CARNAL CHRISTIAN; why are you covered by the Sewage that permeates this world. Why have you chosen to live the life style of those around you hiding your light. When you finally meet your Lord your rewards will be diminished because of the way you have lived here on earth. Jesus is going to open the books that record your every thought and deed and take you back through the life that you lived.

Every moment you did not do what He asked you to do will be brought forward in you mind. All the things that you did that you would be ashamed of; that now you would want the opportunity to go back and do them over again, will be brought into the light.

You will be like the people that came to know Christ at the end of their lives. The ones like the Thief on the Cross-who never lived a life for Christ.

You will get into heaven because Christ loved you in spite of your decisions. Christ because of His love for you will in the end save you from yourself.

But the personal loss of a life not lived for Christ will haunt you. Those minutes you stand before the Lord will seem like an eternity of regret to you. Then finally you will enter the Portals of Heaven with tears and you will have JOY as the Dawn of Eternity unfolds before you.

The Apostle Paul made it clear that we are to examine ourselves. So if only for an instant the thought occurred to you that you may be a Carnal Christian I ask you humbly to reflect for only a moment on …

Why can’t I see Christ in you?
Why won’t you live a life before others that is different? One that is respectful. One that is admired and has a higher standard, a higher calling!

Why is your desire to swim within the sewage that surrounds you? Why do you prefer to hide in the shadows, rather than walk in the light? What is so important to you about the respect of those un-regenerate people living in the darkness around you that you choose to act like them?

Why are you not willing to open your mouth and stand alone for JESUS? Why is it that you prefer to dishonor the Lord and dishonor yourself by clinging to the earth dwellers with hearts of stone that weigh them down so they cannot rise up to the portals of Heaven?

This message is not meant to depress you!
It’s meant to wake you up to the reality of who you are. You are an image bearer of Christ. Your light should shine like a Pillar of Fire instead it shines like a candle in the darkness. You have chosen the journey towards home on the path that wanders into the shadows that surround you; rather than walking the narrow road bathed in His light, one step at a time all the way home.

Yes you will make it home. Yes He will accept you, but at what cost to you? Your walk is Joyless. Where is your joy?
You don’t even know what true joy is, because you will not allow yourself to experience it by faithfully serving HIM. You prefer darkness and shadows on the road home.

Christ bought you with His blood. He died for you. He forgives you but will you be able to forgive yourself?

As you become older and fragile, getting closer to the end of the road of this existence. You will start to realize that you cannot live the way you did before. Those days are gone. You will start thinking about what is ahead of you.

As the TRUTH becomes clearer you will look back and feel shame and realize that you would give anything to erase the story of a life lived in shadows.Because you will finally understand what you have not done for Him all your life.

So why would you put yourself thru that, when you don’t have to? One split second after you die you will stand before the Risen Lord. He is not going to be the God/man who walked this earth and died on the Cross.

It will be the Resurrected Son of God who stands before you.

The ONE who…
…spoke the universe into existence from nothing
…created you and I
…created Angels
…parted the waters of the Red Sea
…became a baby born of a virgin
…became Emanuel (God With US), the God/Man
…commanded a storm to be still and walked on water
… healed the sick and the lame
…healed the deaf, the dumb and the blind
…created limbs where none existed
…fed thousands from a child’s lunch
…commanded fallen angels / demons to come out of people
…raised the dead and gave them life
…He is a real person
…He lived a real life and walked this Earth
…He died a real death on the Cross
…He came back from the dead

There is a description of Him in Revelation 19: 11-13. It would be worth your time to read it, for He is Holy and you are not. You will stand before Him and He is going to look at you not with human eyes that you would recognize, but eyes that are flames of fire that see into the very deepest parts of you.

He will know everything about you. And it is my hope as you continue on your journey after this message, that you will want everything about you to be honoring to JESUS when you finally meet HIM.

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