” To Be Humble”

The following is just a taste of the meal I have prepared for you.

The Holiday of Thanks Giving. Have you noticed that the word Thanksgiving is really made up of 2 words… Thanks and Giving.

This holiday in today’s world showcases only one thing….”Its ALL about ME and the things I want” We don’t spend one minute Thanking God for the blessings we have and for sure we spend less time Giving (not money, not ourselves)…but the Gospel to those all around us.

There is an example for us in the Bible of a man who understood himself. He knew why he was born, how he was to live, what his purpose for living was, and who to rely on for all his needs.

This man according to Scripture was one of a handful of men that God Himself loved in a more personal way…a real man after Gods Heart. Who do you think it is; Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Job, Elijah, David? All are candidates but none of them meet the standard and neither do I.

So this Thanksgiving I am thankful that I try but fail to be a man after Gods own heart. I am thankful that I try to tell people, even though it generally falls on deaf ears about the Truth of God and their need to prepare for the coming judgment.

I am thankful that I try to live every day for God. More often than not I fail to do so. You see I am not a David, or a Noah or the others.

But like them, I am a Sinner, saved by God’s Grace, through Faith Alone, through Christ Alone.

What I am thankful for is God’s Mercy to me and that He sent His Son to die on that Cross for me. He left me a helper who lives inside of me so when I am weak He is Strong.

And finally I am thankful that the passion that burns within me is to share the Messiah of Israel, the Christ of Christmas with all of you and anyone else that God brings me an opportunity to speak with.

I am truly humbled by Gods ability to use cracked pots of clay for His Glory. We do our best to derail HIS purposes. But still His Will gets done in our lives as He arranges meetings in time between His seed planters and the hearts of those whom He has pre-destined to receive the seeds.

May you all Praise God from whom all Blessings flow. May you all give HIM GLORY and HONOR this Thanksgiving Holiday Season because He is in control of it all…and for that I am very thankful.

Who IS the man God sent to us to ? The man whose Heart Beats with Gods …..HE is the GOD / man JESUS….HE IS….ALMIGHTY GOD. If you know HIM, HE will walk with You ALL the Way HOME to HEAVEN.

We were raised to think the letters TGIF means “ Thank God Its Friday”.

That is the wrong interpretation of the letters.

T G I F …. Means….

T G I F …. Thank God I’m Forgiven !


The trees everywhere must be very sad. You see they have heard throughout their generations about the great flood. God says in His word that the creation groans while waiting for its coming Redeemer Jesus. Jesus, the Son of God who brings healing in His hands for all of His Creation.

The trees look forward to the time when their leaves will clap for Joy at the sight of the return of Jesus to the earth…for then they will groan no more. The trees have always tried to talk to us, but cannot. Even if they could we would not listen for we do not have ears that hear.

Next time you find yourself standing next to a tree in the sunshine on a cloudless day and you feel the gentle breeze caressing your body…look up. Open the eyes of your heart. See the limbs gently waving back and forth. Open the ears of your soul and listen to the sound of the rustling of the leaves in the wind.

Then be silent and stand in awe as you look up towards Heaven. The trees are doing what God has called all of creation to do since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

For what you are seeing with the eyes of your heart and hearing with the ears of your soul are the trees lifting up their Holy Hands in Worship to their Creator… and praying for your Salvation.


R U …. ARE YOU ?



Thankful for the TOUCH of my Masters Hand

If you know Jesus as your Savior & Lord then know in your heart, mind and soul that you are an ordinary person in the hands of an EXTROARDINARY God.

In this life we must walk in Faith. We walk before God strong in heart but often weak in our faith. We keep asking for signs, for fleeces testing His promises to each of us as believers. Yet like a good, kind and gentle father…our ABBA, our Daddy, continues to hold our hand and lead us home to be with Him where we finally will be able to walk by sight.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am but an alien here. Yet I will do all I can to serve my Lord until the day He calls me home. I look forward to that day and long to hear the words of Victory that will be spoken directly to me by Him…

“Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant”. Until then I have HIS SHALOM !!!

I walk the shadow lands of this earth that soon will be no-more. I speak HIS Words not my own to fallen hearts that have no idea of what is to come or where they will spend eternity. I am not called to be a candle in the darkness, but a PILLAR of FIRE in this wilderness. I do none of this in my own strength, but through the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT who lives within me and guides me.

I wake up each morning filled with HIS TEARS for all those I love that do not know HIM. I am a DULAS of CHRIST. That word has been used incorrectly for centuries to mean servant. The word means SLAVE.

HE is my MASTER, I have no will but to do HIS WILL until HE COMES. I am a True Alien here; living among earth dwellers that do not understand that they are “But Dust”. May you realize before it is too late that JESUS Came to SAVE YOU from Yourself !

When you stand before the door of eternity you will open it and see a light bulb with a pull chain before you. If you have not accepted JESUS as your SAVIOR, the door will open before you and you will pull the chain to turn on the light, but instead you will turn on the DARKNESS….Forever.

take His Hand

Prayer for Birth of Baby

Father, you already know the name of this precious little one, because you knew ( his / her) name in eternity past.

May ( he / she ) name be listed in the Lambs Book of Life. May ( he / she ) serve you with passion and compassion as your servant. May ( he / she ) walk the path of ( his / her ) journey holding the hand of Jesus all the days of their life as you guide them to be a Godly Person and a blessing to all they meet.

May the Almighty stretch out HIS Wings of protection over ( him / her ), providing a hedge of Holy Angels that are Strong and Mighty in the Power of the Holy Spirit all around ( him / her ) protecting ( him / her ). May ( he / she ) learn from your word about all your servants that have gone before, that have honored your name.

May you CROSS-Stitch ( his / her ) thread with that of other believers as you continue through time to weave us altogether into the patch quilt that represents the Family of GOD that speaks to the Greatest Story Ever Told. May ( his / her ) light shine as the Pillar of Fire you provided to lead your people in the darkness of the wilderness that surrounded them.

We together look forward to that precious day when we all stand before you seeing our earthly family members around us; as you , FATHER, present us to your SON JESUS as a Love Gift for Eternity.

How AWESOME will be that moment when we turn to each other and wipe the Tears of Joy from each others eyes.

Bless ( Parents and Grandparents names) as they honor you and stay the course and raise up children to Honor and Praise GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT.