The Bible is the ONLY gift that you can give to someone that will keep on giving throughout Eternity. So look for ways to share His Story with your mouth and then give them the Only Gift worth giving…The Holy Bible.
My copy was personally AUTOGRAPHED BY JESUS. It is so very precious to me that I have hidden it within my heart.
The Book That Talks
I am probably hallucinating but when I sit in my study and write stories I can almost hear the books talking around the room. They complain about not being held and opened and read.They are lonely for human company. They were created to carry out the mission and passion of their authors; to touch the minds and hearts of those that God has put into their path.
Christian authors wrote all the books I have in my library about the Living Word of God. They represent the words of men trying to explain the Word of God. I, like you probably go back to those human books a multitude of times when compared to the times I actually pick up my Bible and read Gods Words.
We do this because it’s easier to read the exposition of someone we trust rather than read Gods Word and chew on it to gain the spiritual nutrition designed by its creator to nourish our soul.
Have you given any thought recently to the Holy Bible that you own sitting on your table, or on a bookshelf or tucked away in your closet. You had a passion that you could not refuse at one time. Can you hear the whisper of Christ saying to you, what has happened to the passion you once had for my words? The author of life has chosen to tell us the story of life and about HIMSELF in HIS Book. The story appropriately begins in the first chapter. It begins in the Book of Genesis…the Book of Beginnings and culminates in the Book of Revelation…the Book of NEW BEGINNINGS.
There among its pages God gives people both knowledge and insights to how He created the world and us. No human being was there to witness the events, for humanity was not born yet.
So my friend……Go back and do the things you did in the beginning. Begin again to devour the Bitter Sweet Word of God. His words will renew your strength, His words will renew your compassion and His words will renew your desire to reach out to the walking dead all around you.
All people are desperate for a cool cup of water; given to them by you on behalf of the ONE you SERVE, to quench their thirst in this desert valley of shadows we call earth.
So go back to the HOLY BIBLE to the Talking Book and begin again the story of the ages. No you will not hear audible words, but the words you read will ignite the embers in your heart, your mind and your spirit.
Then the Holy Spirit will once again burn brightly within you so that the image of God you carry will shine again and light up the night.
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