Listen to the Living Dead !

Sharing a Memory with you from my Past…just after I became a Jewish Believer in Yeshua / Jesus…. May 18th, 1985 @ 6:30 pm at the age of 38.


I am writing this because recently I came home from an orthodox Jewish funeral service for the last remaining Holocaust Survivor in my family.

It was touching to have the son’s; daughters and grandchildren come up to speak of their love for their Grandfather.

It was heart breaking to watch as they poured out their own tears speaking of their love for the departed.

Then the orthodox rabbi came up, the learned scholar, the righteous man came up to speak about the departed. He spoke eloquently about their faith in God, about their kindness, about their giving to charities and about how God considers them righteous before Him because of their good works.

He said we would all, together see the departed in heaven, where he now waits for us. This rabbi as all rabbis do, picked and choose Scriptures out of context showing himself to be a man who understood the word of God; all the while giving everyone false eternal security based on false statements.

Having just come to Faith in YESHUA / JESUS, I stood up among 125 Jewish relatives and friends, raised my fist at the Rabbi. Then turned my back to everyone and left. Two weeks later I was told that I was dead to the family.

Rabbis have said to me, that at the end of this dark tunnel we call life they see light from heaven. The reality of the statement is that if you do not realize that you are a sinner in need of being Saved by a Savior whose Name is YESHUA / JESUS, then the light you see in the distance is not light but the fire from an inferno that awaits you. An Eternal fire you do not want to enter into.

The Nation of Israel and its Rabbis are NO LONGER PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. GOD has blinded them to the Truth contained in the Old Testament Prophecies that identified the Coming MESSIAH as JESUS. The Rabbis are still today too Arrogant to read the New Testament which proves that the life JESUS lived on Earth proclaimed the Truth of Messianic Prophecies in the Old Testament.

The Truth declaring the Birth, Life, Death on the Cross, Burial, Resurrection and SOON 2nd COMING of JESUS as the SON of GOD, the Messiah of Israel and all nations, the Coming KING of ETERNITY.


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