GOD Calls YOU to be a
Pillar of Fire in the Darkness

To each of us God gave His image and we are called light bearers because our job is to reflect HIS Image to all that know us.

Just as a tree bares fruit in its season we will be made complete only when we have the ability to bare fruit in our season.

The purpose of man has always been to serve God, the one who has dominion over him. Man has been given life solely to carry the fire of truth…to be a Pillar of Fire in the darkness. Just like the runners carrying the Olympic Torch we too run a race to the finish line but the torch we carry is the torch of truth …in a race of truth.

So please know that every day the Lord waits patiently to spend time with you, His Child. He knows you intimately, but you, if you are honest with yourself will admit you hardly know HIM because the fire you once had has turned to embers. The passion you once had has become lukewarm.

Go back and rekindle the memories written in His Word. Know that you are an ordinary person in the hand of an Extraordinary GOD. He remembers you always because you have been engraved on HIS heart with the blood of HIS One and ONLY Son.

My soul’s pursuit, the passion of my heart, is to stay near to the heart of God. The only way to have the Lord as your shepherd in this life is to stay in His Word.

So my friend……Go back and do the things you did in the beginning. Begin again to devour the Bitter Sweet Word of God. His words will renew your strength, His words will renew your compassion and His words will renew your desire to reach out to the walking dead all around you.

All people are desperate for a cool cup of water; given to them by you on behalf of the ONE you SERVE, to quench their thirst in this desert valley of shadows we call earth.

So go back to the HOLY BIBLE to the Talking Book and begin again the story of the ages. No you will not hear audible words, but the words you read will ignite the embers in your heart, your mind and your spirit.

Then the Holy Spirit will once again burn brightly within you so that the image of God you carry will shine again and light up the night.


The Spiritual Realm

The Bible gives us in-sight into the physical world we think is real; and into the invisible world that is true reality. The spiritual dimension is more real than our own existence. The spiritual realm is Eternal and the physical realm along with time is ending.

With that said WHY are the vast majority of America’s pulpits SILENT

on the topics of HEAVEN, HELL, the need for REPENTANCE, the soon coming ANTI-CHRIST, the 2nd COMING of JESUS in JUDGMENT, and the END of this WORLD System.

Heaven and Earth will soon become ONE. GOD is coming to walk with His Children Again. Either you are a Citizen of Heaven- one of His Children or you are an Earth Dweller, a child of satan the god of this world…with no future.

Just like people turn a deaf ear to the silent cries of Children aborted in the womb. The people also do not listen to the heartbeat, the very Words of the Holy Living God in HIS Bible regarding their future.

Why, because the majority of pulpits are silent and the sheep are not being fed the Truth. Therefore in a very real way the sheep are being led to Slaughter, because of weak preaching.

Jesus said in Luke 11:23…

“He who is not with Me is against Me”.

Jesus leaves you no alternative than to make a choice that you will live with for ETERNITY. ETERNAL LIFE in Heaven, or Your 2nd ETERNAL DEATH in Hell.

You first owe it to yourself to investigate The Truth. Then your heart along with mine; will go out to all those you LOVE that are on the road to becoming the FORGOTTEN. They need to hear the Truth from YOUR LIPS or they will become the Forgotten to YOU Forever.

Screaming out your Name in their darkness, while they are burned alive Forever….


Wake up!  GOD IS COMING !

Judgment of BELIEVERS

Bema Seat Judgment of Believers

1 Corinthians 3:12-15

“Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. If anyone’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire.

Have YOU ever given any thought to the tears Jesus will wipe from your eyes? Why am I going to be crying before Him? Maybe because as hard as I tried while here on Earth encased in this broken vessel of clay, the motives of my heart have always been tinged with pride.

Maybe because in my own way I too have Mocked God by trying to blend into the sewage around me like a Chameleon instead of standing alone for HIM?

Maybe because I haven’t taken His command to share the Gospel serious enough and He will show me the hundreds of times I could have made a difference in someone’s life by planting a seed for the Holy Spirit to water.

I will stand before Him looking into His Eyes filled with Holy fire and use words to give an account of the life He gave me to live out before HIM. He will then show me the times He had given me words to speak in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, but I chose to remain silent.




Too many of us when witnessing to Non-Believers about GOD use the word god. The word god means a multitude of things to a multitude of people.
There is NO POWER in using the word god…it is vague.

We as believers tend to use titles to reference HIS NAME; such as King of Kings, Savior, Lord of Lords, Christ, Messiah, Son of God and many more.
All are correct and biblical, BUT without Power and have little meaning to the people we witness to that have almost zero Biblical knowledge.

JESUS said HIS Sheep know HIM and hear HIS Voice. Therefore, when you speak His name among people a line appears in the sand between you and them.

That line represents what JESUS came here to do. He came to divide the Wheat from the Tears, the Few from the Many, the Believers from Non Believer’s as He separates the Found from the Lost.

When you claim Him as your own it will cost you dearly as people you love: your Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Children, and Grand Children, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins…your entire family may ultimately turn against you because of your belief in JESUS.

Like you they were created in the image of God, with a Sin Gene contained within their DNA. God cannot look upon Sin. And like you they need to repent of their sins and place their Faith in the Life, Death and Resurrection of JESUS.

Believing in JESUS Alone is the ONLY way for them to be in heaven with you. When this life you live is over, the reality of your real life with JESUS will begin for Eternity. Their real life will begin as well, But without JESUS.
You then will have a new Eternal Family, because you and every person who has placed their faith in JESUS the SON of GOD has become a Child of GOD’s forever family. So when you witness to those you love and want to be with you in Heaven…Don’t refer to the word god. Instead use the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES…. JESUS.

JESUS came to make all things new again. It’s not the end of the world that everyone hears when we speak about what is coming. It is a NEW BEGINNING…back to the future, a New Genesis.

At the name of JESUS the demons tremble and at the NAME of JESUS every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that HE Is LORD. So stop using the word god when witnessing to people. Instead Say The Name. …JESUS.
Draw the line in the sand between you and them. Let them know whom YOU belong to and that you have not placed your faith in legends, myths or fairy tales. Your faith stands on History, Archeology, Science and most of all Prophecy, which is pre-written History by God in His very own Scriptures, HIS Autobiography called the HOLY Bible.

Learn to defend your FAITH in JESUS.

Tell those you love that they need to call on the NAME of JESUS because there is SALVATION in no other name on earth but HIS. Stand there before them on behalf of the LORD and extend your hand, and help them to CROSS the line in the sand to Eternal Life…so they can live with you in Heaven…FOREVER.

There is Power ONLY in the NAME of JESUS.

The Lamb Became The LION

The Lamb and The Lion, are one and the same.

But to understand, you need to study the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Book of Revelation.

In the Old Testament:

The Jewish Nation has been saying “Where is the Lamb?” for over 3,500 years. God had instituted the Jewish sacrificial system for the Remission of individual Sins by the shedding of blood.

Every week throughout a Jews entire life he would be constantly searching for the best lamb he could get for the sacrifices he needed to make for himself and his family.

When Abraham made the trip with Isaac to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice his son on an alter to the Lord, Isaac asked the question that would echo throughout time by the Jewish people…”Where is the Lamb?”

Rabbis today are discussing how and when to re-institute the Sacrificial System. They know they need a Temple. We know from the book of Revelation that the End Time Temple will be rebuilt without the Court of the Gentiles. The dome of the rock now occupies that area.

The Rabbis missed GOD’s point about allowing the destruction of His Temple in 70 AD. GOD ended their animal Sacrificial System for Sin. Because a New Lamb was coming.

The Rabbis now want a Temple to be prepared for their coming Messiah. SOON, the Nation of Israel will again be saying…”Where is the Lamb?”.

In the New Testament:

Then when Jesus approached John to be baptized, John exclaimed: “Behold…The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” The question of “where is the Lamb” was answered once and for all time by the Jewish Prophet John who himself exclaimed “I am The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness; make ready the way of the Lord”.

The Nation of Israel had cried out to God for 400 years, yet God was silent…UNTIL the Jewish Prophet John the Baptizer broke the silence with Behold, The Lamb of GOD….. and GOD replied from the Heavens above…”This is MY beloved SON in whom I AM well pleased”.

In the Book of Revelation:

Then finally the Lamb of God is identified as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Y’shua – JESUS the Christ, the Messiah, The Lamb of God who was “worthy to be slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing…To HIM who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, Be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever…AMEN”.

Stay AWAKE and listen for the Trumpet Call with the EARS of Your HEART. HE IS COMING !


Amen, and All Gods Children said…..AMEN.


We learn nothing from our HISTORY, We are Doomed to Repeat History over and over again. WHY, because we do not understand that history is really HIS-STORY !

Genesis 11: 1-9 One Language, ONE PEOPLE !
“Now the whole earth used the same language and the same words. It came about as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. They said to one another, Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly. And they used brick for stone, and they used tar for mortar. They said, Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.

The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. The Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of the whole earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of the whole earth.”

In the Beginning GOD Created Mankind and said it was good. Then The Deceiver came into the Garden impregnating mankind with an additional Gene called Sin that now would be part of his DNA throughout time.

Then Man, listening to the whispers of The Deceiver, and decided through multiple RELIGIONS to create gods in His Own Image. Then throughout the generations of men with black dead hearts made of stone came the rallying cry to the heavens against the The ONE TRUE GOD who created them, “WE WILL ALL BE ONE AGAIN”.

Listen carefully and you will hear this cry echoing across our Earth Today; growing stronger with each new day. That cry of black dead hearts is growing louder again calling out for a WORLD LEADER to STAND UP among them and Make Mankind ONE AGAIN.

The ONE TRUE GOD has looked down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand, who seek after HIM. (Psalm 14:2)

The ONE TRUE GOD says again to Fallen Mankind…”My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.” (Genesis 6:3)

Time and the Race of Sin Filled Humanity made of Flesh is coming to an end. GOD sent HIS SON JESUS to die on HIS CROSS 2000 years ago for your sin’s. If you accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord, then there is a place for you to live Eternally in HIS Heaven. If you do not REPENT of your Sins, then there is also a place for you to live Eternally. It is called Hell, the place where the dead will live forever.



I wanted to let all of you know how VERY SAD I am that you are not as blessed as me. You see you were given a very special image to reflect as you walk this earth. You were made to reflect the Image of God because He made you in His Image. The problem is that you just do not understand who the one that created you really is. That’s obvious from the way you live your life. The problem is that you have a choice to make that does not apply to me, because I was born already chosen from birth.

Just like your ancestor’s populated the Earth from its beginning within the Garden of Eden so have my ancestors been there within the Garden of Eden with yours. God blessed each of us with 5 sense so we could enjoy the world that He created for us. I can see, (Better than You), I can smell (Better than You), I can taste (Better than You), I can hear (Better than You), but you can touch (Better than me).

I DO have a 6th Sense TOO, but some people don’t believe it. I have a SOUL and a personality just like you.

God created you with the ability to love , but since the Fall of Eden your love is now conditional. However my love has never changed since the Garden of Eden. My love is still innocent and UN-Conditional.

Since the Fall you have lost your way to heaven, but God in His Mercy to you has explained your problem within the Bible that He wrote especially for you to read and understand and then make the right decision.

You see your at a CROSS ROAD at a DEAD END Street going nowhere. You must Turn to the Left or the Right to continue your journey. The problem you have is that without understanding the directions God has given you in His Word you WILL, I guarantee it; make the wrong turn and not take the Narrow Road to Heaven.

I on the other PAW, have no choice to make at all. God in His Mercy to Me and my KIND provided us with Salvation and Instant Heaven when we die.

I am writing this to you to let you know that I AM always praying for you with all of my friends; that you would stop thinking about yourself all the time and begin seriously thinking about the GOD who created both of us; before its too late for you.

Me and my Kind want you to know that we love all of you very much and hope to see all of you in Heaven with US.

Love in Christ Our Great King.

Chloe your Boston Terrier Friend.


Jesus Christ ALONE is the HOPE of this World.

God has abandoned this planet to the consequences of its SIN’S. God has also abandoned ALL NATIONS on the face of the earth including ours and the nation of Israel to the consequences of its sins.

BUT, GOD has not abandoned His Children that BELIEVE in HIM through HIS SON JESUS ! ! !

We have been living in the end times since the Death and Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah, the Christ 2,000 years ago. Back then Jesus told us about both the coming judgment of people who do not know HIM as Savior and the end of the earth as we know it and the creation of a new Eternal Earth where sin is no more.

A new earth made up of every nation, tribe and tongue…All ruled by the God who created them. It will not be a democracy. It will be a Theocracy as it was originally intended to be in the Beginning.

When Jesus spoke, it was the beginning of the end times. The difference is that we are now at the end of the end times. Look around you, read the papers, listen to the empty talking heads on the Television or Radio news or the country’s leadership in Hollywood.

Man thought he was ascending the evolutionary ladder, when in fact man has been descending on his way back to the dust God created him from since his fall in the Garden of Eden.

Yet, God is still on HIS THRONE and God is in control, He alone allows people into power to bring to pass the events He has shown us in His Pre-Written History called Prophecy.

The end of the story as I have written about before is both Bitter and Sweet. The question is whether your story will continue to be sweet or forever bitter.

The first person that should be important to you is you. It all begins with you and your realizing you need a Savior who will stand with you before Almighty God and tell God that you are one of HIS … not one of satans.

When you are saved the next focus of your attention should be your family, those you love who are not saved. Those you love that you want to be in heaven with you. Those you love that will always remember you in hell, but you by the Grace of God will forget forever.

As the sun continues to rise in the Eastern sky its light begins to illuminate the road around me. To my right reaching up to the sky are multiple telephone poles with lines bearing the communications of mankind to each other. To me I only see a road full of Crosses. Just like the one that held the body of my Lord in Jerusalem.

Paintings throughout history depict the Crucifixion showing only three crosses with the Cross of Christ higher than the other two.

His Cross was the same size as all the others. He died as a man to identify with our sins. You would not have been able to pick HIM out of the crowd of the dead that lined the road full of crosses that day.

The Bible says that Jesus is Gods Son and bears the express image of God. If you know Him you can know God. Yet God imparted His image into each of us…we are all made in the image of God. And just like Jesus each of us has a Cross to bear in this life…a cross of sin.

But if you know Jesus as Savior it is He who carries both you and your cross through this life on earth on the Narrow Road Up To HEAVEN.

You know the account of the Cross with Jesus in the middle between two thieves. Which thief are you, whose Cross are you nailed too, the one who turned away from the Lord or the one who turned to HIM for Salvation?


I have learned something from the Silence of God. My attitude has been reshaped. And now reflects the words… “This Too Shall Pass”. Now rather than pray for what I want to happen in any given situation; I give it over to God and ask for His strength to bear the burden till it passes.

In so doing I have learned the best way to wait on the Lord is to Worship and Praise HIM for who He is. This lifts the clouds of anxiety and the Light of Gods SON JESUS; shines again into my soul. Our prayer life when tied to our worship feeds our faith. Then when the answer comes the invisible God becomes real to me in a greater way.

The relentless waves of bitterness that wear me down always leave me as I turn my eyes towards His Throne. I know that our ultimate end is a new beginning in a new land into which we who believe in Jesus will enter a world we cannot even begin to envision or imagine.

No longer will we live in a country governed by Democracy. Instead we will live in a new united universe governed by a Sovereign King who makes everything new just for you. A place where the King will personally escort you to the personal space He has created for you. Have you met this Visible King who calls your name? The King who stepped out of eternity and walked upon the Earth that He created among the people He created?

You, as a Believer know that God left a seed of life in your heart that need’s watering. It is a kernel of Truth that will only grow if you nurture it within you by reading His Word. You can hear the voice of God today, but only through the written words He has spoken to you recorded in His Book. He only speaks there, within the context of His Words. His truth about each of us is buried deep within us. It is like a dream that is so real yet recedes back into the mists of your inner mind when you awake.

This Visible God came to Earth 2,000 years ago to save you from Himself (His Holy Wrath towards sinners). This Visible God came to proclaim His Invisible Kingdom. A growing Kingdom that resides within the hearts of His called-out ones. His Ecclesia…His Born Again True Church of Believers who have put their Faith in Jesus, the Son of God.

Every one of us would admit that life is hard, and its challenges can be a severe burden. Yet, The Lord is there all around you waiting for you to ask HIM to share your burden and make it light.  He never sleeps. He watches over you every moment of your life. There is no place you can hide from Him, for even the darkness is light to Him.

You are a Believer and you bear His image. Let your soul ignite your voice as you join with nature singing His praises while waiting for His Second Coming.

He is the God who made you in eternity past. He is the God who was broken for you on the Cross. He is the God who cries tears over you. He is the God who patiently waits to be wanted by you.

He whispers your name and says, My Child, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Come take my hand. Let us walk together on this journey called life all the way home to HEAVEN.

Yes, true peace is resting within the protection of someone greater than you. Go find your quiet place, call on HIS name, He will hear you. Then wait quietly…it will be worth it. He will answer you…and when you receive your answer… be still… and know that HE is YOUR God.

The god of halloween is Coming Soon !

Something Wicked, this way comes”.

So if you asked someone you know what the Next Frontier for mankind would be they probably would tell you “Outer Space”. Out there is the answer to all our questions. Out there is where we really must go to solve our problems. But to go we ultimately need to unite around a common cause.

You can see the future coming. No longer will we look at ourselves as individual nations, but instead a new Global nation called Earth that contains ethnic varieties of people. The heart cry of man will be that we are all part of the human family of mankind. Men agree that our DNA representing only one of many species living on our planet ties us all together.

Together we are now searching for a common bond that will unite us all. One that will focus our attention on the goals of peace, which will bring prosperity to the entire world. What will it be? What does every person seek outside of his or her physical existence? We all are seeking some form of Spirituality.

History has not united us; goals and objectives will not unite us. What will unite us is a spiritual awakening. And so it will not be Outer Space that brings us together, but Inner Space…our search to solve the mysteries of our Souls.  Why because we know each of us is lost. Deep within us we want to understand who we are…we want to be found. We want to be part of something bigger.

So seeking spiritual guidance from something or someone outside of us will in the future become the paradox of the known ages. As we search deep within our own inner space it will be something or someone from Outer Space that will unite the peoples of the earth.

Then as it was on the plains of Shinar so long ago a new Tower of Babel will be erected. No not an actual tower, but a spiritual tower that will bring all mankind together to worship a being not of this earth. A being that will claim to be God and mankind will follow him.

The reason they will follow is because they will be looking for Signs and Wonders that will appeal to their emotions. Faith has always been in what we cannot see or touch or experience. But then it will be the opposite. For what we will see, and touch and experience will drive our emotions to new heights and it will be called true Faith in GOD. However it will not be faith in God, but faith in the god of this world…satan.