Why 3 Crosses ?

You’ve seen them haven’t you the grouping of 3 crosses? I have seen them in fields along the highway,on the sides of Churches, worn around people’s necks, tattooed on arms and on letterheads and business cards of multiple Christian organizations.

When I was searching for God in the beginning of my journey, I would ask Christians what these 3 crosses represented. More often than not I would be told they represented the Cross of Christ who came to die for my sins.

Occasionally a well-meaning but ill informed Christian would tell me they represented the Father – the Son – and Holy Spirit…the Trinity. I asked, why was the one cross higher than the other two? This seemed to always be the case when I saw the symbol. “That’s the Cross of Christ that is elevated above the rest”, I was told…its because Jesus is the Son of God.

We tend as humans to associate words with images and then over time the ones we deem important actually become a symbol. The symbol through the years is supposed to bring the imagery and the words to the front of our minds so we can remember the story.

When I was searching for the TRUTH, no one when I asked why 3 crosses, gave me the story, except for the statement that Christ died for my sins. That statement at first had no relevance for me because I had no understanding of sin or my need for a savior. I did not understand the HOLINESS of GOD or the abject wretchedness of mankind. And I had no concept of the Trinity.

My point is that when witnessing to others who have no understanding of the story; the words we choose have more meaning to us than to them. We often feel good about what we say whether it gets the point across or not. As long as we use key Christian phrases we rationalize that the Holy Spirit can use them to save a person and we have completed our mission.

But understand that you have a responsibility to give out quality seed that can take root. Do you remember the parable of the 4 seeds in Matthew 13: 18-23? The first seed had no quality within it.

As a SEED Sower you are part of the battle with the evil one. People must have an understanding of what we are talking about, they need the word of God planted into them with understanding so the Holy Spirit has something to work with. When speaking on behalf of Jesus you have a responsibility to prepare well so your seeds do not fall beside the road and perish.

So you must plant the very best seeds you can so they will take root and grow. It has taken almost 29 years for the Crucifixion to impact my mind, my heart and my soul. Every time I approach the Cross and read the story more light comes into my soul. So again I ask you “Why 3 Crosses”, since when we think about Jesus we only see and recognize the one cross…

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