To Touch the Face of God

“Mary did you know, when you kiss your little baby, you have kissed the face of God?”
Of the five senses you were born with, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight which would you consider the most important to you? Which could you live without? How many of them would you need to live your life?

Each attribute allows you to explore the world you live in. Together these five senses are designed to build one upon the other to make you complete and give you a full sensory experience of the world around you.

Through taste, I can enjoy a meal or a cool cup of water in the heat of the day. Through smell I can enjoy a flower or the scent of the wife I love. Through hearing I can enjoy the sounds of nature and the voices of family and friends, and through sight I can enjoy the beauty of the world around me that ONLY God could have created.

If I had to choose only one of the five senses to live my life through, it would be touch.

For it is through touch that I can feel love. It is the greatest sense shared between two people. From a newborn baby’s need to be held by its mother. From the need of two people to embrace each other through marriage. To an old man’s being held by his loving wife as his life comes to an end. From our beginning to our ending it is touch that communicates love and lets us know we are not alone in this world and gives us peace.

Have you ever thought about the fact that God, who is Love, choose to come down to visit with us for a while and clothed Himself in flesh with a body like ours? Why would God do that?

The God of creation and the Universe, the only TRUE and Holy God became a man so we could touch Him for a while. Yes He came down to communicate to us through His words. But, I believe even more important than that He came down so He could touch us and we could touch Him.

Two thousand years ago, there was a special generation alive on the earth that walked in the cool of the day with their God, as Adam did in the Garden. This special generation lived by sight, smell, hearing and taste and had the ability to TOUCH God.

God became “Immanuel” which means God With Us. This special generation experienced God with All their senses; but they recognized HIM NOT because they knew NOT the time of HIS COMING.

Today we live by faith alone. Faith is a special sense that God gives only to those who believe in His Son Yeshua / Jesus who came down to us with Salvation in His Hands. Those of us who believe in Him shall on one future day walk by sight, forever with Him in heaven.

Jesus while here on earth became the God / Man. But Jesus looked no different than anyone else; you could not have picked Him out of the crowd of the nation of people He was born into. There was nothing physically unusual about Him. There were only two ways of telling He was God. The first were the Words that came from His mouth and the second was the Touch of His hands.

Both His Words and His Touch performed many miracles. The miracles were designed to prove that He is God Incarnate, (God in Flesh). But there is a greater meaning behind His Words and Touch than the miracles He performed to prove to us who He is. Everything He did, He did because He loves us. He IS Love. It is because of that Love for us that He came to us.

To Jesus His coming is ALL about a Family Reunion. Every Word spoken and every Touch felt was meant to prove His love for His family…that’s you and I.

CHRISTMAS IS…..About the Real CHRISTmas Tree


Christmas is about a mystery older than time itself, because its origin was before time existed. This mystery is hidden in the Old Testament. God through prophecy wove a tapestry of clues as to the identity of the Savior of Mankind…The Redeemer…the Messiah of Israel…the Son of God. Those clues were fingerprints that would fit but one man in history.

The Nation of Israel missed it…and so have Billions of people of all faiths throughout the century’s. This mystery was then revealed in the New Testament through the person of Jesus Christ who brought with Him a new beginning for mankind.

Christmas is about creation: a universe and a special planet called Earth that God made for His children to live on and will remake it again clean and new to be enjoyed forever.

Christmas is about evil: allowed now to have its day, but soon to be destroyed forever.

Christmas is about mankind: whose god is himself, whose worship is technology, mankind so full of himself that there is no longer room for the God who created him.

Christmas is about God: who gave mankind free will to accept or deny Him. A God who reaches down from Heaven with open arms and says…believe and come home. A God of tears, tears even the oceans of the world could not contain.

Christmas is about a book called the Bible: It truly is an extra-terrestrial document. God dictated it through the minds of the Prophets and Apostles. The Bible contains the past, the present and the future.

You might think we are living out history. If you do you are wrong. We are living out His…Story. The Bible has stood the test of time, history, archeology, science and the most fascinating of all…Prophecy or Pre-Written History.

Christmas is simple to understand: because it is not about us but about JESUS. The Story of CHRISTmas existed before our universe was created. It is a story from Eternity past that bridges Time to Eternity future.

That bridge in Time is a Tree. You see the real CHRISTmas tree was the CROSS…the Cross that Jesus was nailed to. But as the lyrics from one songwriter say…it was not the nails that held HIM there…it was HIS Love for you that held HIM there.


These two words are part of our language because they come from the BIBLE. Both words are defined by THE ONE TRUE GOD who created us. Each is exemplified by the Parables taught by Jesus and the historical accounts of the people in Scripture.

Throughout the Past we could see these words lived out before us. Today these two words have almost been eliminated from our language and our actions. There is an Ancient Word that began in the Garden of Eden that has remained throughout time as the nemesis of both Repentance and Forgiveness. This word has become the foundation of the New Tower of Babel. PRIDE ! ! !

The author of this word is the creator of Evil…Satan. This one word carries within it an Eternal Death Sentence from GOD for ALL whose actions show that their hearts are filled with Pride. Jesus says to you, the one filled with Pride…….

“I have this against you, because you have left your first love and have hated Me. If only you had REPENTED I would have FORGIVEN you, but you hated My Law and would have none of my ways.”

Therefore, my friend you will receive what your ACTIONS DESERVE. For now, you are on GODS Layaway Plan called “SIN NOW and PAY LATER.” Like all debts, YOUR payment ultimately will come due.

The Story of YESHUA,The SON of GOD…God promised 6,000 years ago in His word that he would send a Savior to redeem mankind so Heaven would be our destination after death and not hell.

JESUS came already 2,000 years ago and He will be back in YOUR LIFETIME. The Old Testament contains HIS-Story in Prophecy. The New Testament Reveals HIS-Story in documented FACT, written down by EYE WITNESSES. The Real CHRISTmas TREE is The CROSS of CHRIST!

“These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.”   Luke 24:44

Thoughts After CHRISTmas

Two Sinners Saved by GOD’s Grace and Mercy to take part in the Greatest Story Ever Told.
Scripture reveals to us the words and thoughts of Miriam (Mary). But Scripture says less about the heart of Joseph. Michael Card’s lyrics below seem to have captured the heart of Joseph. Worth reading, pondering and listening to; especially the phrase: “Father show me where I fit into this plan of yours”.

How could it be this baby in my arms
Sleeping now, so peacefully
The Son of God, the angel said
How could it be?

Lord, I know He’s not my own
Not of my flesh, not of my bone
Still Father let this baby be
The son of my love

Father show me where I fit into this plan of yours
How can a man be father to the Son of God
Lord for all my life I’ve been a simple carpenter
How can I raise a king, how can I raise a king?

He looks so small, His face and hands so fair
And when He cries the sun just seems to disappear
But when He laughs it shines again
How could it be?

Father show me where I fit into this plan of yours
How can a man be father to the Son of God
Lord for all my life I’ve been a simple carpenter
How can I raise a king, how can I raise a king?

How could it be this baby in my arms
Sleeping now, so peacefully
The Son of God, the angel said
How could it be? How could it be?
nativity scene
Michael Card – Joseph’s Song Lyrics

Black Snow

Warning: many will not like this message.

Are YOU celebrating CHRISTmas?
Are YOU celebrating Christmas?


The WORLDS Christmas celebrates LUCIFER, the Fallen Archangel. The former worship leader of heaven. You know him as Satan. He is the reason for his Christmas season. Satan’s Christmas is filled with Traditions, Santa Claus, Lights, Cartoon Characters, Reindeer, Elves, Christmas Songs, Christmas Movies, and Christmas Presents under Christmas Tree’s filled with Ornaments. ….all the things that humanity uses to celebrate this holiday. We continue to MOCK GOD in our ignorance not understanding that we live today on GODS Credit Plan (SIN Now PAY LATER).

There is someone MISSING from Satan’s Christmas. Someone you know very little about. Satan’s objective, is to deceive the world and take your mind and eyes off of Jesus and His Cross.

Has God or His Word Changed since the beginning? No, but man has changed the meaning of GOD’s word to accommodate himself and to reflect himself, his traditions and his desires. The end result for those who celebrate Satan’s Christmas is to receive the gift of Eternal Death.

CHRISTmas, Celebrates JESUS, the SON of GOD, who offers You Eternal Life.

The 3 Wise Men were truly WISE because they understood Old Testament Prophecy and knew JESUS is the KING of the JEWS as well as ALL People on the earth. The Wise Men came to worship their KING, falling before HIM on their knees. You too will acknowledge JESUS as Lord whether you want to or not, by falling on your knees before HIM.

LuciferCHRISTmas is not a holiday, it is a HOLYday. The CROSS is the REAL CHRISTmas TREE. There is NO CHRISTmas without HIS CROSS. There are no lights on it, no ornaments on it. JESUS is NAILED to it along with a small sign above His Head proclaiming “JESUS of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.

The Snow you find on earth that surrounds you at CHRISTmas time is not white. It is an illusion. We live in a world of Shadows and Darkness, and the Snow is BLACK like the night sky. SOON the world and you, at the same time will see a GREAT LIGHT in the EASTERN SKY. My prayer for you is that you will come to FAITH in JESUS before HE Comes Again. Because when you see JESUS Coming Back it will be too late for you.

Jesus died as the Lamb of God. But Jesus Returns as the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH, without Love, Mercy, Grace, Salvation and without HOPE for You. HE came the 1st time in Love, to Die for You. He comes the 2nd Time ONLY to bring Eternal Death to destroy everything and everyone corrupted by SIN.

1. Gods Promise to Himself.
2. Gods Promise to DESTROY Satan.
3. Gods Promise to His creation.
4. Gods Promise to save a believing Remnant…ONLY the FEW Who BELIEVE.
5. Gods Promises to the Nation of Israel.
6. Gods Promises to You, IF YOU CHOOSE to Worship HIS SON!

You were born in the mind of GOD in Eternity Past to live for Eternity. Open the Old and New Testament in 2015 and read about the ONE you will stand before. Be prepared for HIS 2nd Coming. HE will ask you one Question: Who Do You Say That I AM? You Better Know the RIGHT ANSWER, because Your TIME is RUNNING OUT.

Everyday is CHRISTmas

This little CHRISTmas tree we have is made from Silver Tinsel. There is a Silver Star at its top. The tree lights are all white and they glow intensely in the dark. The tree is 2 ½ feet tall and it sits on a table in front of the window. This is the very first CHRISTmas tree I have owned that when you look at it…you only see JESUS. The tree is small like Jesus was when He came down from heaven to be born of a virgin at the Incarnation. Can you believe that God miraculously entered the womb of a virgin named Miriam as prophesied back in Genesis? That God became a Holy Embryo so He could be born and grow up to become the God/man, the Messiah of the Old Testament and later the Christ of the Cross. Do you understand that His only purpose in doing that was to save you from yourself? That He came to die in your place so that you would have eternal life and not eternal death.

Jesus was born in a manger and myriads of Holy Angels announced His birth to mankind. God His Father tore open the darkness that enveloped this planet to allow Holy Light to come through from heaven. This light washed over the faces of Shepherds in the field. God still honors Shepherds today who take their responsibility to share the light of Christ with their sheep. Shepherds who lift up Christ and NOT themselves. There were no gifts given at His Birth, except God’s gift of His Son to you personally. The gifts given by the Magi came two years later. This little CHRISTmas tree represents the gift that Christ gives to you…the gift of HIS LIGHT.

It is pitch black now in my living room. I am aware of only two things. Both give my heart Joy as I now anticipate the celebration of CHRISTmas. The first is the sound of laughing water from our fountain. It fills my ears as I am reminded ONLY JESUS is the Living Water that will quench the thirst of my Soul. As I sit now in the darkness of my living room I see the second item of Joy, which is the little CHRISTmas tree of lights on the table by the window. Interesting as I approach the lights how my shadow runs and hides behind me. It reminds me that even though I have the assurance of my salvation I continually need to be bathed in the Light of the Word of the Living God to keep my sins behind me. That is what Christ came to do for you at CHRISTmas. His light while drawing you to HIMSELF at the same time drives out the shadow within you, which is the sin you were born with.

CHRISTmas is simple to understand because it is really not about us but about HIM. The Story of CHRISTtmas existed before our universe was created. It is a story from Eternity past that bridges Time to Eternity future. That bridge in Time is a tree. You see the real CHRISTmas tree was the CROSS that Jesus was nailed to. But as the lyrics from one songwriter say…it was not the nails that held HIM there…it was HIS Love for you that held HIM there.

As I look across the room to the door wall I see two more things. I see my outline in shadow and the bright lights of the little CHRISTmas tree reflected there next to me. The scene in the door wall reminds me that Jesus, the LIGHT of the World has already come. It reminds me that His light, which is the Spiritual Fire ignited within the heart of every true believer; will shine brighter against the darkness of the people of this world…until HE Comes Again as the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings to claim what is rightfully HIS. Today we see through a mirror dimly, but soon the darkness will be swallowed up by Light and you and I who believe in JESUS; will live forever by SON-LIGHT.

silver tree

Christmas is not about the baby

CHRISTmas is about the One whose journey of sorrows began from eternity past. CHRISTmas is about a small cry that finally came from the lips of God in a manger to pierce the darkness of this world. Thirty-three years later that small cry would become a deafening Roar (Echoing throughout the Universe) from the lips of the God / Man on the Cross, The LION of the Tribe of Judah-as He proclaimed……
“It Is Finished” as sin was conquered for all time and eternity.

Isaiah 7:14 “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel — “God with us”.

Matt 1:20 “Behold an angel of the Lord appeared to Him in a dream saying…Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for that which has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit and she will bear a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for it is He who will save His people from their sins”

Luke 2:18 “And all who heard it wondered at the things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Isaiah 9:6 “For a child will be born to us a Son will be given to us; and the government will rest on His shoulders; and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, MIGHTY GOD, ETERNAL FATHER, Prince of Peace.”

Seek God this CHRISTmas with the eyes of a child.
Their faces I formed so that mine they would seek Ears to listen for the Word I would speak, Eyes to see, minds to understand All they required I made with my Hand. The Law and the Prophets for centuries foretold the birth of a baby begotten of old. In words un-encoded, with language so plain that even the simplest could call on my name Fathom mysteries confounding the wise
COME and See the Messiah through a child’s eyes.

Mary did you know? Lyrics by Mark Lowry
Mary did you know …that your baby boy would someday walk on water? would save our sons and daughters? would soon deliver you? would calm a storm with His hand? walked where angels trod? And when you kiss your little baby…you’ve kissed the face of God.

Oh, Mary did you know… the blind will see… the deaf will hear… the dead will live again… the lame will leap the dumb will speak praises to the Lamb.
Oh, Mary did you know your baby boy…is Lord of all creation?
And Mary did you know your baby boy…will one day rule the nations
Oh Mary did you know the sleeping child you’re holding
…Is The Great I AM !

CHRISTmas Tree

Angels Praise HIM

Angels Praise HIM for His Holiness,for that is all they know.
Believers Praise HIM for His GRACE & MERCY, for that truly is all they know.

YES, His love is great, for He is Love. But His Holiness demands Justice.
And HE Will NOT BE MOCKED. Here is something for you to consider this CHRISTmas Season.

Today you have Time, but Tomorrow you will have Eternity, yet your Time is running out. The same finger of GOD that wrote the 10 Commandments in Stone has drawn a line in the Judean sand. Look down while you live in Time to see which side of the line you are standing on.

You are either For HIM or Against HIM ! Gods CHRISTmas Layaway Plan, “Sin Now, Pay Later” will come due at a Time when you least expect it.

“Open my eyes and open my heart
And grant me the gift of your grieving.

And awaken in me the compassion to weep,
Just One of Your tears for the world.” (Song Lyrics by Michael Card).

When God walked among us in the fullness of time,
He wept tears older than the world.

“Jesus wept them …for YOU”

May you truly SEEK THE ONE TRUE GOD, with all your Heart, Mind and Strength.

If you are One of HIS, then may the Peace and Grace of the Lord Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, be with you this CHRISTmas HOLYday.

Coming Messiah

My Friend Gnarly Bob

Gnarly Bob is very old, actually ancient by human standards. I was talking to him the other day about the bloodline of the human family. How mine being a Jew could be traced back to Abraham and even further back to Adam as a human being. How God had created us to populate the earth and have dominion over it as a caretaker.

Gnarly Bob looked seriously at me with his one eye then reached down with one of his crooked limbs and gently lifted me 20 feet in the air so we could talk one to one. He lifted me so gently through the air with such strength. After all, his trunk was almost 7 feet around and his roots went deep into the earth for support.

Gnarly Bob said he was hundreds of years old and had seen first limb the years of Mankind and his caretaking abilities. He said in the Garden of Eden God had given mankind dominion, but the stewardship in the Garden was still provided by God. Then when Adam and Eve left the Garden because of the Curse of Sin…we’ll it’s been nothing but downhill from there, for the Earth and its Creatures.

Gnarly Bob agreed that God made man in His Image and that of course was a great honor. But God made many other things as well, all after their own kind.

He began recounting special times when God had chosen to use his relatives made of wood.
He spoke of the wood that Noah used to build the Ark that contained the remnants of human flesh and the animals. Many of his ancestors had given freely of themselves to be reshaped into a refuge that would carry Gods precious cargo to safety. And oh the honor to have the hand of God touch the mighty door of wood and then close it shut from the outside.

Then thousands of years later Moses was told by God to use Bob’s relatives to make another Ark, the Ark of the Covenant. This was a precious Ark with precious cargo as well. The Ark contained things that God had called His people to remember Him by. It contained the budding staff of Aaron that Moses used to separate the waters for the Nation to cross over. It contained the Manna that the nation of Israel ate as God fed them for 40 years in the wilderness. And it contained the 10 Commandments, carved out of rock, with the very writing from the finger of God upon it. The Ark also had the Mercy Seat on it where the very presence of God sat when He visited the people in the Tent.

What an honor, Bob said to be able to serve the Living God in such a way.

But then tears began to flow from Bob’s one eye. He was visibly shaken, for his limbs were creaking as deep shudders of emotion came over him. Sorry Ernie, but I cannot help but feel humbled when I think of our shining hour as a specie to whom God gave such an exalted honor too.

The Cross…the Cross Ernie…Bob choked up. My ancestors were able to support the Lord as He hung between Heaven and Earth. When they drove those nails into HIM …they drove them into one of us.

Bob and I were silent for a while.

You see Ernie; my ancestors have been serving the LORD longer than yours. In fact one of mine IS the “Tree of Life”. He was in the Garden of Eden. Like the rest of us he now waits in heaven for the new earth the Lord has promised us all.

My Kind have supported humans and given sacrificially to them since the very beginning.

In fact Bob said his Redwood relatives, have been on the earth since the time of Christ. They stand as a monument to the people living today of the Truth of Yesterday. You see their roots go down so deep they are actually rooted into the fossil layer of all those billions of people who died in the flood.

God has given your kind so many, many signs about who HE IS. It’s hard for us to understand how dark and deep the blindness of the human race is.

But we just like those of you that believe look forward to His Soon Coming to make all things new again. We had been speaking for quite a while Bob and I. So he gently set me down and I went home to bed.

This is an excerpt from Gnarly Bob’s Christmas. Click on the Link to read the entire Christmas Message.

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Gnarly Bob

Can Nature Really Sing ?

Can Nature Really Sing?

The Word of God speaks of a time in the future when all Heaven and Nature will sing a triumphant new song.

Take a moment to think about that. If your are like me I immediately think of my favorite artists and huge orchestral refrains creating a symphony of sound and joy created by instrument’s that mankind has made.

We think like that because all we have known is Earth.
But that is not what this is about. This is about the Sound of Joy lifted up by creatures and nature before the God of Creation.

In Psalm 96:1 it says… sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth!

When I was a small boy and I misbehaved my father, who always disciplined with reason said to me in his broken English; Ernie, you need to be a listen boy… you need to listen!

There is so much noise in the world that we have trouble listening to anything. Yet sound is all around us. In fact there are people and equipment within the scientific community devoted to recording the sounds of the living earth.

Think with me for a moment. I can mention types of sound and you will hear a sound bite in your mind. “Crickets chirping, frogs croaking, an eagles shrill cry, a dogs bark, a lions roar, whales calling each other beneath the sea, a baby laughing, leaves of trees rustling in the wind, running water, waves coming in onto the shore, sea gulls calling to each other, raindrops against windows in a storm, and the sound you hear but cannot ever see…the wind.

I could go on and on and on. Amazing is it not? All these sounds and millions more were created by God. They represent a daily worship chorus of one united voice that gives praise to the God that created everything for the purpose of Praising HIM.

What about the sounds of heaven? What comes to your mind? What is the most beautiful instrument created by God to Praise and Worship HIM?

Have you ever heard a choral ensemble, made up of voices only? Have you listened to a boy’s choir singing hymns in a cathedral? Have you listened to accapella singing? Yes, beautiful pure sounds come forth from human voices.

But human voices are no match for the purity of Angelic Voices that are HOLY, and without sin. God created the HOLY Angels before us to worship and sing Praises to Him. Did you know the HOLY Angels provided musical accompaniment to the greatest voice of all…the Voice of God at the Creation when HE spoke the Universe into existence.

Job 38:6-8…”When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”

Wishing you JOY in the MORNING….this LORDS DAY 12-8-2013

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Do Angels Still Sing ?


Some would have you believe that today the HOLY Angels are silent. I don’t agree. I know the songs of HOLY Angels are not silent because we are told that they REJOICE over one person who repents and comes to Salvation in Christ…the SON of the Living God.

Luke 15:6-8 …
“there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God…”

So maybe if you take seriously the call on your life as a Believer to share HIS Gospel to all you love that are on the wide road to hell; then you will be there to plant the last seed. You will be there to see the lights come alive in someone’s eyes as the HOLY Spirit ignites their heart, mind and Soul in faith in Christ.

When it happens listen closely and you might hear the Songs of HOLY Angels and feel the brush of their wings as they form a HOLY Hedge of Protection around the New Born Believer in Christ. As your loved one now is on the narrow path of their journey home to heaven with you.

In 28 years of witnessing God has only honored me twice where I put the last seed into the heart of a true seeker of God…then watched in awe as JOY took over them.

For the most part the songs of HOLY Angels can be heard echoing in the wind that flows throughout the Earth and the Heavens. Their Song lingers, slowly building momentum for the Coronation day yet to come in the near future. The Day when the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS takes HIS rightful place on the throne of Heaven and Earth.

The Angels with us wait for this day. It will be a day of Jubilation, of Praise, and Worship, of Singing and Pure JOY. It will be THE DAY when all the voices of Heaven and Nature sing a New SONG to the King of Men, the King of ALL Creation, the King of Angels, the KING of ETERNITY.

You and I love music, we love to watch musicals, and we all love to sing. This ability to sing is a gift from God to you and I. It is our way of expressing JOY. Here on Earth we communicate with words. But I’ll bet your life, that in Heaven we will communicate with Nature and the Angels and each other and with God… in Song.

Then truly…truly… we will… “Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the Earth! “

And Heaven and Nature will SING. But the best news is that GOD will rejoice over you with singing…

Zephaniah 3:17
“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”