Archeologists while digging in the Holy Land…the land of the Bible; unearthed a Necropolis. That word is a Greek word that means “City of the Dead”. Today we use the word Cemetery to reference the same thing, a place to bury the dead.
In this particular ancient Necropolis the archeologists found the first of many ossuaries or grave boxes that contained the remains of people who lived during the time when Christ walked the earth. The first ossuary found had the name “Amemtas” engraved upon it.
It was thought that the remains of a person called Amemtaswere in that ossuary. As more and more ossuaries were unearthed they all carried the name Amemtas. The first thought that came to mind was that a family known as Amemtas was buried in this Necropolis.
In actuality the entire Necropolis seemed to belong to the family known as Amemtas because more and more ossuary’s were found with that name on them.
Then someone looked up the translation of this name Amemtas. It turned out to be a Greek word that meant …”Blameless”. The remains of these people belonged to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. People who had a personal saving relationship with Jesus accepting His death on the Cross for their Sins; therefore making them “Blamelessbefore God. This unearthed Necropolis was a first century Christian cemetery filled with believers.
Believers because they had experienced Jesus The Christ first hand. They saw Him, heard Him, and touched Him. Unlike those of us today who must walk by faith, these precious believers walked by sight.
These Believers in Christ had caught the Spiritual Fire of God and could claim that in Christ they were now Amemtas… “Blameless” and living with HIM in Heaven.

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