Your Hidden Diary. This record of your life will not be found in any earthly book, or on the Internet. We are told it exists in one place only…in Heaven. This book shows the road you have chosen to travel through your life. There are two roads in life with two ultimate destinations that represent your eternal forever home.

Your destination is determined as you travel by the choices you made. Each CROSS road is clearly marked by signs, but the choices are yours to make alone.
This personal record began in the womb of your mother at your inception. It continues to record every action, every motive, every word you have ever spoken, and every inner thought you have ever had.

This record continues for as long as your heart beats. When your heart stops beating the record ends. This is a very important book for it is a record of your entire earthly life that you have lived out before the face of the God who created you. The God you will be accountable to for the time HE has given you to live.Your book will be opened before you as you stand before a Holy God to be judged. The book of the history of mankind will not be opened, for it has absolutely no value at all. It is only a record of darkness.

The Word of God says that the book of the personal record of your life will be reviewed by the penetrating eyes of God. None of your recorded good works will have any bearing on your judgment. For nothing you can do is good enough to meet the standards of a HOLY GOD.

The other book that will be opened before you is HIS Bible. The Bible makes it clear that you need a Savior. It will condemn you to an eternity apart from God if you have chosen to ignore its warnings by choosing to live your life walking the wrong path, following the wrong signs…doing your will, not HIS and never accepting HIS SON as your Savior. Accepting Jesus is the ONLY WAY to Enter GODS HEAVEN.

Your life is a living book being recorded by God to be read back to you personally when you meet HIM. Like all good books, I hope yours is worth the read and has a happy ending.

Your Name Written on Gods Heart

name 2

HIS NAME is Above ALL Names. But what about your name?

The God of the Bible wants to know you personally. And when you get to know Him personally He records your name in His Book. How awesome is that? Why would the God of the Universe want anything to do with me, with you? How can something compared to a speck of dust, a microbe in this cosmos be of any interest or significance to the God who created everything in the Universe?

Think with me for a minute. The Spirit of this Age (Satan) speaks to you from every False Religion, about a God who is un-approachable; un-knowable, one to whom we must reach up to, but who does not care about us as individuals. That’s the God’s of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Force of Scientology, and every other ism and ology that mankind worships falsely. They are all religions created by man…and made in man’s image.

Christianity is radically different, representing a 180* turn. Christianity is not a religion created by man. Christianity is about a personal relationship desired by the Creator of everything with His created Children, that’s right, He calls you His Child.

The Psalmist says:

He knows everything about you. He knows when you sit down and when you rise up. He is familiar with all of your ways. Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.

For you were made in His image. In Him you live and move and have your being. For you are His offspring. He knew you even before you were conceived. He chose you when He planned creation.

You were not a mistake, for all your days are written in His book of life. He determined the exact time of your birth and where you would live. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knit you together in your mother’s womb. And brought you forth on the day you were born.

He is THE GOD, THE ONE TRUE GOD who reaches down to his children. He offers you a personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. When you come to know God through His Son you become His child and have the right to call Him Abba, a Jewish word meaning ….Daddy.

The Bible, Gods literal Word to you, speaks about family, love, children, sacrifice, salvation and a coming NEW Created Universe made especially for you to enjoy forever. You will live for eternity with a new pure heart, in a new city with a new purpose and be part of a new family.

The God’s of the other religions and philosophies, speak to the crowds—not the person; they recognize the forest but not the tree…my God speaks to individual people face to face.

He sees every face. He recognizes the fact that each face has an individual story. He knows your name. Your name is written on the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:16). He promises never to forget you or leave you.

Max Lucado puts it best when he says “Your name on Gods hand. Your name on Gods lips. Maybe you’ve seen your name in some special places. On an award or diploma or walnut door. Or maybe you’ve heard your name from some important people…a coach, a celebrity, a teacher. But to think that your name is on God’s hand and on God’s lips…could it be?

Or perhaps you’ve never seen your name honored. And you cannot remember when you heard it spoken with kindness. If so, it may be more difficult for you to believe that God knows your name….but He does. Written on His Hand. Spoken by His mouth, Whispered by His lips…Your Name. And not only the name you now have; but the NEW NAME He will give you when you come home”.

My God, the God of Christianity is a personal God. He wants a relationship with you through His SON JESUS so He will be able to speak to you face to face. Get on your Knee’s before HIS CROSS planted deep within Judean Soil. Then say “LORD FORGIVE ME”.

Then YOU will be an ANSWER to the Prayer of JESUS on The Cross; when HE said… “Father Forgive Them, For They KNOW NOT What THEY DO”.