Since our beginning in the garden of Eden, The TRUTH has always had an impact on the FEW (Gods REMNANT).

As for the Many who are Deaf, Dumb and Blind to the TRUTH they have continued to follow each other into HELL throughout History.

Never for a second realizing that History is HIS – STORY. The story of JESUS the SON OF GOD.

JESUS will give them what they always wanted in life; so they can enjoy their 2nd Death in Eternity ….DARKNESS FOREVER.

Jesus cried out from the Cross… IT IS FINISHED ! Listen for the Trumpet with the Ears of Your Born Again HEART and Watch the Eastern Sky.

Study the Messianic prophesy’s like never before.

Pray you are not mislead to accept the Coming FALSE Messiah.

Pray you will recognize “HIM WHOM YOU HAVE PIERCED” when you see HIM COMING !!!

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