I promise to continue to FOLLOW YOU, walking in the Shadow of Your CROSS this New Year.

I will continue to have the Heart of an Old Testament Prophet, as I both Share and Preach Your Coming Judgment; with TEARS and COMPASSION.

For my GRIEF for The LOST who live in the Darkness that Surrounds Me Is Great, and My DAILY PASSION.

I will live before them, humbly walking in the Strength and Power of the HOLY SPIRIT as I cast forth ONLY GOOD SEED.
I am forever thankful that YOU came to Save Me from Myself. Since that Moment in Time my past is no longer my future. I have walked by FAITH for 32 years and look forward to walking by SIGHT for ETERNITY with YOU.

I will be listening for the Sound of the Trumpet with the Ears of my Heart every day. IN YOU JESUS i found me.

May YOU Come in this NEW YEAR.

May JESUS Joy and HIS Peace fill all the days of your life as you live to fulfill HIS purposes for your life.

Amen and Amen

From My Heart to Yours….Thank You


It began with a book. For 2 years I would write late in the evenings and then early in the mornings before work. I tried to publish my book “Crosses Everywhere”, but could gain no interest. I then began a ministry to churches in Michigan in 1992 called “The Remnant Ministries” focusing on Jewish Evangelism. There was an interest at churches to hear about their Jewish Roots at that time. I did Evangelistic Messiah in the Passover Presentations and taught Jewish Evangelism Classes. The interest in churches began to dry up by 1997 and so did Remnant Ministries. I then changed my writing to focus on the Person of Christ and the need for evangelism to all those we love and have relationships with and want to be in Heaven with us.
This new purpose came with a new name “Crosses Everywhere” and a website. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to use the stories to reach “ONE HEART AT A TIME because the internet now created an outreach to the world.

In 2011 the interest in Michigan Churches in Crosses Everywhere started up again and continued to grow until Elyse and I relocated to Arizona in June of 2014. I continued reaching out to 25 churches here in Phoenix, but as hard as I tried to start the ministry here, nothing has happened. I then changed my focus to looking for opportunities to give my Testimony only. But have found no interest in the churches here in Phoenix regarding hearing how an Orthodox Jew raised by Holocaust Survivor’s became a Christian.

I began to pray asking WHY nothing was happening. Then I remembered that it was not about me but about Jesus and HIS WILL for my life and HIS Timing. And that it was not about reaching out and teaching groups of people but reaching “ONE HEART AT A TIME”.

Recently I received my first Annual Report from WordPress and I thought I would share this with you. WordPress hosts my website Since June I had come to the conclusion that Crosses Everywhere was a waste of time and I was ready to shut it down.

I have always prayed for opportunities to share my faith, even with one person. Through the years of speaking at churches I have spoken to 8 people and up to 1,500 people at one time. I have spoken to Adult Bible Fellowship Classes on Sundays and Home Bible Study Groups as well. I would do it for one person if asked. Because the Lord cares about “ONE HEART AT A TIME”.

I was amazed and in shock about the following information.

Crosses Everywhere Annual Report Statistics for 2014
60 Countries with followers
7 Comments (very few), they read but rarely comment.
62 blog followers, they get alerts when I post a new message

Current Count of Views and Messages since Creating Crosses Everywhere
7,149 Views since Crosses was created.
742 Posts / Messages on Crosses Everywhere

I am thankful and re-inspired to continue writing and posting to CrossesEverywhere and will continue to include the posts on Face Book. People rarely comment but evidently they do read the messages.
I am truly blessed and honored to be used by the Holy Spirit to plant one seed at a time in “ONE HEART AT A TIME” that needs to change.

I wanted to share this with you, not because of pride, but humility that God would use me. Lately I have been re-reading my messages. I honestly do not understand how the words have come out of me other than to say they come from the One who lives in me.

My prayer is that He is using you too. Because the DAWN of ETERNITY is HERE.
In HIM I found me.

My Mommy and My Daddy

All through HIS WORD GOD makes it clear that He knows everything about us:
The number of hairs on our heads
He knew us before we were conceived
He chose us when He planned creation
He determined the exact time of our birth
The days of our lives are written in His book
Every good gift comes from His hand
He loves us with an everlasting love
His thoughts about us are more than the sand of the seashore
He rejoices over us by singing

Didn’t my (Holocaust Survivor) parents both know and understand this?

The answer is no.

The One True God says to each of us:

I am your Father, and I love you even as I love my son, Jesus. For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed. He is the exact representation of my being. He came to demonstrate that I am for you not against you and to tell you that I am not counting your sins.

My Son died so that you and I could be reconciled. His death on the Cross-was the ultimate expression of my love for you. I gave up everything I loved that I might gain your love.

Receive my son as your savior and nothing will ever separate you from my love again…and you can come home to me.

My mother spent the last year of her life in a nursing home with a feeding tube in her. She was in a fetal position and the only reflection of life you could see was in her eyes.

I visited my mother two days before she died. I wiped away the tears from her eyes… and said goodbye.

The last time I saw my father alive he was crying. I said what is wrong. He said he felt pain in his heart that he was leaving me alone in the world. He said he loved me deeply.

God in his mercy to me sparked the flame of eternal life in my mind and heart after my parent’s death. It took their death’s to place my feet onto the road to life in Christ.

I have learned through those I love that out of death God brings forth life. And out of pain God grants wisdom.

This is the Promise of the ONE TRUE and Living God to all His children…to all those precious in His sight,to all those that come to HIM through HIS SON…that He is still on the Throne and He is involved in every detail of your life.

He knew you before the foundations of the earth were formed, and He called you into existence in eternity past. He will hold you in the palm of His hand until the day He takes you home to be with HIM in the future.

We are creatures of time,created by God for eternity. Today we live from one God Moment to another. In eternity we will live IN THE MOMENT, forever with God.

May HIS Joy and HIS Shalom fill all the days of your life as you live to fulfill HIS purposes for your life.

Amen and Amen

Gods Free Gift to YOU

At some time in your Christian life, you may have struggled with questions like, when a sinner is saved, who chooses whom—does God choose the sinner, or the sinner choose God? Did Christ die for the sins of everyone, or just the people He saves?

The vast majority of those kinds of thorny, persistent, mind-boggling questions are directly related to the sovereignty of God, election, predestination, perseverance, and the question of “free will.”

When I was done studying the latter two emotions took over me. The first was sheer Joy that the God of the universe choose me before I was born; to become His Child and assure me that I would ultimately come home to be forever with HIM in Heaven.

Then a depth of sadness I have not felt before overtook me as I realized that just about everyone I loved or cared for; family and friends would not be with me in heaven. Why, because to my Jewish family the Gospel is a stumbling block and to my non-Jewish friends the Gospel is foolishness. 1 Corinthians 1:23

I could really do nothing about it but pray. I know… we are called to pray. But phrases kept running through my mind: the few and the many, the narrow road and the wide road, choose life or choose death, heaven or hell, and finally “ONLY the REMNANT”.

The word remnant means the few. Too many of the people I care about have already chosen by not choosing; a road to a different place. A place that if given the opportunity to spend but a few minutes in while alive would change their lives here forever.

People’s consciences have been seared and calloused. They do not realize how much they now have in common with a frog in a pot on a stove…. an ostrich with its head buried in the sand…. or a deer that runs out into the road and is mesmerized by oncoming headlamps of an approaching vehicle until its too late.

This world we live in seems lush and beautiful. The reality is really quite different. This world is a desert filled with burning sands and howling winds. Sands that if left to the course of the winds would bury all civilizations beneath its ever-moving waves.

No matter how disappointed I am, no matter how hard it is now to find joy in witnessing; I know the reason I live another day is only to do HIS will. His will is that I share the Gospel with everyone He brings to me. So I will continue to be an Oasis in this desert world I live in. I will continue to hold out a cup of His cool water to those who begin to realize how thirsty they really are for the water of eternal life.

The loudest sound in the desert is the wind. I know that the wind carries His voice. Just as John the Baptist was chosen to be a voice in the wilderness, so too have you and I been called to be HIS voice within the wilderness that surrounds each of us.

So I will get back onto my camel and continue to draw people to HIM and let HIM do the work that I cannot.

And yes, I will pray for those I love for as long as I have breath in my lungs…that as long as they have breath in their lungs, someday in the future they too will call on the name of Jesus and be SAVED.

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