LORD …We thank you for being the God, who is knowable, and extends mercy and grace to all who humbly approach your throne in prayer. We thank you for the gathering of family during this holiday that celebrates the miracle of light.

Lord you have called us throughout history to remember you and your mighty works among the Jewish people recorded in the Old Testament. So we thank you for Chanukah, a special time of remembering the story of the Maccabees, for whom you performed the miracle of lights.

We also remember that centuries before the Maccabees were born, at the exact time of Chanukah, Solomon’s Temple was dedicated to the Holy One of Israel and the light of your Shekinah glory, came to be with your people Israel. Your Glory, the very presence of your light shining from within the Holy of Holies, above the Ark of the Covenant.

But most of all, we thank you for the words that you breathed into the mouth of the prophet Isaiah in Ch. 52 vs. 13 thru Ch. 53 vs. 12. Your own words spoken; 700 years before the Messiah was born, describing your Son (Prov. 30 vs. 4) Jesus who came to walk among His people as the Messiah, the GOD/man, the Son of David, EMANUEL…GOD WITH US.

In Isaiah 53, YOUR OWN WORDS described the Death of your SON, HIS RESURRECTION and HIS RETURN in EXALTATION as the KING of KINGS.

We also thank you for Your words in Zachariah 12:10 about the FACT… that in the near future you will grant SALVATION to only 1/3 rd of the Nation of Israel as they “Look upon HIM WHOM THEY HAVE PIERCED.” as JESUS comes back the same way He left this earth and sets HIS Feet on the Mt. of Olives.

So we thank you for the light of the coming Messiah and Look Forward to the One the prophet Isaiah said would come to save the Lost and be a light to all the nations of the earth. JESUS, the KING of ETERNITY, the Promised Redeemer from ages past, who will come at the appointed time to bring FINAL PEACE to JERUSALEM, and the World for ETERNITY. And to bring FINAL ETERNAL DEATH to all Evil; to Satan, His Fallen Angels and Fallen Mankind (those who Refused to Accept YESHUA / JESUS as their SAVIOR and LORD).

I pray that the Light of the TRUE Coming Messiah will shine forth like a PILLAR of FIRE and open the hearts and the minds of your people called ISRAEL. That they will have Biblical Discernment to Recognize the Soon Coming False Messiah, so they then will Recognize the 2nd Coming True Messiah and be among those who cry out “TO HIM WHOM THEY HAVE PIERCED” and gain their SALVATION and ETERNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN.

The Prophet Isaiah speaks of the light of the coming Messiah…the One who would come to serve and be a light to All the Nations of the Earth.
God promised a Redeemer and Deliverer from ages past, who would come at the end of time and at the appointed time; to judge and bring peace to this world.

May your Jewish People who light the Shamus candle, remember that the word means “SERVANT”. It represents the 2nd Coming of the TRUE MESSIAH, the One who will come to Save His people, the Remnant of Israel.

The One who will finally bring; NOT an end to HIS-Story …but a New Beginning…that will last for Eternity…YESHUA / JESUS, the Messiah of Israel, the LION of the Tribe of Judah, The KING of Kings.

May the Ancient of Days, the Lord God of Israel shine His countenance upon you and your family and give you LIGHT for the journey ahead and peace within your hearts.

May you Seek to Understand and have Discernment from Almighty God HIMSELF by READING HIS WORDS in the Old Testament; not the words of mere men; so you will be able to recognize the 2nd Coming TRUE MESSIAH and be SAVED and not bow to the False Messiah who brings with him your Eternal 2nd Death.

Blessings, on behalf of the LORD of LIGHT.



The Tri-Unity of God is established through the very words in Hebrew used by GOD to speak of HIMSELF in the Old Testament. He is more than one!

  • In the beginning GOD (elohim). Adding im makes His name plural.
    •God made man in OUR image like US. He did not say like ME.
    •The Shema, statement of Israel’s faith in the ONE true God.

“Hear O Israel the Lord our God is ONE (Echad – a plural of the same kind or
essence). The Hebrew word Yahid could have been used by God. It means
ONE singular, alone, no one like me.

Today, the God of Israel is waiting to be wanted not just by Israel but by the Nations of the Earth. The MESSIAH BELONGS TO EVERYONE…not just the Nation of Israel.

Please understand THIS about the Jewish People. Israel is GOD’s Prophetic Time Clock. Israel is a nation that has been destroyed, re-gathered, and has re-emerged in time as the focus of world attention.

Its capitol Jerusalem is indeed a cup of trembling for the world. Jerusalem belongs to GOD ALONE and HIS SON JESUS is coming back to TAKE IT BACK FOREVER !

There will NEVER be Peace in Jerusalem until the PRINCE of PEACE YESHUA / JESUS Comes Back AGAIN. My prayer for Jerusalem is “EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS”.

NO OTHER NATION EXISTS as a declaration to the world that in the records of her history, we find our roots and in the predictions of her prophets we find our future.


I Can’t Believe…It’s Not The Messiah !

Will You Lift Your Voice with Fallen Humanity Crying Out……

I Can’t Believe…It’s Not The Messiah !

Christ’s ultimate question to you is “Who Do YOU Say That I Am?” This you could say is the biggest question put forth in the Bible. But there is a bigger question. A question that Christ’s question hinges on.  Jesus had just finished referring to HIMSELF as the Truth when Pontius Pilate raised a question in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Looking into the eyes of the ONE who would ultimately Judge him and sentence him to hell for eternity; Pilate sarcastically said…”What is Truth?”

And So Jesus, who is Truth was called a Liar…THE TRUTH became a lie. Since the beginning of the fall of man into sin and now throughout the generations since the Cross of Christ one thing has remained the same. Lies have taken the place of Truth. We are so comfortable with the LIES we no longer recognize the Truth.

Humans tend to react to everything first through our emotions. It is our Achilles’ heel. We react before we think, and therefore we can be led like sheep by any charismatic shepherd with the talent to manipulate us.

As long as the herd runs together as one, we will follow the leader, even if it means over a cliff.  The reason is that we have placed our faith not in the Truth but in The LIE.

What we believe always has an impact on what we do. The question is if you have put your faith and belief in the TRUTH. Or have you been swept up in the swift currents of the coming LIE?

The highest calling of humanity today is to save our planet …guess from who …from US. Yes, we know who the enemy is …the enemy is us!

So we put all of our energies into saving the planet, while ignoring the reality of the Truth and what’s really coming. We have put our heads in the sand, so we are and dumb and blind. We run with the rest of the sheep in a growing herd, led by charismatic shepherds that play off our emotions and our inability to think.

Humanity no longer recognizes the standard that is Gods own Son lifted up off the earth by the Cross. Instead, humanity will soon turn its eyes and hearts to an angel of light called Lucifer, Son of the Morning…as he introduces the Lie…the Imitator….the coming False Messiah….the Anti-Christ.

Listen to what God says about “The GREAT LIE that’s coming”, “Matthew 24 …For false Christ’s and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.. Mark 13:22  Jesus adds this…”but take heed, behold, I have told you everything in advance.”

Then in 2 Thessalonians 2, God brings the point home and drives the nails into the coffins of all those who do not BELIEVE in HIS SON but instead turn to the imitator.

      9 The coming [of the lawless one, THE Antichrist] is through the activity and working of Satan and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of miracles and signs and delusive marvels–[all of them] lying wonders–

10 And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing (going to hell) because they did not welcome the Truth [Jesus} but refused to love it that they might be saved.

11 Therefore God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false,

12 In order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe in [who refused to adhere to, trust in, and rely on] the Truth [Jesus}, but [instead] took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

The Bible says that the fallen Angels are believers in the Truth, they tremble at their fate…but there is no Salvation for them through the Cross. Instead they wage war on the bearers of Gods Image…people. They do all they can to misdirect us so we too will share their fate in the lake of fire.

See Jesus through the lens of the New Testament as He speaks of events yet to come that HE will fulfill literally, bodily …and personally.

“Fix your eyes upon Jesus in a lowly stable in Bethlehem, and know that He is the virgin-born Son of God.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus and know that, as no other man, He lived a sinless life, and always, without exception, did the perfect will of His Heavenly Father.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus at His baptism in the Jordan River as the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, and hear the voice of His Father say, “this is my beloved Son in Whom I am well-pleased”.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus in the synagogue in Nazareth as He testified of Himself with these words: “ The Spirit of the Lord is upon ME, because he hath anointed ME to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent ME to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

Fix your eyes upon Jesus as he taught His Father’s truth, healed the sick, restored the sight to the blind, and raised the dead; and, in so doing these things, demonstrated that He had the power to reverse the effects of sin.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus as from the cross with His last breath He spoke these triumphant words: “It is finished”. He was speaking of redemption for which purpose He had come into the world.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus on the third day following His crucifixion and burial and see the empty tomb and know that Jesus defeated satan, light defeated darkness and life defeated death.

Fix your eyes upon Jesus and see Him as He ascended from the Mount of Olives to Heaven, there to be enthroned at the right hand of His Father as our great High Priest, our advocate and intercessor.”

(Fix your eyes upon Jesus… taken from Zion’s Fire Newsletter, written by Marvin Rosenthal.)

Yes, view our world through the lens of the life of Jesus, you will not despair nor will you be disappointed at history’s end.

The end of the Old Testament speaks of His Coming. The end of the New Testament speaks of His Coming Back. And the Book of Revelation speaks of a new Earth created for people with a new future that will last forever. This promise is for all those who have placed their faith in the Son of God.

Prior to Christ’s RETURN the IMITATOR will come with lies and Signs and Wonders so strong and believable that even the ELECT (Born Again Believers) might be deceived.

Share your faith with all those you love…show them the Standard. Introduce them while there is time to the REAL MESSIAH. In the end the only thing that will survive what is coming will be eternal souls. Everything else on the planet, including the planet, as we have known it will no longer be.

All things will be re-made new by the God who created them in the first place.

Prepare and study the TRUTH in HIS SCRIPTURES intimately and you will recognize the lie when it comes. Don’t listen to the false shepherds or the herd that follows them.

For in unison all over the world the EARTH DWELLERS, the Green bleating sheep will say to you with conviction when their shepherd the Imitator arrives…

I Can’t Believe…It’s NOT the Messiah!

“The Scriptures point out—in terms which few can fail to understand—that time does have an end; that God will intervene in the world of men; that God has a destiny for those who are willing to trust and believe in Him; and the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of humanity will judge the world and sift the sons of men!”(Walter Martin…Walter Martin Ministries)

People of the Book

The Teachers of Israel have The Book, BUT they are No Longer
… The People of the BOOK!

IF The SPIRITUALLY BLIND Nation of Israel Could READ the LITERAL Words of GOD in their Old Testament…..Then they would No Longer Be BLIND.

Yet The Almighty has chosen to blind the Nation of Israel for a time.
ISAIAH 6: 9 And he (GOD) said, “Yes, go, and say to this people, ‘Listen carefully, but do not understand. Watch closely, but learn nothing.’ 10 Harden the hearts of these people. Plug their ears and shut their eyes. That way, they will not see with their eyes, nor hear with their ears, nor understand with their hearts and turn to me for healing.”

There is a short story written by my favorite author Anonymous that made the rounds several years ago, it has become very special to me. It goes like this:

“A Jewish father was concerned about his son who was about a year away from his Bar Mitzvah but was sorely lacking in his knowledge of the Jewish faith. To remedy this he sent his son to Israel to experience his heritage. A year later the young man returned home.

“Father, thank you for sending me to the land of our Fathers,” the son said. “It was wonderful and enlightening, however, I must confess that while in Israel I converted to Christianity.”

“OY VEY,” replied the father, “what have I done.” So in the tradition of the PATRIARCH’S, he went to his Best Friend and sought his advice and solace. “It is amazing that you should come to me,” stated his friend. “I too sent my son to Israel and he returned a Christian.”

So in the tradition of the patriarchs, they went to the RABBI. “It is amazing that you should come to me,” stated the Rabbi, “I too sent my son to Israel and he returned a Christian. What is happening to our sons? Brothers, we must take this to the Lord,” said the Rabbi.

They fell to their knees and began to WAIL and Pour Out their HEARTS to the ALMIGHTY. As they prayed the clouds above opened and a Mighty Voice stated…
“Amazing that you should come to ME. I, too, sent MY SON to Israel……”

When JESUS Walked this Earth, people called HIM by HIS HEBREW NAME… YESHUA.


1 Food For Your Journey

God calls to you through His Son and says: There is more to your life than you have ever thought of. There is more to your story than the pages you have lived. I AM the author of life the composer of hope and I have left the best for last.
A new beginning of a story we will write together on pages of a book without end… forever.

Jesus whispers your name every day from the pages of the New Testament. Hear the Voice of the God/Man, who came to earth from Heaven to offer you a way to come home, as He says to you …the evidence is in the Bible, my voice is the Truth…there is but one-way home…the other way is to be lost and never found. You must make a choice.

I am the Lord. My Heart yearns to beat with yours. Hear My Voice, Choose Life, and Follow Me Home!
One Voice…One Heart…One Lord…One KING OF KINGS for Eternity

2 Food For Your Journey

You need wisdom and discernment to rely on the words of men who write books about the word of God. But if you read Gods Word out of His Holy Bible you will receive wisdom and discernment from the ONE who WAS, and IS, and IS TO COME. The author of everything, including an understanding of your future.

3 Food For Your Journey

SEEK the seeds of TRUTH, and The Holy Spirit will plant them in your heart.

READ the WORD of GOD and let the words water the seeds until they grow and FAITH is born anew in your heart of hearts.
Then as you WALK before the ONE TRUE GOD (The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit) in Faith, HIS PROMISES will fill your days here on Earth with JOY and give you everlasting HOPE for your Eternal Future in Heaven.

4 Food For Your Journey

God has preached to our World for thousands of years since the time of Moses. The message has never changed. It is about the coming of His Son, the Messiah to save all those who would come to Him for Salvation. Jesus became the UN-common man…the God / Man…the man of All Sorrows who bought you with His Blood.

Our World is in serious trouble. God, not me, has made it clear that judgment is coming again because God will not be mocked. Nor will He spare the UN-godly. The Worlds 1st Holocaust came during the Flood that destroyed all fallen mankind except for 8 people. The Worlds Final Holocaust is coming, but this time it will be destroyed by Fire.

When the End comes will you be standing outside the Garden staring at an Angel of Light with a sword of fire baring your entrance into heaven? When the End comes will you be standing outside the door of the ARK as you watch the invisible Hand of God close the door baring your entrance into heaven?

Are you a Scoffer who mocks God and His Inerrant Word? Do you know for sure in your heart of hearts that Salvation is yours and you now are written in God’s Book of Life and that He holds you in the palm of His Hand?

Can you answer the Ultimate Question posed to you by JESUS; that will decide your Eternal Future either in Heaven or Hell?



Who is a True Jew?

2000 years ago in Jerusalem Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed ONE of GOD came and died for you and I …personally. Never misunderstand the Cross, it was the plan of God to sacrifice His Only begotten SON, so JESUS could come to save you from yourself and bring you home to heaven with HIM.

A true Jew is one whose HEART is circumcised, not the flesh of the body. The name Jew is derived from the word Judah that refers to people who Praise GOD. If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior then your heart has been circumcised and now pumps ROYAL BLOOD; and you are a child of God who praises GOD.

God has chosen and elected you to be a love gift to His Son Jesus.
You are part of the family of God and you belong to the KING of KINGS, the KING of men, and the KING of angels…to JESUS the CHRlST of His Church…The MESSIAH of Israel…The LION of the Tribe of Judah…EMANUEL… GOD With US.

When Jesus ROARED from the Cross “It is Finished” the veil tore open and the earth shook and the dead came out of their graves.

JESUS is the ONE who CAME, and the ONE Coming AGAIN SOON.

HE…chose me before the worlds were formed.

HE…chose the Nails because He loves me.

HE…knows my name

HE…will not leave me behind.

HE…is coming back for me

He…is coming back for YOU…If HE is Your LORD.



To Cry Out into the Darkness

I found myself looking down at my Aunt’s headstone. There were people crying all around me, her daughter, and her son, and her grandchildren…my first cousins, all recognizing this moment in life that is so bitter for us all.

Then they went through the prayer for the dead. I recalled saying the very same prayers for my Father and my Mother before I became a believer in Christ.

And then the rabbi said to us that God has taken my Aunt into heaven because of the many mitzvah’s, good works she had done that God now counted to her Soul as Righteousness.

Then I thought again of the veil covering the eyes, and hearts and minds of the Jewish people.

NO ONE can be Righteous before God who is Holy, Holy, Holy.
You CANNOT earn your way into heaven. It says that in the Old Testament and its even clearer in the (Jewish) New Testament.

As everyone repeated the Prayer for the Dead, I was praying as hard as I could that God would lift the veil, on that day, off of those standing around me at the grave site. Pleading in my heart of hearts that my family would no longer be Blind and Deaf having no Discernment of the Words of God written in their Old Testament.

I prayed that God would lift the veil so they might see their Messiah, Jesus the Son of God lifted on High.

That they would be able to step out of the long, tragic line of people that do not know Christ as their Savior and Lord. THE LINE, that began formation outside the Garden of Eden, and has continued throughout history to this day, and until Jesus Comes Again.

THE LINE, that forms mankind’s Holocaust, allowed by Almighty God

PSALM 53: 1-3

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity; there is none who does good. God looks down from heaven on the children of man to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God. They have all fallen away; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one!

My Fathers Faith

Beginning at my father’s knee, my whole life long I was taught that God was NOT knowable or approachable. He was mysterious, unsearchable, far above us.

My Father Armin had lost his wife and 2 children in Hitler’s death camp.
Being a father and grandfather, I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of my father’s sorrow, his emotional pain, his doubts and the tears that must have flowed like a river running into a sea of hopelessness and despair.

Many people in his position came out of the death camps hating God. Somehow my father was able to start over again, marry my mother (also a survivor), raise me and live into his 80’s. He was never bitter, but placed his trust in the God of his fathers.

He loved this unknowable God with all his heart. Armin, more than anything else desired righteousness…he wanted to be perfect. According to the demand of God, we must be perfect to get into heaven.

So my father did good deeds, went to synagogue, gave charity to the poor. He was an honorable, loving, calm, gentle, soft spoken and kind man. I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved him. He is never far from my thoughts as is my mother.

Armin spent hours each day in the Old Testament. He loved to speak to me about the stories of the Nation of Israel and this unapproachable and unknowable God whom he loved.

In 1985 I became a Jewish Believer in Jesus. That is the only difference between my father and I as Jews. He waited for the 1st coming of the Messiah and I wait for His 2nd coming. This difference separates us by a chasm so great that it is not possible to Cross. The theological consequences of our differing views bring with it eternal consequences.

My Dad taught me about sin, the fact that I can never attain true righteousness and that because there are no more sacrifices of animals in a Temple, I must now rely on my Good Works to please the God of Israel. Then when I die, based on my Good Works, this unapproachable, unknowable …Holy God of both Mercy and Wrath would take pity on me when I stand before HIM and answer HIS question …“Why should I let you into MY Heaven?”

God’s word in the Old Testament is clear in Isaiah 64:6. Our good works are like filthy rags…everyone’s heart is evil from conception in our mother’s womb, NO PERSON CAN BECOME RIGHTEOUS. Our boasting before God about our good works will not gain us entrance into His heaven.

So where does that leave me? Where did it leave my father? What about your father? My father would tell me God is merciful and I agree. His mercies are new to us every day that He grants us life.

But God is also Holy and a Holy God hates Sin. God said through the Prophets that good works are not good enough, then what is good enough? Did God provide us a way to be saved from His wrath or not? That answer is yes! But the question you must answer is now different: Who do You say that I AM ?

God is Omniscient, He knows the past, present and future. He already had a plan for saving us the second that Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden. That plan was to provide a Savior. One who would come at the appointed time and offer a solution for our Sin problem.

I have spent the last 29 years of my life trying to convince people who do not have a Biblical Worldview that they are Sinners in danger of God’s Wrath and Judgment and that they are in need of a Savior.

This has been my passion, my joy and my greatest sorrow. Both my parents died before I came to know Jesus, the prophesied Savior and Messiah of Israel. I would gladly give up my life if I could but go back in time, and show my father in the Old Testament he cherished…the prophecies and portraits God gave the Jewish people, so they would recognize His Son Yeshua…the coming Messiah when He appeared on earth.

If you believe in His death on the Cross, the Empty Tomb, His Resurrection, the historically documented evidence of His appearing after death before many people, including 500 witness on one occasion and His Ascension into Heaven…then talk to your father if he still lives. Take part in giving your father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the gift of eternal life… belief in the Messiah of Israel who came to die for the sins of the world.

God is still God. The wages of sin is still death. God does what we cannot do so we can be what we dare not dream: Perfect Before GOD.

Spiritual Gold Nugget 2… Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate

There is one opening that has remained closed for thousands of years…the Eastern Gate entrance to the city of Jerusalem in Israel. God said it would remain closed until His Messiah; King Jesus sets foot again on the earth.

Then the Eastern Gate will open, first to welcome the King of Jerusalem and then to all those who will come from the nations to Worship the King and visit His City, the City of GOD…JERUSALEM.

Jesus deserves the title of King and with it the crown of “Glory and Honor.” He was born King of the Jews, but He was also present at Creation. He shared His birth with us, but He never knew a time when He didn’t exist, for He has always been.

And He will be there at the end when creation grows “Old like a garment”. The worn out Creation will be changed and YOU with it…if you believe…Because YOUR Sins have been Nailed to HIS Cross.

But King JESUS has never changed since the beginning and will be the same when time is no more.  He is “I AM”, the ever-present Jehovah of the Old Testament.

My Earthly Father

The memories of my father are vivid to say the least. Funny isn’t it how we take those we love for granted while their here. Then when they are gone we begin remembering the moments of their lives that touched our hearts.

My father loved God. He spoke to me infrequently about His God because the events of his life were filled with so much pain. He could not understand how a good God could have allowed the Holocaust. He did not understand the Holiness of God and the Sins we all bear before HIM. He was raised to think that we all through being good and giving charity can earn a place in heaven. His theology was wrong because he too listened like I did to the words of others rather than read the Words of God.

Yet when he talked about God his eyes filled with tears and his words were filled with awe, and wonder and passion. As I stood on the welcome matt before the door of the ARK, I remembered all those moments my father had spoken to me of his God. All of the seeds my father had planted into my heart that were watered by his tears for me.

For his heart cry was always that I would come to know the God he had come to love. As I think back on him I am truly saddened that it was his death that actually lead me to Yeshua / Jesus and life. My father died not knowing his Messiah, by loving God through religion rather than coming to know God through a personal relationship with His Son.

The Bible is clear that Loving God is the last of several steps that begin with the Truth about God and then fear that becomes knowledge, leading to understanding, then repentance and acceptance and finally love.

When I finally opened the eyes of my heart to Jesus, I watched as the hand of His Father opened the door to His Ark of safety, which is His Words contained in His Bible. I stepped in and His mighty hand shut the door behind me and there within this refuge of sanctuary I sat before His Throne as He began to tell me in His own words the Greatest Story Ever Told.

When He was done I understood the past, the present and the future told to me personally through the words that contain eternal life, by the one who is, who was and is too come.

So now I write first and foremost for HIM. Then I write for YOU and finally I write for those in my family that I love.

The day will come when like my father before me I will no longer be here. I want to leave a legacy of words and memories for them that tell them who I am and what I believe.

I want them to know that I love them, pray for them and will wait for them in a better place. I want them to know that I placed my eternal life in the nail scarred hands of JESUS, the Jewish Messiah, the Son of the Living God.

I want them to know that I have not found a religion but a relationship, a personal relationship with God. I want them to know that as long as they have life they have the ability to Seek the Living God who waits at the top of the stairs for them with a welcome matt. All they need do is open the door of their hearts and He will open the door to them so they can go into His ARK. There they will find the Living Words of God, written personally to each of them.

Only by reading His Words will they come to the knowledge of the Truth about God. Then they will fear HIM. That fear will become knowledge of HIM, and that will lead to the understanding of what this life truly is about and why they were born.

Then with repentant broken hearts they too will allow God to heal them of their sins by accepting the death of Jesus on the Cross for their sins. Only then will they be able to Love God and live for God and grow in wisdom and discernment of God.

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