The Amazing Drama



To him give all the prophets witness (Acts 10:43).
In the volume of the book it is written of me (Ps. 40:7; Heb. 10:7).

The most amazing drama that ever was presented to the mind of man—a drama written in prophecy in the Old Testament and in the biography of the four Gospels of the New Testament—you will find the narrative of Jesus the Christ.

One outstanding fact, among many, completely isolates Him. It is this: that one man only in the history of the world has had explicit details given beforehand of His birth, life, death and resurrection.

These details are in documents given to the public centuries before He appeared, and that no one challenges, or can challenge, that these documents were widely circulated long before His birth.

Anyone and everyone can compare for himself/herself the actual records of His life with those ancient documents, and find that they match one another perfectly.

The challenge of this pure miracle is that it happened concerning only one man in the whole history of the world.

Centuries before Jesus was born His birth and career, His sufferings and glory, were all described in outline and detail in the Jewish Old Testament.

Christ is the only person ever born into this world whose ancestry, birth time, forerunner, birthplace, birth manner, infancy, manhood, teaching character, career, preaching, reception, rejection, death, burial, resurrection and ascension were all prewritten in the most marvelous manner centuries before He was born.

The FACT’S speak for themselves. Humble yourself and Bow Down Before The SON of GOD now, before you die and HE WILL Give You ETERNAL LIFE.

If you wait till you meet HIM After You DIE, You Still Will BOW DOWN BEFORE HIM as HE Sends YOU Away to Your 2nd ETERNAL DEATH.

The Truth Hurts

One of these days the Holy Spirit will knock on the door of your heart for the last time.
And there will no longer be opportunities for you to come home to be with Christ for Eternity.

Are you waiting for that day to come when all hope is gone for you?
Why, are you waiting for that day?

God made you an eternal being and you will live forever. You will always be who you are.
The death we all experience the first time is the physical death of our body only.

Death is but a door to the rest of your eternal existence.
But your eternal existence can be Eternal Life in the presence of God. OR, Eternal Death, to be
away from the presence of God forever without HOPE.

The person inside of you is really who you are, not the reflection in the mirror you see daily.

When you look in the mirror and you see the flesh that reflects back at you, it’s only a dying body
that seems to have life. It’s the vehicle you live in.

Look into your eyes they sparkle don’t they? They reflect light. It’s the Soul inside of you that has value…
not the body you live in.

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