Strengthen our Faith tonight. Help each of us to know that our faith is not in Legends, Myths or Fairy Tales.

Our FAITH… is rooted within the Science, Archeology, and History of the CROSS of CHRIST and HIS RESURRECTION !

And also as the Apostle Peter said… “The more sure word of PROPHECY”.

Prophecy is HIS…Story… PRE-Written History from eternity past…Your REVELATION… that strengthens the FAITH that you alone have given to each of us.

FAITH…tied to the CROSS of YOUR SON…whose CROSS is ROOTED FOREVER…DEEP within the JUDEAN SOIL in the Land of ISRAEL….

WE come now before you with quiet and open hearts asking… that you show each of us the Messiah in the HOLY Days of Passover and Easter…teach our hearts this day…. to Live Before YOUR CROSS and to Listen for the TRUMPET.

All of Us are READY to GO HOME !

O’ Mighty ONE of ISRAEL Hear the Cry of Our Hearts.



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