Why Me ?

Because I was Pre-Destined to Believe !

Questions, my life has been filled with questions. For years I had been looking for answers. Who is Ernie Pahlek? How did I get here? What is my purpose here on earth? And lastly, where am I going when I die?

When I look back on those years I have come to realize that my life on earth has been a bittersweet journey to somewhere else.

When I was young I wrote my plans in ink. Then in my 40’s I wrote my plans in pencil because things kept changing. Now in my 70’s I realize that I cannot control anything in my life.
Circumstances have taught me that someone else has the eraser to my penciled in plans.

My life has been a roller coaster ride. But most of all I realize that I have been continually shaped by hammer blows on an anvil by a hand much greater than my own.

When I look in the mirror I see myself at every continuing stage of physical development. Each stage has brought further decay of a body that continues on its way back to the dust it was formed from.

But when I look into my eyes, I can now see my soul shining within me. For there is an eternal light contained in my eyes, for they are the windows into my eternal soul.

Now as I look back through my life, I understand that God holds the hammer and has lovingly re-formed me on an anvil into His Image so I can go home to live with HIM for Eternity.
Come with me on my journey back in time to find the answers as to WHY me? WHY ME BECAUSE I was Born in Eternity Past, in the Mind of God with a purpose.

Listen with the Ears of Your Heart to OUR GOD. There is a book I have written just for you. They are the Words from My own mouth. When you find this book you will eat of it and it will feed your soul. This book will be both bitter and sweet to your taste. It will be sweet when you find ME within its pages. It will be bitter when you realize not all those you love or know have found ME within its pages.

Your tears will be great for those who do not know Me…your heart will break for them…but you in the end will have JOY in the MORNING. For I have given you a life that will never end. I also have given them a life that will never end. But you will know that the end of the journey is just the beginning of your life with ME.

And they will know that the end of their journey is but the beginning of their life without ME. Soon you will be born of flesh only to die in a short time. For I have said, life is like a wisp of smoke in the wind. It is seen for a brief moment and then it is gone and forgotten.

So prepare now for your birth in the flesh. I have already prepared you for your re-birth in MY Spirit. I will begin telling you now of the plan as you leave the Light of My Presence to take your place within the womb of darkness that will open into a land of light and shadows.

Do not be afraid for I have promised to be with you always. I will never leave you nor forsake you because you belong to me. You are being prepared as a love gift for my Son…who loves you as much as I do.

His voice of soft thunder recounted to me the plan. It contained only four simple points. With the economy of words that only God could use; these four points contained depths of knowledge beyond our comprehension. For who among those He has created can say they understand Him or even begin to know HIM.

Point One: God had a vision to create an ultimate Holy and Eternal World where God and man would co-exist. This vision became reality when God said, “Let there be Light….” And so there was a place where God and man could walk together in a garden, in the cool of the day.

Point Two: Sin entered into this pristine world, twisting the relationship between God and man. This disease born on the dark wings of a fallen angel named Lucifer spread to every man and woman made in the image of God for all time.

Point Three: Two worlds now existed side by side. Two dimensions occupying the same space, but not the same time; God in one, and man in the other. But God promised to send His Son to redeem mankind and the world he lived in and re-unite both planes of existence…into ONE. And so the God / Man was born into the world to die for the world and make it ONE again.

Point Four: In the beginning everything was made new. Then for a time everything new became old and life became a cycle of continuing birth and death. But just as God had created the beginning He also created the new beginning of the end.
God would bring forth new birth pangs that would ultimately give birth to a new blending of Earth and Heaven, a place where God and Man again would walk together forever.

GODS words were now fading rapidly into the shadowy mist in my mind as I began to move out from my mother’s womb into the light filled with shadows. My fists were clenched in rage as my lungs filled with air and I began to cry. I would forget all that I had heard from HIS lips. I would forget the voice of quiet thunder and those soft eyes that looked upon me with such love.

But hidden deep within the very heart of my being this new sense within me would gently echo the words of HIS one phrase… “I have already prepared you for your re-birth in MY Spirit.”

I knew you even before you were conceived.Jeremiah 1: 4-5
I chose you when I planned creation… Ephesians 1: 11-12
You were not a mistake… Psalm 139: 15-16
For all your days are written in my book… Psalm 139: 15-16
I determined the exact time of your birth and where you would live… Acts 17:26
I knit you together in your mother’s womb…Psalm 139:13
And brought you forth on the day you were born… Psalm 71:6

The day will come in the future when I will live within YOU.
I will never leave you nor forsake you because you belong to me. You are being prepared as a love gift for my Son…who loves you as much as I do.

“To hear with my heart, To see with my soul, To be guided by a hand I cannot hold, To trust in a way I cannot see, That’s what faith must be.” Song lyrics from Michael Card.

Something to think about

A thought from my mind to yours !

I think it is important for each of us when speaking about God to others to use the Name Above ALL Names….JESUS and not the Generic Term God.

Non-believers use the generic term God. The question is what they mean, since the gods of man made religions contained in their religious books all contradict themselves.
Therefore the concept of ONE God from a secular point of view is impossible.

Yet there is ONLY ONE TRUE GOD represented in the Judeo-Christian Bible (Old & New Testaments). The ONE TRUE GOD is a Tri-unity of 3 Persons of the same kind & essence.

So depending on the context of what you want to say and to whom you say it, PLEASE say the name JESUS and do not use the term god generically.

Watch for opportunities to share your faith by asking non-believing friends that uses the generic term god, the question …”Whose god are you talking about? The god of the Mormon’s, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, etc”


Many people peer back through the darkened pages of history and see a rather obscure picture of Jesus. They have heard of His 2,000 year old claim that He was God, but they don’t quite believe it.

They find it hard to accept the idea that a small – town Jewish carpenter could have been the creator of the world. They prefer to believe other, less sensational theories about Him. Here are some of those beliefs.

Jesus is a man who achieved great things….this view is held by the Mormon Church. They teach that Jesus was a pre-existent spirit—but they believe that about everyone.

Jesus is a created being who was given the status of second-in- command…this view is held by Jehovah’s Witnesses. They teach that Jesus is a created individual who is the second greatest personage of the universe. He is a god, but not the Almighty God.

Jesus is a man no better than we are….this view is held by the Unification Church . They teach that Jesus’ value is no greater than that of any other man.

Jesus’ existence began at His conception….this view is held by the Way International. They teach that God created Jesus’ soul life in Mary at His birth.

Jesus is a prophet and messenger of God….this view is held by Islam. They teach that Jesus was only a messenger of Allah.

Jesus is less than most people think He is….this view is held by the Atheist. Most Atheists’ place Buddha or Socrates on a higher plane than Jesus.

Jesus is a great moral teacher….this view is held by the Unitarian Church. They teach that Christ was sent to earth as a great moral teacher rather than as a mediator.

Jesus is a mystic medium….this view is held by New Agers. They teach Jesus is a channeler; One of many ancients who give New Age adherents a glimpse at the past.

Jesus is a projection of our needs….this is the view of today’s psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s. Jesus is a culture hero who regardless of His historical existence, embodies the myth of the divine man.

One thing is for sure. Somebody is wrong! These people can’t all be right about Jesus. He cannot be exactly who all these people say He is. Many who think they know, don’t know. If He is only a prophet or a medium, then those who insist He is God are wrong.

If on the other hand Jesus is the One TRIUNE GOD, then those who insist that He is only an exceptional man are wrong. Some might wish to have it both ways.

In science and investigative journalism, we pursue truth passionately. Why should it be any different in this important realm?

You will ONLY find the REAL JESUS Hidden in the Old Testament Messianic Prophecies and Revealed by HIS own words in the Jewish New Testament.

JESUS CHRIST ALONE is the HOPE of this World ! ! !



Daniel 2: 21
He (GOD) removes kings (rulers) and establishes kings (rulers)

Psalm 104:14
For God Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.

Our country is in emotional turmoil. The cry from the valleys to the mountains is “CHANGE”. Change can be good and change can be bad. It depends on your point of view and the change that you as an individual want…for you will judge this change solely by your viewpoint regardless of others.

The HOT issues of the day are put onto the stovetops all across our country to cook in preparation for the meal that will be fed to us for years to come.

The issues are like water that we cannot grasp with our hands or our minds. Issues we only seem to be able to understand as we watch them boil like water in a pot. The pot is America and the water represents our issues. As the temperature increases, the differences between us burst forth like venom.

The issues of the day are everywhere in the mouths of everyone. We need and demand clarity in the answers from our government. Yet the rhetoric that comes forth from the mouths of our elected officials, as always, speak to the issues so broadly that their substance is lacking.

It’s like pouring perfume on a swine. The pig still stinks; it’s just that our noses only smell the perfume. The agenda’s always sound good because they each are trying to appeal to all the issues we as diverse individuals hold dear.

As these issues begin to boil in the pot of water on our stoves so do they separate us as individuals based on how those issues affect us personally.

Our points of view are different and so are the causes we support and care about. Yet, no matter what happens you will not be satisfied.

The reason is simple; the control of this planet and its nations and cultures is still and always will be rooted in an ongoing struggle of GREED and POWER. It is self-evident in the struggle between nations and the struggle within nations who ALL SERVE the small god of this world… Lucifer/Satan.

Democracy is a grand idea that will never work well because the stumbling block is still the darkened heart of mankind. What are your issues…the price of gas, your home, the food you eat, your 401 K retirement future?

What about others like the poor, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, the mentally ill, the out of control youth culture, the aged who wait only to die and those in the womb who die prematurely.

Or maybe for you it’s the environment, pollution, the animals, the flora and fauna…Global Warming.

What about war between countries far away from us that soon may ignite a firestorm that will consume you and all your issues, that you cannot do anything about.

All these thoughts are swirling in circles in my mind as I drove to work one morning last week. The direction I was driving was to the East. The view was spectacular as the sky opened before me with clouds and a rainbow of colors that the new day sun was casting as it began to come up.

As I drove into the East I watched as God painted yet another canvas before my eyes. My mind slowed down, my attitude began to change as HIS peace that passes all understanding took hold of my soul. I began to quiet down as my heart again began to beat as one with HIS and HIS Words “BE still and KNOW that I AM GOD”…filled my mind.

God said through the Palmist in Psalm 53:1…”The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” And Fools are exactly who the majority are that live in this country.

Whether you agree with me about what I am going to say makes absolutely no difference. Yes, there are Believers in Christ in this country but they are the few, they are the remnant, but this country is no longer a Christian Country. Our society proves beyond any doubt that God has abandoned the United States to reap the consequences of its immoral and Godless actions.

How is it that no one seems to understand that the United States of America is NOT the hope of the world!

Jesus Christ ALONE is the HOPE of this World.

When Jesus Comes Again


When Jesus Comes Again…

The sun will rise and the darkness will flee. The Earth will rejoice and the leaves of the trees will clap their hands for joy.

The animals will live together in peace. The angels will sing once again.

All of Gods Born Again Creation Will Rejoice.

If you know the Son of God personally as your Lord and Savior you will be free from sin forever, and your name will be found in the Lambs Book of Life.

And, then the God who called you forth out of nothing will
welcome you home with open arms and nail pierced hands.

And for the first time in your life you too will know who Jesus really IS, because your walk by Faith will now be a walk by Sight, Forever More.

In JESUS I found me.

Voices of the Martyrs



In America there is no cost to our faith. We live our lives as if we have no Cross to bear for HIM. We rarely use the Name Above ALL NAMES. We continue instead to say we believe in GOD. Whose God are you talking about? YOU Need to SAY THE NAME…JESUS !

Listen can you hear the wind bringing the Cries of Voices to our shores from our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world as they continue to DIE for their FAITH with the Name of JESUS on their lips.

This message is meant to wake you up to the reality of who you are. You are an image bearer of Christ. Your light should shine like a Pillar of Fire instead it shines like a candle in the darkness. You have chosen the journey towards home on the path that wanders into the shadows that surround you; rather than walking the narrow road bathed in His light, one step at a time all the way home. What is it about the SEWAGE that Surrounds you, that you are drawn to it?

Yes, you will make it home. Yes, He will accept you, but at what cost? Your walk is Joyless. Where is your joy? You don’t even know what true joy is, because you will not allow yourself to experience it by faithfully serving HIM. You prefer darkness and shadows on the road home. Christ bought you with His blood. He died for you. He forgives you but will you be able to forgive yourself?

As you become older and fragile, getting closer to the end of the road of this existence. You will start to realize that you cannot live the way you did before. Those days are gone. You will start thinking about what is ahead of you.

As the TRUTH becomes clearer you will look back and feel shame and realize that you would give anything to erase the story of a life lived in shadows. Because you will finally understand what you have not done for JESUS all your life. So why would you put yourself thru that, when you don’t have to?

The non-believer who lives their entire life without Jesus, and then ends up in Hell will become a believer in Jesus. Everyone in Hell is a Believer in Jesus and they will enter Hell knowing that they deserve what they have earned through the choices they have made by never accepting Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

But how much worse is it for those that are Carnal Christians who never lived the life of a believer, committing every sin before the face of God, constantly disappointing everyone around them including the Lord who died for them. How can they forgive themselves…how can they live with themselves knowing they are going to meet Him?

Look ahead; see Him there with His nail-scarred hand outstretched to you? Go, run to HIM, take His hand, change your walk and your talk and start living according to His will.

He can do great and mighty things through you because you serve an Extraordinary God, who loves ordinary people, which is who you are. One who has the Lord with Him and the Holy Spirit in Him.

The God/man became the Son of Man so that men and women could become Sons and Daughters of God. You are one of Gods children. You have the right to call HIM ABBA…DADDY.

He has a plan for your life from Eternity Past. Give Him the chance to work through you and then honor Him and He will take you on a Journey that you will never believe you could have.

You were born to live out the GREAT ADVENTURE He wants you to experience. A journey that will finally take you Home where you can stand before HIM in honor because you honored Him !

“In the Beginning God”

It is either All Gods Word or not gods’ word at all!
The very first sentence of the Bible is very precious to me. In my early quest to know God I listened to many Pastors, Teachers, Family Members, Friends, Co-Workers. All had a view based on their own experiences.
But experiences and opinions have nothing to do with who God IS. God has revealed HIMSELF to us only within His recorded words contained in the Holy Bible. I appreciated the input of many, but have come to respect and trust only the pure Word of God.
At the onset of my journey I heard the word Apologetic’s. I thought why would their be a category based on apologizing for the word of God. I was ignorant and immature in the Faith. Later I understood that the word Apologetic’s meant the study of how to defend your faith in an ever-increasing hostile environment.
As a Believer I have found my greatest passion is to learn how to defend my faith. The more I have studied, the more I have tested my faith in battle the more I have understood beyond any doubt… that without the Judeo/Christian Bible we would have no Idea, and no Revelation of who God is. Man on his own could never know who God is. Instead God has chosen to reveal Himself in only ONE Book. This book is a gift kept pure throughout the centuries of mankind’s earthly journey. This book will remain as a witness to the love, compassion, mercy and grace of our God for the coming epochs of eternity to the redeemed of all ages.
The Bible is the Autobiography of God in which He has revealed both Himself, humanities ultimate death sentence, His chosen Messiah / Redeemer / Savior, and the detailed history of mankind’s past, present and future. As I have said before, you are part of the Bibles Pre-written History; because you are part of mankind.
The question is whether you will be part of the continuing history of the Son of God. For the history of man is coming to a close. But the history of the Son of God is just beginning. All history is …HIS story.
The Bibles beginning account of Creation is as much historical fact as are the accounts of the people, places and events recorded in it. The Bible is unique in that it is the only book of its kind that uses prerecorded history (prophecy), to substantiate that it is written by God through the inspiration of both the Jewish Prophets and Jewish Apostles.
Today we live by faith rather than by sight. It’s difficult for most of us to do this. But God has given us a mind to think and reason with. It is my hope and prayer that you will be able to engage your mind and think thru the defend-able prophetic and historical facts of Scripture.
When you do this, you will understand that:
Faith is trust based on evidence…We choose to believe.
GOD BECAME A MAN …so HE could rescue “Some of us” that Believe.
No one has been left out of His invitation to come to Him…not even you.
The Bible IS the autobiography of God.
Yeshua / Jesus when He died on the Cross said “It is Finished”…but it is by NO Means the end of the story!
The “Greatest Story Ever Told” is about New Beginnings, a new Creation, a new Universe, a new Earth that will join with Heaven…and a new You.
Salvation is not about mans religion, but about a Personal Relationship between you and the SON of GOD.
“God has planted eternity in the hearts of all men”…if you but seek HIM and understand you will gain the assurance of your Salvation.
God is collecting all of His tears and all of humanities tears in a bottle. In the end there will be a new beginning. For now God sheds tears over you. Soon when He comes again there will be no more tears.
The fire in Gods eyes will have evaporated all the tears HE has shed over wayward people throughout time and history.
God gave us all free will. Everyone will go to the place they have chosen…He will grant their wishes forever.
You cannot pick and choose what you want to believe from Gods word. If you do then I question your faith and the road you are on.
To all who never believed the foundational statement by God when He wrote “In the Beginning God”… you must question every word after that statement.
And as you begin to question you will find that you have spent your life building your house of faith on shifting sand and not the rock foundation of Faith in God and His literal Word to us.
For you, His Mercy and Grace will be gone…as He comes back only in Judgment.
But if you know Him and have a personal relationship with Him, and believe in the complete council of God; then He comes to you in Song, with a smile in His heart that will light up your heart forever.
“He who was seated on the throne said I am making everything new! Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”
“Look to Me ALL you ends of the earth!
For I AM God and there is no other”
Fear No man…but Fear God.


The Pure Joy of listening to a CHOIR.
On stage the Choir began to come in singing an Anthem that took me before the very throne of God. The voices were accompanied only by a piano. A sound filled the air so precious and beautiful and sweet that the drums, the guitars and the keyboard left on stage for the 2nd Contemporary Service, just sat there in Awe and Silence.

Never could those instruments even begin to compare to the angelic sound of voices from the Choir; a sound near and dear to the heart of GOD.

I am part of the Early Morning Traditional Service at this Church. The early morning gathering of the Ancient of Days. Those of us with white hair and broken bodies. Years ago the only service we had was a blended service. The seats were filled with children, grandchildren, teenagers, young adults and parents and grandparents. All together worshiping our ABBA, our DADDY.

Today the churches have 3 services. Traditional, Contemporary and one for Young Adults. I know longer understand the reasoning for separate services, because it separates not only the families that worship but also the unity of the family of God.
I will be 73 in 11 days. Yet I am more excited about my future than my past. I look forward to the Lord wiping away all my tears and then serving HIM for Eternity as I explore the UNIVERSE HE created. And I especially look forward to the worship services as I lift up my voice with those of the HOLY ANGELS.

Today, the songs of HOLY Angels can be heard echoing in the wind that flows throughout the Earth and the Heavens. Their Song lingers, slowly building momentum for the Coronation day yet to come in the near future. The Day when the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS takes HIS rightful place on the throne of Heaven and Earth.

The Angels with us wait for this day. It will be a day of Jubilation, of Praise, and Worship, of Singing and Pure JOY. It will be THE DAY when all the voices of Heaven and Nature sing a New SONG to the King of Men, the King of ALL Creation, the King of Angels, and the KING of ETERNITY.

You and I love music, we love to watch musicals, and we all love to sing. This ability to sing is a gift from God to you and I. It is our way of expressing JOY. Here on Earth we communicate with words. But I’ll bet your life, that in Heaven we will communicate with Nature and the Angels and each other and with GOD… in Song.

Israel’s Joy and Restoration
Zephaniah 3: 14-17
Sing aloud, O daughter of Zion; shout, O Israel!
Rejoice and exult with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem!
The LORD has taken away the judgments against you; he has cleared away your enemies.

The King of Israel, the LORD, is in your midst; you shall never again fear evil. On that day it shall be said to Jerusalem: “Fear not, O Zion; let not your hands grow weak.

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

Then truly…truly… we will… “Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the Earth! “

I continue to seek out a church that is filled with LIVING STONES that form HIS TEMPLE. Living Stones that worship the Living GOD in Spirit and in TRUTH; within a Sanctuary…NOT an apostate auditorium !

The Sanctuary where Sound Doctrine lives and Biblical Discernment is taught and the True Life Giving GOSPEL is preached.

Churches where JESUS still shows up on Sundays.



Since our beginning in the garden of Eden, The TRUTH has always had an impact on the FEW (Gods REMNANT).

As for the Many who are Deaf, Dumb and Blind to the TRUTH they have continued to follow each other into HELL throughout History.

Never for a second realizing that History is HIS – STORY. The story of JESUS the SON OF GOD.

JESUS will give them what they always wanted in life; so they can enjoy their 2nd Death in Eternity ….DARKNESS FOREVER.

Jesus cried out from the Cross… IT IS FINISHED ! Listen for the Trumpet with the Ears of Your Born Again HEART and Watch the Eastern Sky.

Study the Messianic prophesy’s like never before.

Pray you are not mislead to accept the Coming FALSE Messiah.

Pray you will recognize “HIM WHOM YOU HAVE PIERCED” when you see HIM COMING !!!



Satan is already bringing signs and wonders that are False.
They come through the APOSTATE CHURCH and their FALSE TEACHERS. They are the First Sign of the 2nd Coming of JESUS in JUDGMENT…NOT LOVE.

As these Signs and Wonders continue to grow they will become bolder even to the point where believers may be misled. Yet that won’t happen because the Holy Spirit in every true believer will be able to discern the Truth from the Lie.

UNTIL ….GOD finally turns HIS Back to Those NON-BELIEVERS Who are NOT HIS and Gives Them Up to the FINAL DELUSION that will take them to the PLACE HE DOES NOT RESIDE, the Place Created for the DEVIL and HIS FALLEN ANGELS…..FOREVER.

The Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Can’t you see for yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you — unless you actually fail the test?…this becomes more important every day for everyone who professes with their mouth that they know the Lord.

My words are for all who are looking more and more to Signs and Wonders in these Final Days Before the Lords Coming. Each of us must STOP WALKING in and out of the SHADOWS. We are called ONLY to FOLLOW JESUS and Follow HIS FOOTPRINTS that are in the LIGHT.

Only HIS FOOTPRINTS will Lead us HOME.
In the end we judge NO ONE in regard to their Salvation.
But JESUS WILL… you do not want to hear HIS WORDS in Matthew 7:21-23 spoken to you; “I NEVER KNEW YOU”.

Non-Believers were BORN to BELIEVE !
In my search for God through the years I have found that Mysteries are meant to be revealed and that Religions are complicated lies meant to Deceive. But The TRUTH…Gods TRUTH…is simple and clear.

Religion is the Voice of Man and cannot be defended from History, Science or Archeology because Religion is weaved from layers of complicated lies that will not stand. They are based on the shadows of legends, myths and fairy tales. I do not believe in the gods that man has revealed through multiple religions.

GODS Truth is about a relationship that can be defended from History, Science, and Archeology. But that’s not what excites me!

I believe in the God who revealed Himself to His Creation through His Word. The Word’s given through Inspiration to His Ancient Prophets and Apostles. The Words of the Old & New Testaments. The God that said man is but dust speaks to us today from ancient texts that He has supernaturally preserved through time. His Words of Truth have never changed because He has never changed…He Is the Ancient of Days, the Eternal and True God. He revealed Himself to man, man did not reveal Him!

God knows the beginning from the end and because He is THE ONLY GOD, He Supernaturally proves who He is through Prophecy / Pre-Written History; just as you would expect the real God to do…that’s what excites me!!!

God says to you …Seek Me and I will reveal Myself, My Son and My plan for your redemption to cure your disease of Sin. The same choice I gave through Moses to the Nation of Israel in the desert I now give to you. Choose Eternal Death or Choose Eternal Life and Believe in ME and come Home!



Since 1985 I have grown up in the Church with beautiful Hymns and worship songs that touch me deeply. But hearing Messianic Jewish music and their lyrics with such rich meanings touches me deeper than anything else. I am a Messianic Jew. My life is rooted in Christ for He holds me together with Himself on HIS Cross. The Cross-of wood whose roots go deep into the Judean desert into which it was planted 2,000 years ago.

If God had chosen music to be played in the desert when John the Baptist said “BEHOLD…the Lamb of God who comes to take away the sins of the world.” It would have been Messianic Praise Music and would have lifted John’s Soul into the presence of God as it does mine.

Take the time to read the Testimony of John the Baptist (A Jew) in
John 1: 19-34. John was the prophesied forerunner of the Messiah. John was an obedient voice crying in the wilderness and baptizing in the wilderness because God told him that one day he would recognize the Messiah in the Jordan River in the waters of Baptism.

Later John would be in prison awaiting his death by beheading. His faith had wavered not understanding that He too would have to carry His own CROSS-to follow Christ. He sent word to Jesus and asked, “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?”

Jesus replied, “Go back and report to John what you hear and see: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.” (Matthew 11:2-6)

Those words of Christ were good enough for John to face his death in peace. The same words representing the credentials of the Messiah of Israel should also be good enough for you to both recognize HIM and then choose to live your life for HIM.