Beware – Something Wicked This Way Comes

We are family…the human family. Whether we realize it or not together we are one and we all were meant to be part of the family of God. We all continue to look up to the heavens, but not to God. Rather we look up to Man and our own ability to bring peace to a tortured and torn world. We believe that together as one family we can save our world and unite together in peace…. it is a grand idea of man’s salvation of man.

So if you asked someone you know what the Next Frontier for mankind would be they probably would tell you “Outer Space”. Out there is the answer to all our questions. Out there is where we really must go to solve our problems. But to go we ultimately need to unite around a common cause.

You can see the future coming. No longer will we look at ourselves as individual nations, but instead a new Global nation called Earth that contains ethnic varieties of people. The heart cry of man will be that we are all part of the human family of mankind. Men agree that our DNA, representing only one of many species living on our planet, ties us all together.

Together we are now searching for a common bond that will unite us all. Something that will focus our attention on the goals of peace which will bring prosperity to the entire world. What will it be? What does every person seek outside of his or her physical existence? We all are seeking some form of Spirituality.

History has not united us; goals and objectives will not unite us. What will unite us is a spiritual awakening. And so it will not be Outer Space that brings us together, but Inner Space…our search to solve the mysteries of our Souls. Why because we know each of us is lost. Deep within us we want to understand who we are…we want to be found. We want to be part of something bigger.

So seeking spiritual guidance from something or someone outside of us will in the future become the paradox of the known ages. As we search deep within our own inner space it will be someone from another dimension that will unite the peoples of the earth.

Then as it was on the plains of Shinar so long ago a new Tower of Babel will be erected. No not an actual tower, but a spiritual tower that will bring all mankind together to worship a being not of this earth. A being not of this earth that the Bible describes and calls the FALSE MESSIAH. You know him by the title Anti-Christ. A being who will claim to be God and every nation and all mankind on earth will follow him.

The reason they will follow is because they will be looking for Signs and Wonders that will appeal to their emotions. Faith has always been in what we cannot see or touch or experience. But then it will be the opposite. For the Signs and Wonders we will see, and touch and experience will drive our emotions to new heights and it will be called true Faith in God. However it will not be faith in the TRUE GOD, but faith in the god of this world…satan, the being indwelling the FALSE MESSIAH, the Anti-Christ.


Your Hidden Diary

This record of your life will not be found in any earthly book, or on the Internet. We are told it exists in one place only…in heaven. This book shows the road you have chosen to travel through your life. There are two roads in life with two ultimate destinations that represent your eternal forever home.

Your destination is determined as you travel by the choices you made. Each CROSS road is clearly marked by signs, but the choices are yours to make alone.

This personal record began in the womb of your mother at your inception. It continues to record every action, every motive, every word you have ever spoken, and every inner thought you have ever had.

This record continues for as long as your heart beats. When your heart stops beating the record ends. This is a very important book for it is a record of your entire earthly life that you have lived out before the face of the God who created you. The God you will be accountable to for the time HE has given you to live.

The moment you die your book will be opened before you as you stand before a Holy God to be judged. The book of the history of mankind will not be opened, for it has absolutely no value at all. It is only a record of darkness.

The Word of God says, that the book of the personal record of your life will be reviewed by the penetrating eyes of Jesus.

None of your recorded good works will have any bearing on your judgment. For nothing you have ever done is good enough to meet the standards of a HOLY GOD.

The other book that will be opened before you is HIS Bible. The Bible makes it clear that you need a Savior. It will condemn you to an eternity apart from God if you have chosen to ignore its warnings by choosing to live your life walking the wrong path, following the wrong signs…doing your will, not HIS and never accepting HIS SON as your Savior.

Your life is a living book being recorded by God to be read back to you personally when you meet HIM.

Like all good books, I hope yours is worth the read and has a happy ending.


Seeking the Lost

All are invited to the Cross

To the place where God and humanity meet. But remember the Cross is not the soul’s rescuing power…the power is in the ONE who bore its shame…your shame.

Jesus poured out Himself to death. He would reap the unspeakable reward of seeing limitless numbers of once helpless, hell-bound sinners die with Him in Faith, only to be raised to walk in newness of life, in Heaven for Eternity.

The invitation of God’s Grace and Mercy comes to you only through His Son… from a person who lived and died for you. A person still alive today who will be your advocate and claim you as His own when you stand before the Judgment Seat …saving you from Eternal Death in Hell.

Jesus had to face His Cross alone. His father, who cannot look upon Sin had to turn away, while His Son suffered for the past, present and future Sins of all humankind.

But you will not have to carry your Cross alone. Jesus has promised to carry it for you. The storms of life will rage around you, but Jesus promised to be with you, lead you and give you His peace in this life. When Jesus says He will keep you safe, He means it. HELL will have to get through HIM to get to you! When He says He will get you home…He WILL get you home!

Your eternal future begins at the foot of His Cross. His story must become your story. His journey must be your journey. Don’t go through this life alone, take His outstretched hand.

Isaiah 52:13-15, the Cross through Jewish eyes:

Behold, My Servant (Messiah Yeshua/Jesus), will prosper.
He will be high and lifted up and greatly exalted.
Just as many were astonished at you, My people (the nation of Israel),
So His (the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus) appearance was marred more than any man
And His (the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus) form (His body) more than the Sons of men.
Thus He (the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus) will sprinkle (His Blood) over many nations (cleansing the sins of many peoples, both Jew and Gentile of their sins).

Kings will shut their mouths on account of Him…for what had not been told them they will see, and what they had not heard they will understand (at His 2nd Coming!!!).

Here in Isaiah, centuries before Christ was born, we see God’s wondrous plan—to provide a Savior who will lead us out of darkness and into the radiant dawn of eternal life!

Watch Israel…watch for a 7 year peace treaty between the Arab world and the Nation of Israel; created by the 1st Coming of the False Messiah…then watch the Eastern Sky, for the 2nd Coming of JESUS the TRUE MESSIAH in the clouds!

Wishing you His Shalom (Peace), and Joy in your journey.



I have been spending time in the Book of Revelation. The Book has a Promise from God to everyone who takes the time to read it. It is the only Book of the Bible with a Blessing stated clearly to the reader…” Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”

This Book is rich in majesty and drama, for it is the Revealing, the REVELATION of Jesus as the King of Kings, the Almighty God, and the Sovereign King who reigns over Angels and Men and the Universe that He created. The King of All who comes back to finally take what is rightfully HIS…this Earth.

There have been moments in time when Heaven and Earth have been joined for the specific purposes of God. The two that stand out in my mind are the Birth of Jesus when Star light, Moon light, Angel light and Candle light brought Heaven and Earth together as ONE.

The other moment in time was the death of the God / Man, Emanuel (God With Us), the Messiah of Israel, The Christ …the Son of the Living God…on the Cross outside the City of God…Jerusalem.

The sky grew dark like night and the light from Heaven grew dim, unable to reach the Earth for 6 hours. In the darkness the earth was separated from Heavens light. But then in the morning of the 3rd day, the one who was born to be the light of the world rose from the dead and left an empty tomb with an open door for all to see. Jesus has Risen from the Dead…Yes…Risen indeed.

Death could not hold Him. He walked forth from the darkness of the tomb into the light bringing Joy in the morning to all who believed in Him. The promised Redeemer was alive, the first of those to be risen from the dead. The fact that HE lives means you will too if you have chosen to Follow Him.

Now mankind could put their HOPE in the Historical TRUTH of His Resurrection and gain FAITH in the HOLY One of Israel… the God/Man who can Raise the DEAD to a new LIFE.

The Book of Revelation shuts the door to the story of the OLD World Sacrificial System and Opens the Door to the Eternally unfolding story of the ONE TRUE GOD and HIS Love for HIS Creatures and Creation throughout all of Eternity. Many of Gods promises to mankind unfold and come to their conclusion in the Book of Revelation including the final destruction of evil forever. But the greatest promise of GOD would be to His Son JESUS reclaiming the TITLE DEED to the EARTH that is RIGHTFULLY HIS.

IF you have BIBLICAL WISDOM and DISCERNMENT; then you need to Remember Daily, the phrase of the Apostle John… “for the TIME IS NEAR”.

An Invitation to Live Forever

In the past I have written about the Big Questions. Who am I, Why am I here, What am I supposed to be doing? This message is about a special Invitation from God to each of us offering the gift of eternal life in Heaven with HIM. The only catch is that you must accept the invitation of your own free will and then RSVP.

This invitation by God comes to us in two ways that reinforce each other. The first invitation comes to you by reaching out to your senses. Every one of the five senses you have; sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell help you experience the creation all around you that God spoke into existence for you.

The song of a bird, the colors of the rainbow in the sky, the smell of flowers in the fields, the touch of the hand of someone you love and the taste of foods you enjoy eating. All these are part of the invitation to know God, for He has created everything for our enjoyment. Yet we take them all for granted, rarely seeing the evidence of the Hand of God all around us.

We ignore this painting of praise, this symphony of worship that the creation lifts up daily to its creator. Everything around us shouts that there is a God who loves; not just His Creation but also the crowning SPECIAL creation He made. That’s…YOU…my friend; because you bear the very image of God.

Mankind does not know His Creator yet the Creation praises its maker every day as the heavens and earth sing praises carried on the winds up to heaven before the very throne of God.

The second invitation comes directly from the Lips of God Himself. It is His Special Revelation of Himself contained ONLY within His Word written down for you to read. His word speaks to your mind with words of eternal life that must take root in your heart. Why, because when you were born your heart was born dormant and needs to be quickened…to come alive within you.

So, please, find that quiet place, that prayer closet I have written about before.
Get alone with God so you can contemplate what I am about to say to you. I want you to know that you can have assurance of going to heaven when you die. That you can literally take the nail pierced hand of Jesus and walk with HIM while you are here on earth and make plans for your future life after death.

We can have peace and assurance from someone greater than you and I. That peace comes from the Son of God, from Jesus ALONE. Put aside the words of religion, put aside the words of your denomination, put aside the words of your preacher, and put aside the comments, the opinions and words of family and friends…because none of them matter. All are hollow and empty words. Unless they contain the TRUE Gospel that SAVES.

You have reached the point in your life when you must understand, that there is ONLY ONE TRUTH that you can place your faith and hope in for life beyond the grave. There is but one person…Jesus who has the words of life for you to hear. He said …I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE…NO one COMES to the FATHER but thru ME.

His Words contained in the New Testament are the very Words of God. His finished work of love just for you on the Cross open’s the way for you to heaven. His Words are the ONLY Words that offer Heaven. If you accept them you have Eternal Security now on Earth before you die. Eternal security is the work of God that guarantees that the gift of Salvation, once received, is forever and cannot be lost!

HIS invitation to live forever requires an RSVP from you to Jesus. You need to accept His death on the Cross for your sins 2,000 years ago. You must believe that Jesus died, was buried and then rose again on the 3rd day as documented historical within the New Testament. You need to believe Him when He said He is coming back again to this earth very soon.


God has given us His SON:
As long as Jesus is one of many options, He is not an option. As long as you can carry your burdens alone, You don’t need a burden bearer. As long as your situation brings you no grief, You will receive no comfort. As long as you can take Him or leave Him, You may as well leave Him, because He won’t be taken half-heartedly.

But, when you mourn, when you get to the point of sorrow for your sins, when you admit that you have no other option but to cast all your cares on Him, and when there is truly no other name that you can call on, then cast all your cares on Him…for He is waiting in the midst of your storm.

He is preparing a place for you. He is the architect of your heavenly home…its builder and interior decorator too. He knows your hearts desires, your favorite colors, flowers, your favorite views. He chose you before the foundations of the world were made. He knows how to surprise you. He knows what you’ve always longed for. And in His infinite care for you, He is preparing the perfect place for you.

Too many of us are afraid to witness to people. Too many of us are intimidated by non-believers Too many of us have weak faith and live in anxiety. We forget who we are in Christ. We forget that the Battle is His. We forget that the Ending has been written and WE are on the Winning Side.



“The King is Dead; long live the King.”

With those words, many a monarch has passed from the scene, only to be succeeded by another. But in the case of Christ, the King of the Jews, the phrase takes on added significance.

Never before had a king died only to succeed himself to the throne. But Christ did:

Never before had a man been crucified and buried only to emerge bodily three days later. But Christ did:

Never before had a man endured such human hatred in order to demonstrate such divine love. But the Son of Man did:

No other: event in human history could be so aptly described as “old, yet ever new.”

No other: single piece of good news has brought more comfort, more encouragement, and more peace to more people than the ringing declaration…
“HE is RISEN!”

You draw breath every day because HE lets you and HE lets you because HIS purpose for your life is to tell everyone about Jesus.

If you and I are not sharing the gospel with others then we have not heard it ourselves!

The Door… To Your Heart.


If you spend any time at all in the Book of Psalms you quickly understand that fearing God is the beginning of all wisdom and knowledge. When you come to Love God, you understand that the word fear means to know that He is Holy and you are not. You also understand that wisdom can only come from pain.

Humility and humbleness and wisdom and knowledge of God are developed when you are placed before the door labeled “loss, grief, pain, suffering…”. You go in alone and while there come to an end of yourself. Then you can understand what Jesus meant when He said “take up your Cross and follow Me”.

Only when you seek God with all your burdened heart, will you find Him. God has always been near you, waiting patiently to be invited through the open door of your heart.

Jesus knocks on that door every day, hour, and minute of your life. The door was made especially for you. It cannot be opened from the outside for the handle to open it is on the inside.

It was made that way on purpose because God gave you freedom to choose HIM or not. He can’t open the door…only you can open the door to your heart…and let HIM in.

Have You Taken The Time ?

When we share our Faith, sometimes, maybe most times we tend to speak a lot about us. When what we were called to do is to speak about HIM.

Have you taken the time…
To tell them about your Supernatural, Miracle Working, Promise Keeping, Living God who changed your life.

“In the Beginning God”, Who:
• Created the Heavens and the Earth
• Saved Noah and his family in the Ark, from the flood
• Spoke to Moses from a burning bush
• Parted the Red Sea, so Israel could walk on dry ground
• Fed millions daily for 40 years in the wilderness
• Provided guidance and protection by the Pillar of Fire
• Conquered huge nations on behalf of his chosen people
• Provided 10 commandments, written by His finger. Not for rules to follow 
that make you righteous, but rules to prove you cannot keep them and to 
show your need of a Savior to make you righteous
• Sent His Son, Jesus to be born of a Virgin according to prophecy
• Jesus, who healed the blind, the deaf, the leper and the diseased
• Jesus, who walked on water, then told the sea…Be Still and it listened
• Jesus, who fed 5,000 and now becomes the Bread of Life to you
• Jesus, who took your place on the Cross and died for your sins
• Jesus, who promised He would come back again!
Have you taken the time… to tell them?

After carefully examining the following I am sure you will see that no one else in all of history other than Jesus, has fulfilled these Messianic prophecies.
• HE will be born of a virgin. (Isaiah 7:14, see Matthew 1:23)
• HE would live in Nazareth of Galilee. (Isaiah 9: 1,2; see Matthew 2:23; 4: 15,16)
• HIS birth would occasion the massacre of Bethlehem’s children. (Jeremiah 31:15; see Matthew 2:18)
• HIS mission would include the Gentiles. (Isaiah 42:1-3,6; see Matthew 12: 18-21)
• HIS ministry would include physical relief. (Isaiah 61: 1,2 see Luke 4: 16-21)
• HE would be the Shepherd struck with the sword, resulting in the sheep Being scattered. (Zechariah 13:7; see Matthew 2631,56; Mark14: 27,49,50)
• HE would be betrayed by a friend for 30 pieces of silver. (Zechariah 11: 12, 13. see Matthew 27: 9, 10)
• HE would be given vinegar and gall to drink. (Psalm 69:21; see Matthew 27:34)
• HE would eventually be presented with all dominion over all peoples, Nations and men of every language. (Daniel 7:13,14; see Revelation11:15)
• HE would be hated without a cause.(Psalm 69:4; Isaiah 49:7; see John 15:25)
• HE would be rejected by the rulers.
(Psalm 118:22; see Matthew 21:42; John 7:48)
Have you taken the time… to tell them?

God also gave the Jewish rabbis who lived during the time of the birth of Jesus specific prophecies so they would be able to recognize WHO the Messiah would be. These spiritual leaders of Israel (Pharisees, Sadducees and Scribes) spent their entire lives studying the Old Testament searching for their coming Messiah.

They missed CHRISTmas! They also missed the fact that the Messiah belongs to every person created by GOD in His Image; not just to the nation of Israel.
• Who is the seed (offspring) of the woman who crushes the head of satan? Genesis 3:15
• Who is the seed of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob that will bless all nations? Genesis 12: 2,3; 22:18
• Who is the “Prophet like Moses” of whom God says, “You must listen to Him?” Deuteronomy 18:15
• Who is the one Crucified? Psalm 22.
• Who is the child that is
GOD and will have an everlasting kingdom? Isaiah 9: 6-7
• Who was crushed and pierced for our transgressions so that we would be healed by His wounds; upon whom did the Lord lay the iniquity of all mankind? Isaiah 53

Who is the Righteous Branch, the wise king, who will be called “The Lord Our righteousness?” Jeremiah 23: 5,6

• Who is the “Anointed One” to be “Cut Off “-killed after 483 years? Daniel 9: 24-27

• Who is the one who is eternal, who will be ruler over Israel, who is born in Bethlehem Ephrathah?” Micah 5:2

• Who is Jehovah (God), “The one they have pierced”, for whom Jerusalem and all the nation of Israel will weep and mourn? Zechariah 12:10

Indeed WHO is God speaking about in these prophetic Messianic Scriptures? Open your heart as God Himself speaks to you from Proverbs 30:4

Who has ascended into heaven, or descended? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment ?
Who has established all the ends of the earth?
What is His name, and what is His SON’s name, surely you know!
Here in the Old Testament you find GOD Word saying HE has a SON!
“To HIM give all the prophets witness”… (Acts 10:43).“In the volume of the book it is written of ME”… (Ps. 40:7; Heb. 10:7).

Have you taken the time… to tell them?


Pilate asked of Jesus “What IS Truth”?

If you were able to go back in time and walk down the road of Crosses filled with Jews it would be difficult for you to recognize Jesus by the way that He looked.

His Cross-was not higher than the two crosses of the men on either side of Him. Today when you see the 3 Crosses the center Cross is always elevated to represent the Cross of Christ.

Jesus was born a Jew. His eyes, hair, nose, and skin color resembled His Jewish ethnicity. There was something else that identified Jesus on the Cross. Above Jesus was a small sign. Both the small sign and Jesus were nailed together to the Cross.

It is rare to see contemporary crosses depicted with that Sign above the head of Christ. Pilates sign no longer seems to be part of the Cross. It is ironic that it was Pilate who said to Jesus “What IS Truth”. Yet Pilate’s proclamation written on that small sign made everything clear as to why Jesus came to walk among His creatures that He had created.

The magi knew who he was. Matthew 2:2 “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”

Pilate knew who he was. Mark 15:2 Pilate questioned Him, “Are You the King of the Jews?” And He answered him, “It is as you say.”

When Jesus was Crucified, Pilate had the sign nailed to His Cross, above the Head of Christ for all to see. The sign represented All the Messianic Prophecies in the Old Testament that were part of the mystery of the coming Messiah so the Jews would recognize HIM.

The small sign represented ALL the SIGNS and MIRACLES done by JESUS during HIS earthly life that fulfilled the Old Testament Prophecies so that there would be no question about the FACT that HE was and IS TODAY, The SON of GOD, The KING of KINGS…. The LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH who IS Coming Again.

John 19:19 “Now Pilate wrote a title and put it on the Cross. And the writing was Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews.” Matthew 27:37 and above His head they put up the charge against Him, which read, “THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS.”

The Nation of Israel’s history is filled with Historical documented Miracles and Signs of the Mighty Works of Almighty God. Especially, in the Book of Exodus that contain the Holiday of Passover.

Yet someone Greater than the Passover miracles was to come walking out of the pages of prophecy in the Old Testament. Someone, who not only parted the waters of the Red Sea, but also walked on the water of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus would create Signs and Miracles that only God could do. He did the Signs and Miracles to prove that HE IS, the SON of GOD.

But, the Nation of Israel, blinded by God as stated in Isaiah 6:9 turned their backs on their Prophesied Messiah, their long awaited KING of KINGS.
“Go, and say to this people: keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive. Make the heart of this people dull, and their ears heavy, and blind their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.”
There have been a total of many kings of Israel. Each was a placeholder in history, a bookmark within the chapters of the Old Testament and the unfolding Story found in Messianic Prophecies of the Coming KING of KINGS.

The Sign above the head of Christ is to remind each of us not just that He IS the King of the Jews, but that He IS the KING of everyone that knows who He IS and worships HIM in Spirit and in TRUTH. Everyone who believes He IS who He says HE IS, now can enter the HOLY of HOLLIES through the Blood of the LAMB and enter the Throne Room of El Gibbor…The Mighty GOD.

The Old and New Testaments proclaim only one King of Kings…King JESUS who would be Eternity’s ONLY KING !