us by the God who created us? Can anyone know us better? You were created an immortal, eternal being…. you will never go out of existence…you will always and forever be you. Do you not want to learn about where you will spend eternity the split second after you die?

Take the journey within HIS Bible as HE Speaks to ONLY YOU. Read HIS WORDS ALOUD and you will Hear HIS VOICE. You will be in AWE of the ONE who holds the Past, the Present, the Future and YOU in HIS hands.

Faith is Trust based on evidence we choose to Believe.
In my search for God through the years I have found that Mysteries are meant to be Revealed. That the Religions of mankind are complicated lies meant to Deceive. And The TRUTH…Gods TRUTH…is simple and clear.

Religion is the Voice of Man and cannot be defended from History, Science or Archeology because Religion is weaved from layers of complicated lies that will not stand. They are based in the shadows of legends, myths and fairy tales. I do not believe in the Gods that man has revealed through multiple religions.

Gods Truth is about a relationship that can be defended from History, Science, and Archeology. But that’s not what excites me!
I believe in the God who revealed Himself to His Creation through His Word. The Word’s given through Inspiration to His Ancient Prophets for us. The God that said man is but dust speaks to us today from ancient texts that HE has supernaturally preserved through time.

His Words of Truth have never changed because HE has never changed…HE Is the Ancient of Days, the Eternal and True God. HE revealed Himself to man, man did not reveal Him!

God knows the beginning from the end and because HE is THE ONLY GOD, HE Supernaturally proves who HE is through Prophecy; just as you would expect the real God to do…that’s what excites me!!!


Absolute Truth Exists

Absolute Truth is proven by historical facts anchored in the foundation of a moral code given by The Creator God who exists outside of time and space.

In our world today it seems no one believes anymore that absolute truth exists. Our culture, now stained with the disease of political correctness, has restructured society to protect the rights of those who are wrong; meaning, “what is wrong is right and what is right is now wrong. This has given rise to a culture of relativism.

Simply put, there is no absolute truth. God and the 10 commandments representing our society’s moral anchor, Gods Highest Standards for mankind, has been effectively compromised and evicted from our society.

A comedian once said of this that “God has left the building”…before that it has been said in the media that, “God is Dead”.

Our society is like a ship without a tiller or anchor. We are driven about by the continuous winds of change, without an anchor set deep into a foundation of standards by which to judge right from wrong.

The symbol of American Justice, the lady with the balance scales, has truly become blind. Relativistic societies have no moral standards, all opinions are valued, and justice is not served.

Truth no longer exists in our land and its people cry out for lack of wisdom and discernment.

God is not dead, nor has He left the building. God has left us to reap the whirlwinds we have now sown; winds of change that will bring consequences of Sin gone wild and out of control.

God waits for our nation to come to its end of self and to cry out to Him, but our voice is silent. So be prepared for our nation and world to reap what it has sown.

A Thought from My Mind to Yours

In 1982 at the age of 35, through 1985 I was crying out because of a lack of wisdom and discernment. I could not control the circumstances I found myself in and the emotional pain was unbearable.

My emotional and spiritual pain had driven me to the end of self. So I called out to a God I did not know, who answered me and began molding me anew with hammer blows on his anvil of love.

Then in 1985 at the age of 38 I learned the meaning of HOPE, and I found someone to put my FAITH in, because I finally realized that “Absolute TRUTH Exists”.