We are Living in Difficult Times

We tend to judge ourselves by Looking UP to those who have More.

We rarely look at those who Have Less.

What we Need to do is LOOK UP into Heaven and realize that

…………..We already have it ALL …..if we have JESUS.

The Question to keep in mind is…

How REAL is JESUS to you?

Is your WALK of FAITH so strong that you can :

Feel His Nail Pierced hand in yours as you walk through this journey called Life?

Can you Hear HIS footsteps as HE walks alongside you?

Can you Smell the Sweet Fragrance of Christ all around you in the midst of your storm?

Without that kind of FAITH, our walk on this planet called Earth is extremely difficult.  Even Jesus cried out to HIS FATHER from the Cross; My God, My God, Why have YOU forsaken ME.

And in return…the Silence of God was Deafening.  Yet even the silence was part of the plan, because that is what we do as believers…we live out HIS Plan …not ours.

I care about my Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST. Which is why I share with you stories from my Journey that may help you to realize that we are called to WALK by FAITH and as we walk we are to walk in HIS STRENGTH, not ours.

And as we walk in Faith we are to share our stories and  TELL HIS STORY to Everyone we Love.

The stories I share speak about the bitter and sweet struggles we have in life.

  • The Silence of God
  • On Being Humble
  • The Anxiety that haunts us
  • The Joy of Hearing God Sing to us

Open your mind and listen with the Ears of Your BORN AGAIN hearts because what I write is not just about me… its about every believer who wakes up every day and continues their Journey Home. We need to walk in the SON–SHINE with JESUS up the NARROW ROAD; holding HIS NAIL SCARRED HAND; All the way Home to HEAVEN.

Remember…JESUS asks you to cast forth ONLY Good Seed along your path so the HARVEST will be GREAT !

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